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  1. Brilliant. Remember Gaz going through a brief flirt with rugby, didn't last long. Rick Batts on his own in a Jackburn top, s'all that about?!
  2. Thanks for coming Squidge. It was indeed a great send off and was mindblowing how many people came - comforting to know how many people cared about him. Crem was hard work, carrying my brother like that not exactly top of my list of things to-do. It was a proper drink too after, he would've been proud. As stated somewhere else, there's a memorial at St Matts, LL this Saturday, 3pm. It's only a short service and isn't a suited/booted affair. Just a chance for those who couldn't make Friday to say goodbye. Cheers
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words, it's a huge comfort to know he was well thought of. It's a way off but Reading away in March is the big one now for me and the family given he's lived in Reading for 5-6 years.
  4. Thanks for this Jay, not been on here for a while but was gonna post something. Our Gaz passed away on Sunday afternoon. He'd had a major heart op 7 years ago at the age of 30 followed by cancer the following year. He then needed another heart op in october 2016. He'd been doing really well, was working hard as always and was blessed with his first child in January this year. We don't know the exact cause yet but was sudden and we're all in massive shock. He was a massive Wanderer and had a flag delivered on saturday morning with "Silchester Whites" - thats where he lived, just o
  5. Club met with John Sheridan yesterday
  6. Ravel Morrison proved Big Sam right. Complete liability.
  7. as long as youre not playing.....
  8. Did "reebok" (adidas) or anyone else bid more than Macron for the total package?
  9. All a bit irrelevant seeing as 'reebok' don't really exist anymore. They are a division of adidas, who have little to no interest in Bolton and do not want to pay for the stadium name. Burnden Pies is a Bolton firm but they don't want to pay for the naming either, so what? Macron want it and will pay.
  10. Gathered as much. I'll be off, then!
  11. Some on ere startin to sound like Scousers (red ones, Pabbers). Outraged by everything, for the sake of it. Yes Reebok was a Bolton firm… bought out by the Germans who removed it from football entirely - therefore not wanting to renew the deal. I'm not Gartside's biggest fan by any stretch but I can't really see what he's done wrong here. He's secured the best possible deal for the club. Or would we prefer 'New Burnden' and have no income? And Macron have some big clubs - Napoli, Lazio, etc - on their books so its not like we're getting sports direct teamwear.
  12. Big comeback after last week, start off like we did against Hull last year and score a couple early doors. 4-1.... Eagles, Ngog, C Davies, Wheater. Barton sent off for them. Cunt.
  13. [quote name="COYW" post="1255601" mass number . The police should have been prepared for that. They weren't. That was the trigger. "Mass" in the context i used didnt mean 'massive', it meant 'size'. Ie, there were more peple than there shouldve been. That is a fact. The police were prepared for a crowd reflecting the number of tickets sold. In hindsight - a terrible misjudgment, but as someone else stated earlier in the thread - it isnt fair to judge the tactics of that time by today's standards - many of which were created as a result of Hillsbrough itself. Despite what many
  14. Every football match or public event I've worked in the last year I've had some moron tell me that I killed Liverpool fans. The fact I'm 28 years old and work for GMP not SYP doesn't appear to matter. Looking at the day, every major organisation made mistakes - No-one would deny that and no one, now, is. I just wish someone would have the bollocks to publicly state that the Liverpool fans had a part to play also. The JFT96 need to be very very careful in going down the Civil claim route. The Civil courts use the "but for" rule where the Criminal courts don't. ie... but for th
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