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  1. birch-chorley


    KC looking incredible, you’d fancy them against either GB or SF Anyone staying up for the next one?
  2. I do it first thing every morning, around 6am before I’ve had a drink or anything, assume that will give me the best like for like comparisons
  3. Lost 6kg so far Calorie counting with a 1k cal deficit each day, leaves me with 1500 if I do nowt, 2000 if I get a 5k run in Running 4 times a week and getting back into the swing of it, did a 21min on a flat, 25 on a hill. VO2 max is coming in at 47 according to this smart watch Flatlined for three days straight at 106.2kg though, need to keep going (those RENPHO smart scales are great btw)
  4. We had a huge corner sofa made to measure from a place in Long Eaton (Notts) Still a lot of good quality furniture being made over that way, much better prices if you go direct to the factory than through a third party supplier, even on a custom build Any-road, it’s huge and they took our window out, I was shitting myself but it was done in minutes and the glass was put back in the window frame
  5. Can you add the three rows in at the front of the bottom tiers and fill the gaps in between the top tiers?
  6. birch-chorley


    What a second period In football terms it’s like being 3-0 down at home after 20 minutes in the CL semi final to go in at half time 4-3 up
  7. birch-chorley


    No way back from here surely
  8. birch-chorley


    Great start for Houston, that drop on third down has cost KC big here
  9. We haven’t left yet Hopefully we get a deal that allows free trade for financial services so they don’t need to move resources into Europe Hopefully the deal involves some form of free movement of people to live and work (in both directions), re branded by Boris of course
  10. let’s hope that this allows the Iranians to save a bit of face and Trump takes it on the chin without escalating further Wonder if they Iraqi’s will have a pop as well
  11. Is it Iran’s fault? I was of the understanding that it was a certain Iraqi militia who attacked the US embassy in Baghdad following a US Air Strike against them Yes Iran supported this Iraqi militia, in exactly the same way we supported the same militia in the battle against Islamic State. We were allies with this lot just like Iran are A resurgent IS should be the main concern in the ME and Iran are the biggest opponents of IS Places like Saudi and Qatar have supported IS for years yet we don’t target their generals for obvious reasons. The whole area is a complete fuck up, it needs de escalation rather than escalation
  12. You might know more about it than me, I’m not that close to it. But where did it go wrong with the Iraqis who attacked the US embassy? It was only a year or so ago that they were fighting side by side with the U.K. and US against IS in Iraq I understand they attacked the embassy after a US air strike against them the week before, but apparently that was in retaliation to something else Where did it go wrong with these particular Iraqis in such a short space of time?
  13. I think you might be confusing me with someone who liked this fella, do I fuck. My problem is with the strategy of the move (or the lack of one) Kim Jong-Un is another, complete cretin of the highest order, would I or the majority of the world miss him, No. would I support the US hitting him with a drone strike off their own back, No again. Of course Boris didn’t like Soleimani like the rest of us. However he hasn’t supported the US air strike has he? The US aren’t happy that he’s not come out in support of it either... US secretary of state Mike Pompeo “Frankly, the Europeans haven’t been as helpful as I wish that they could be. The Brits, the French, the Germans – all need to understand that what we did, what the Americans did, saved lives in Europe as well,”
  14. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Iran are a dangerous nation, certainly the people in charge of it are anyway. Which means it needs to be handled with care, from what it looks like Trump is using a Tombola machine to decide US foreign policy, it’s all over the place! I know many Iranians over here who came here in the 1980’s, they are very decent people and have integrated well into the U.K. They tell me that the majority in Iran are similar and are not hard line Conservative Muslims. Unfortunately the people in charge are hard line Conservatives and rash moves like this just play into their hands Very counter productive for me, I don’t usually agree with George Bush but even he gave this move a wide birth
  15. Gadafi was killed by his own people during a popular uprising (Arab Spring), yes we supported the uprising but neither the US or any other Western power killed him. Yes, Obama ordered the killing of Bin Laden, however whilst I’m sure that created more nutters around the world it wasn’t an escalation of conflict with a country was it? Neither of us would be able to find any credible critic of that move. Especially as it was Bin Laden and Al Qaeda who were responsible for 9/11 I’m sure both of us can find plenty of criticism of the move against Sadam / Iraq, as each year passes that looks more and more like a strategic fuck up The point I’m making is that Trump’s move here seems like a strategic fuck up. I’ve quoted three UK foreign Secretaries who have questioned the move. This isn’t just the left having a usual pop. It’s the left, centre and centre right all scratching their heads wondering what the fuck he’s thinking. His foreign policy is all over the place, one minute throwing the Kurds under the bus and looking isolationist, the next pulling-a stunt like this The LittleJohn piece is trying to attribute the criticism to the usual suspects from the left when in reality it’s coming from across the spectrum. Just think, why hasn’t Boris supported the move, why has US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeio criticisers the U.K. for not supporting it?
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