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  1. birch-chorley

    25 MPH.

    All residential streets are now 20mph in Lancashire, at least that’s the way I was told it was going on a speed awareness course a few years back fuckers on the motorway sat in the middle lane doing 65-70 with nothing in Lane 1 should be shot, simple as that
  2. birch-chorley

    In Or Out Again

    But a polish person living here who has paid taxes for 15 years shouldn’t have a say? How long do you think someone should have paid taxes before they get a say? Does this rule out anyone under say 40 years old from ever voting
  3. birch-chorley

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    We are just utterly tin pot from top to bottom Can’t even organise a decent hound out
  4. birch-chorley

    In Or Out Again

    In fairness to TM I think she has done well to get 202 MP’s to back her plan How many MP’s would back the ERG plan to fall off the ‘cliff edge’? 50-100 How many MP’s would back a softer Norway style deal that means keeping free movement but with no say in what happens in Brussels? 150-200 The problem is, there are so many different versions of BREXIT that you will never get a majority in the house behind any plan Corbyn wants a General Election but what will that solve? Another hung parliament and further deadlock. Sooner or later we have to move on from this shit and get out from underneath the uncertainty The UK voted to end free movement, to do so will mean either WTO or a deal in the mould of TM’s - I really cannot see another way to honour the referendum
  5. birch-chorley

    In Or Out Again

    Nonsense How many times was “Norway aren’t in the EU and they are doing allright’ trotted out in the build up to the referendum? Why if the plan was to fully leave would Norway even get a mention? Likewise Switzerland Go back to the original Brexit thread on here for context. The leave supporters were of the impression that it would all be sorted very quickly and we would be able to pick and choose the best bits of membership, which included free trade!
  6. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    Of course many will I guess the money coming in is irrelevant on its own, it’s the balance of all the money coming in vs the money going out that’s the key. Think value of assets play a part
  7. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    I assume he means we have more going out than coming in, which would be correct
  8. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    As much as I think Ken’s turning out to be a proper shit house I’m not one for this protest I can’t see it achieving anything at all It’s just a case of sucking it up and hoping things change
  9. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    The Red Lion have laid a coach on
  10. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    Perhaps your right and he had planned for the transfer to be paid in this way, I’m not sure The fact the lads on the M6 heading south with his bags packed suggests it’s not gone the way Ken planned We made the transfer in September and since then have had nothing but cash flow issues. It’s nit like the issues came up months or years after the transfer. I just can’t comprehend how it was ever meant to stack up financially apart from the lad scoring loads of goals but that was always a huge gamble We might as well have wasted our time on the kid Hall instead, I bet he’d of got 1 in 17 and we would have saved £500k - £1m in the process Just seems crazy to me
  11. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    Of course invest, invest what you have coming in, that’s the idea of living within our means Ken’s just a hypocrite, done exactly what he has slated the last lot for doing, all be it on a smaller scale
  12. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    Of course not but he hasn’t has he, he’s been shite, making the deal a bad one if Ben Amos turned into the Next Gordon Banks and we had sold him to Real Madrid for £50m then no fucker, not one, would have said that’s was a bad deal either. But he didn’t, it was a shocking deal for the club to sign up to Ken keeps remind us of all the shite deals that he inherited, well this is one of his own that looks equally as rank The whole idea of what he was trying to do was to balance the books and live within our means, this deal clearly wasn’t doing that
  13. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    I think most people are of the thinking that we shouldn’t have bought him in the first place given the cash flow problem We’d rather live within our means and not risk going down an administration/ liquidation road rather than chance it on a player
  14. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    That’s like saying PG was right to give Ben Amos such a ridiculous deal so close to us nearly going to the wall He wasn’t, it was crazy and it’s the sort of deal that we couldn’t afford that has lead to all this mess. Ken hasn’t stopped going on about the mess he inherited and how he’s trying to bring the club within it’s means. This deal was far from the club living within its means
  15. birch-chorley

    Sweaty Ken

    Don’t sign the lad, find someone much cheaper or promote one of the kids

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