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  1. Aye, decent away trip Booze up in Liverpool then a quick taxi through the tunnel
  2. Rumour has it, you’ve paid £25k to access the data room
  3. I’m in London Town my friend, thought you’d have been all over that walk Money bags Booth bailing out the staff!
  4. £25 doesn’t seem too bad The land alone has to be worth a decent chunk of that In terms of covering the ongoing losses as stated above, we only have about 4 players left don't we? Can’t see the wage bill being more than £200k a month now surely? (Inc non playing staff of course)
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody was good, 8/10, didn’t realise Queen made so many great tunes Black Klansman was just all right 7/10
  6. Non playing wages are small beer at the end of the day, making them redundant would have saved two bits of fuck all The main issue was he signed dozens of shit players, many of which barely saw the light of day
  7. Unless it’s like a game of championship manager and they just want to run us into the ground sell all the land off to cover the cost of buying us then just run us down the pyramid like Stockport County. We will be playing the likes of Athy Coll’s and the Dog & Partridge before we know it!
  8. Ngog was pathetically bad Jules loved him if I remember correctly?
  9. In fairness, we couldn’t sign anything pre admin either could we, the accounts had been frozen. Even if we did sign anything we couldn’t pay them You’d like to think we will be in a better position in two weeks than we were just a fortnight ago once the clubs accounts have been unfrozen
  10. Coyle s downfall seemed more due to lack of fitness than anything The players just seemed to run out of gas if I remember correctly
  11. A mate of mine is a personal trainer and knows one of the remaining lads at our place They are also of the impression that things are going to improve and it’s worth sticking round for. Also mentioned BSA
  12. City’s feeder club?
  13. Liverpool fans suggesting a pre season friendly against us in July to help us raise £400k Nice tough, it’s a bit like Live Aid Hopefully they don’t come on here and read the ‘today’s game’ thread
  14. Deals to be had will impact profitability wouldn’t it? Likewise, doesn’t the Hotel benefit from large group booking like the Jay Jay night that has been pulled I can’t see anyway that all this uncertainty is good for the Hotel The Hotel isn’t that profitable that they can ride this out in the black I’m sure they had to stop taking card payments at one stage, that’s not going to be any good for a hotel in 2019
  15. Might as well put the business that washes its own face into administration, nothing to fund Saying that, your going to struggle to take bookings for the foreseeable future given all that’s going on
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