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  1. Matt

    Todays Games

    I gave him the benefit of doubt after that Burnley video, but he can now get fucked as can the simple fuckwits that went forest green today.
  2. Matt

    Todays Games

    Ahh fuck. Bad set of results today. Millwall next...
  3. Matt

    Sweaty Ken

    I’m completely lost for words with this forest green gay pile on / reach-around thing. More tinpot than anything I could have ever imagined.
  4. Matt

    FA cup next round

    Terrible draw.
  5. Matt

    Transfer Gossip

    So bad that. Fuck all to do with football this, feel for the bloke.
  6. Matt

    FA cup next round

    Ken likes this.
  7. Matt


    Not his finest work.
  8. Matt

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    Aye pleased for Magennis, seems a decent sort.
  9. Matt

    Todays Games

    Don’t think the numb prick thought that one through.
  10. Matt

    Todays Games

    And football
  11. Matt

    Players Names In Song Chants.

    De de de de de de Aaron Wilbraham.
  12. Matt

    Trotters v Potters

    Pleased with that 2nd half performance we certainly grew into the game and feel gutted we didn’t push for a winner around 60-70min when we were on top. Good pressing from vela throughout and I much prefer Lowe at right back, which may leave a welcome headache for parky in finding a new role for Olkowski. As for Stoke that is a toxic club only going one way, fuck em.
  13. Matt

    Todays Games

    Can’t help but smirk at the Blackburn result today, especially as they thought they had won it. Pies and nob end also losing tops a good day of results.
  14. Matt

    Rotherham, Home

    As above pleased with Lowe and O’Neil, who ran his bollocks off. Good spells from Williams as well. Come on wigan you know you want to join us down there. Roll on Stoke.

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