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  1. Not sure what you mean Micky? I was told something was coming but wasn’t sure how it would work Assume it’s an extra £X bolt on like Netflix is through Sky rather than having a separate DD etc
  2. At the moment how does anything pass, we are in deadlock Its as likely as No Deal and revoking A50 as things stand
  3. That ship has sailed We need to honour the referendum and limit short and medium term damage This is the deal we have, it’s only interim of course, it isn’t the agreement for ever more Lets just take it and move on from all this sorry mess
  4. Your opinion, mine is, its worse than what we have but it’s better than no deal at all I’d bet this deal would get more support in both the House of Parliament and also if we had a referendum on it and let the people choose (not that I’d favour one of those again) Anyone standing against this deal is as big an ‘enemy of democracy’ as the folk marching for a second referendum
  5. The deal on the table abides with the result Plenty on the leave side have decided that it isn’t good enough and the simple Yes / No vote meant more than it did
  6. So do you still think he was right when he said it could all be sorted out in 2 weeks? He spoke about the legislation involved like he wrote it himself then he became unstick as soon at it turned out that A50 would mean it takes 2 years at least BD brought up self righteous, for me Maggie Tate was the absolute worst for it on this board, just my opinion of course
  7. I’m not sure either Rugby players?
  8. Whilst I’m confident that the majority of racists voted to leave, the self righteous amongst us can be found in both camps Maggie Tate formally of this parish was one in particular his vision of us getting it all straightened out in a fortnight has ended up being very wide of the mark, probably why he doesn’t post anymore
  9. Of course and you will always find plenty knuckle draggers who just want to ‘send the Pakis back’. The Knuckle draggers tend to be the ones who don’t work / contribute dont get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone who voted to leave sits in this category, far from it, but I’d estimate about 1m of the 17m fit into that category
  10. We had the right to Veto Romania coming in, wouldn’t have happened if we really didn’t want it to Has Romania joining the EU had a negative impact on the U.K.?
  11. What about when people express concerns about immigration that turn out not to be legitimate? Often you’d here that EU migration was bad because they don’t contribute and drain resources When in fact over 95% of them are here working, paying PAYE & NI and are as entitled to use public services as the rest of us Then you start to question the thinking of the people who have ‘legitimate concerns’
  12. I think Custard felt a bit put out as he was the go to person before Howard came along At least from a prior financial history perspective anyway However that only tells us so much and only upto a certain point (in line with the published accounts) Howard has an inside line on the here and now which is the bit we are all desperate to find out more on Room for both sets of contributions
  13. Is it only 4k, surprising that still, should easily be a lock out I went to the play off final away at Halifax a couple of years back, great crowd for that level, sure that was 8k
  14. Speaking to someone involved with Chorley last night Expecting 2-3k Stockport fans Easter weekend, they only got 1,300 tickets which all went in a day Home end should sell out as well, be 5-6k on, crazy really Police bill isn’t doing Chorley any favours I was listening to Talk Sport on Thursday and they had someone on from the Police, apparently football costs them nearly £50m a year but they only get a fraction back from clubs. He was going on about all the money in the game and it should pay it’s way etc No mention of how much tax football pays in the shape of PAYE, VAT on tickets, council tax etc! Wanderers must generate £5m in tax alone, I bet Paul Pogba generates double. The government make enough out of football, they should stand it!
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