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  1. Interesting piece from Ian King on a potential second Credit Crunch. The markets that went tits up in 2008 are creaking again, this time commercial and office real estate defaults causing the damage Will history repeat itself with another big short collapse, but this time in commercial property? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/xx-f3hb2vd7n
  2. Yes £6 a week tax break, you only get the tax back though I.e £6 a week = £1.20 a week back if your on 20% tax, £2.40 a week if your on 40%
  3. If it is really for the ‘foreseeable future’ then restrictions to the extent we are seeing at the moment aren’t an option surely I think the only way we can live with these restrictions is if we can see light at the end of the tunnel, I.e a vaccine in Spring / Summer latest If tgat ain’t coming then we will definitely need a Plan B If we have 15m in the vulnerable group then we could give them all £1,000 a month to shield, given the vast majority in this group don’t work (retired) it’s a considerable amount of additional money. That would cost £15bn a month, £90bn over 6 mont
  4. Flip side, if you restrict a business from operating then the government needs to pay, really it should pay more than what’s on the table currently So, can public finances take that sort of cost for the next couple of years? Eventually the pot runs dry and public sector workers don’t get their wages. That won’t do the vulnerable any good either
  5. Do you think the majority are following the rules OR The majority are bending the rules
  6. Seem to recall you blaming Gordon Brown for a Global Financial crisis
  7. Boris doesn’t care about the Conservative Party so he won’t mind what damage he does. He’s a self serving wanker, one of the worst for it We knew as much when he decided to campaign to leave the EU after spending years being pro remain. So much so he wrote 2 letters, one supporting remain, the other leave, before deciding which way would work for him best (rather than what’s best for the country) May, Cameron, Brown & Blair all light years ahead of him in terms of country & party loyalty Only 4 more years of him unfortunately, however I think he will get bored and quit
  8. We were dead and buried after 5 minutes Getting back into it and going level deep into injury time will hopefully be the turning point we need HOPEFULLY the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about
  9. No we don’t £400bn and counting That’s £20k from every single household in the U.K. (just to cover tear 1) Public services down the toilet Triffic
  10. I’ve not said we can’t afford to run the NHS, I’ve said if it doesn’t get funding increases of 5% a year then services go backwards (because of the ageing population) Its not a bottomless pit, but I’d have swallowed us spending an extra £20bn over 10 years (2010 to 2020) to save 150k lives. If you increased the NHS budget further you’d save tens of thousands more each year also Spending £400bn in 1 year to save 300k is madness IMO. That’s before you consider in year 2 we have huge numbers unemployed on welfare not paying tax. The Covid cost will end up close to £1tn all said and do
  11. A smidge over 80 thank you very much He’s lost a third of his body weight earlier on this year, something to do with gallstones, needs an operation apparently but fuck knows when that will be. Barely been able to see a specialist with the NHS so focussed on Covid, bad timing I suppose
  12. I think the worst case scenario was that 500k would die £400bn spent divided by 500k = £800k per oldie that’s been saved But 50k of them have died anyway (and counting) let’s say we end up saving 300k lives, what are we into, £1.5m per person saved I recon my grandad would do himself in if you offered him 1 and a half large You can save a hell of a lot more lives for £400bn surely, spent on clean water in Africa I recon you’d save millions Edit - just had a look on the Wateraid website, 2.5m die each year in Africa due to poor water supplies, mainly kids! I
  13. With hindsight, we would have locked the doors early and done a Taiwan. That ships sailed, Chorley has had more cases than Taiwan. With hindsight, were we right to lockdown in Spring? I thought so originally, we put 25% of the UK’s workforce on furlough, paid directly by the tax payer, what for? We seem to be right back where we started and are about to do the same thing all over again. How many times will it be acceptable to keep doing the same thing over and over again before it gets called out for being a shit approach? The office for budget responsibility said that we are cours
  14. The impact of all this will be here before we know it Let’s see who’s protesting about government cuts when folk are dying on waiting lists, I’d imagine it will turn out to be the same ones saying put healthcare first now I agree, we should be looking at what’s the best for lives / economy next week / month. Sadly it seem that only the health side of it is taking priority
  15. I get that, would also say they can’t just stand by and let the economy go to shit as thats what pays for the health service that keeps people alive. Surely a better way to approach this would be to put the economy first whilst doing our best to shield the 10m or so in the vulnerable groups The ageing population is why the NHS budget needs to grow each year way beyond inflation. Similarly pensions, social care and other welfare payments. The Welfare pot will get doubly fucked by millions of unemployed, who will go from paying tax / NI to claiming benefits NHS spending only went up
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