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  1. Not really, given they believed we should stay in A similar leaflet was produced asking the Scottish to vote remain during their referendum
  2. Just had a look back, page one of this very thread (May 2016) has two mentions of Turkey joining the EU with access to free movement through the EU FML, what a load of fucking bollocks
  3. What was wrong with the leaflet that the government sent? It was campaigning for us to stay in the EU. It’s the same as Boris’s government campaigning for his deal It was also factually correct, much more so than a blatant load of bull shit such as ‘Turkey are about to join the EU’ https://fullfact.org/europe/governments-eu-leaflet-introduction/ he government explicitly states that the leaflet is arguing for the UK remaining in the EU. So it is not attempting to be even-handed. Given that, much of the leaflet is accurate and the government deserves some credit for ensuring that it was published with details of the sources, making it easier to judge independently.
  4. Off set by huge posters telling folk that Turkey were days away from flooding the U.K. with migrants if we stayed in
  5. It should be illegal to lie during election campaigns in such a blatant manner The games gone
  6. Yes When politics was boring In the 2005 election the Conservatives had 5 key pledges, I can’t recall them all but Cleaner hospitals and School discipline were two of them, trivial in today’s terms Its the age of populism now, both manifestos are completely ridiculous
  7. When are they announcing it ffs?
  8. I thought we did in 2012, although marginally Genuine question, why do you think the Conservatives revised the target to break even from 2015 to 2020 (in your opinion)
  9. This is the bit that I really don’t get, how can people expect us to complete such a huge piece of work in such a short space of time? We’ve been trying to get another runway in London / Heathrow since 2006, so far we still haven’t put a spade in the ground 13 years later Cross rail has taken over 15 years to plan and execute It’s taken two years to change regulations on cladding following Grenfell Leaving the EU and doing right should take years, a decade maybe given how intertwined it is with so many aspects of our life
  10. Probably very similar There wasn’t a great deal between the manifestos in 2010, all varying degrees of austerity to balance the books Labour said break even by 2020 to avoid a double dip recession, Conservatives said 2015 going deeper quicker. The double dip recession came to fruition and the goalposts were pushed back to 2020. Any Labour voter that believes austerity was just a Conservative thing needs their head testing. Like wise and Conservative that believed Cameron and Osbourne back in 2010 (vote Conservative or we will end up like Greece) also has a bit of a screw loose
  11. So, your saying the manifesto is dishonest and isn’t the true direction that they want to take the country in? The difference with Labour is, they actually believe this bullshit and will try it, it will be a disaster but they are all least genuine in that they think it’s the right thing to do Boris, Cummins et al aren't genuine, they are just saying what they think people want to hear in order to gain power. That for me is despicable! If you believe they are doing that now then do you think that they used this tactic in the referendum? Over the years I’ve voted for both Labour and Conservatives, I couldn’t vote for either now based on these manifesto’s
  12. Take your blinkers off Bolty If you truly believe what you’ve been saying over the past ten years / what your saying above then you must be mortified by the Conservative manifesto Huge public spending with some cloud pleasing tax cuts for good measure It’s making a complete mockery of the last 12 years. If the Conservative plan was similar to what it’s been during the last 3 elections and Labour offered what Boris is, you’d be slaughtering it for what it is, a bag of shit giveaway to buy votes
  13. Nice to see a traditional Conservative voter such as yourself calling out this current Tory manifesto for what it is, a bag of shit! It’s ridiculous to spend the last two years of the previous Labour government talking about how the roof should have been fixed when the sun was shining. The next 8 years supporting austerity, to then support that bag of shit manifesto now! Hypocrisy Let’s not forget the dogs abuse Gordon Brown got on this very forum for ‘giving the gold away’, you’d have thought that he sold a huge fortune down the river the way some of the Tory’s on here banged on about it. Even with a crystal ball to tell you exactly when the top of the market was that only cost us £4bn, chicken feed with what’s on offer from Boris now, yet not a bit of criticism from the Blue ranks
  14. Your forgetting the one he’s imagining that they win That would make it two But then Micky is talking in the past tense as if they have already lost it and they are sticking with Corbyn for a tilt at another
  15. Reduce taxes Spend more Both a shit show At least the Lib Dem’s are being honest, raise money for the NHS by adding 1% tax on everyone’s bill
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