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  1. From what I can see, turnover £8.3m, cost of sales + admin costs £6.9m which would allow for £1.5m in wages Clearly turnover would be lower, but then again you’ve got to question why it costs us £6.9m just to open the doors when other clubs in League 1 can operate at a much lower cost I appreciate that our facilities are more extensive and as such costs will be higher but we are meant to be benefiting from the ability to hold conferences, events etc - the stadium should go someway to Washing it’s own face otherwise why bother doing anything other than just holding football matches
  2. A scandal ridden bungling incompetent though
  3. I guess it’s not just about being operationally solvent through the season, which should be relatively straight forward as we are only starting with 5 senior players (assuming our league 1 revenue will be Similar if not slightly smaller than our last season in league 1) To keep the ‘golden share’ and be allowed to compete in League 1, 25% of unsecured credit needs to be paid, so we need circa £3m to put the old company to bed before we can kick a football with the new company
  4. Why are we insolvent though? I understand why last season, our wage bill at circa £700k a month was too big, we lost money all the time With only 5 senior players left on the books our wage bill should be significantly smaller, let’s say £150k a month for arguments sake The only thing that now makes us insolvent is the fact that we aren’t bringing any ticket money in, likewise if we don’t fulfil our fixtures then we won’t get our money from the EFL either I’m sure the administrators have good reason for not selling tickets, but on the face of it we should be able to trade / operate solvently, even if we have to make the squad up with lads on £500 a week
  5. You’d assume that we could pay the bills (including 5 pro players) if we were to sell say 5k season tickets It’s a chicken and egg situation but it won’t get any easier if we don’t start taking money through the till
  6. Is there a Frenchman up for GC? I’d have thought that Alaphilippe would be, given he has a minute on GT, but apparently not, he is 20/1 to win it! Apparently they don’t think he can keep it up for the three weeks, might struggle in the mountains. Although, didn’t he win king of the mountains last year?
  7. My point is that it’s no more undemocratic than are own U.K. system, when it comes to filling the big jobs anyway I can understand why the European Parliament would be complaining Then again I can understand why the European council (the member state governments), would want someone in with the right experience to do the job
  8. Aye but the people who decide who is on the ballot paper, the European Council, are made up of our governments, who are ejected by European people Or is that wrong?
  9. We elect our governments They sit on the European council They put forward candidates who are elected by the European Parliament Is that vastly more undemocratic than Boris Johnson becoming PM on a vote by conservative members before sticking Javid in as chancellor?
  10. Like I said, forgive me if I’m being stupid It seems like it’s the European Council who put candidates forward Who sits on the European council? The governments of the member states, who are in fact voted in by their own people Is that vastly different to say Boris Johnson coming into power in the U.K. and picking his own cabinet?
  11. Whilst it’s a legal entity in its own right id imagine the lease has some sort of agreement on access / parking If I was buying the hotel in its own right, I’d be more concerned about someone buying the football club with the intention of flattening the lot for development
  12. This tour has been fantastic so far, I’ve been glued to it That Cross wind yesterday really pulled them apart Looking forward to the Pyrenees / Alps
  13. They should lend the rocket to the Leeds fans holding up in Stalybridge They might venture into Eccles with that behind them
  14. As they are separate legal entities I don’t think it matters if the hotel creditors are paid a minimum of £0.25 in the £1 like it does for the football side
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