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  1. A because I wanted to watch the game. B because it comes with the package. OK!
  2. Just watched the game on manure tv, I hate that arrogant bastard crerand, slated Ricky saying he is a diver and he doesn't know how he gets away with it, still not decided if it was hand ball though, one thing is for sure it would have been a goal if the scum had scored it. Nice to see megson showing interest, He never stopped shouting.
  3. Not all of them, I love the accent, Its the scouse and manc accents that do my head in, every time I hear a scouse girl I think of easyjet. Oh and the brummies, now there is a speech impediment for you.
  4. He is a character, and scores some great goals, ok you dont have to like the guy but he is an asset to any team.
  5. He's an absolute tosser! Disgrace! you just hate that club more and more each week!
  6. You gorra draw the line somewhere, they can stuff it, most England games are shite anyway! I'll put wireless on if i'm that bored.
  7. We used to practise it on the fields up Hag Fold when we where kids.
  8. and if my aunty had a willy she would be my uncle! no sorry mate didn't notice you where overseas.
  9. Strange how we all get different perceptions of the game?
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