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  1. Saw something recently from Italy about this Loads are dying at home / nursing homes and cause of death isn’t being attributed to Covid when it’s likely to have been the trigger Would indicate the numbers are likely a lot higher than reported
  2. 10m job losses in America in the last 2 weeks WOW
  3. For a reliable result 28 days, you could get a Covid +Ve result sooner of course but for accuracy you need to wait 4 weeks after exposure Either way, we need tens of millions of these things, test the arse out of everyone, once you have tested +VE of you go back out into the economy Get the wheels turning again The tests should more than pay for themselves
  4. Agreed It’s a payment to support businesses who have seen huge revenue decreases because of the social distancing measures Football players are a funny one, technically they could be furloughed you’d imagine, but then again they are also assets on a balance sheet. Furloughing could allow them to walk out of a contract and re sign for another club in a few months with a large signing on fee You'd imagine the PFA agreed some sort of deferred wage scheme soon enough. Not sure how that could work in the lower leagues though With no guarantee of sport resuming any time soon, it’s a mess
  5. If it’s a fresh season then it should be decent I’d imagine If we have to finish off this season and it’s a non event, maybe not Oxford away the obvious exception
  6. Even still Getting a brand new piece of kit out in a matter of days from nothing would cost a fortune
  7. I doubt either could get near the same price as a specialist manufacturer I doubt any government would knowingly want to overspend unnecessarily Especially one that’s forking out hundreds of billions all over the place
  8. Clearly something not right here then Why would they go on TV begging all sorts of companies to turn to making ventilators if we had a specialist with spare capacity that was going unused It doesn’t sound like a conscious decision
  9. If only for context, the economy was in a bit of a rough place then and big pay rises where hard to come by for anyone I think we are all equal at the end of the day, Public and Private Sector
  10. Just had a look, looks similar to what my Mrs gets in her public Sector work I still think that saying Nurses pay was frozen is very misleading given the vast majority would have seen increased pay year on year (ahead of low inflation). Most people working in the private sector would have only been getting inflationary rises of around 1% during the same period anyway (which is what public sector pay rises were capped at even without the banding) Should Nurses be paid more, I think your probably right, you made a point the other week around the amount of red tape you have to go through to stop you getting sued. Perhaps the easy win would be to ban anyone from suing the NHS, put the extra money into pay and the extra time into services. If any member of the public inst prepared to waive their right to sue the NHS then they should find themselves treatment elsewhere
  11. I’m making the bands up But in your opinion, as a Nurse, would you say that nurses generally earned the same year on year (frozen) or most earned more year on year because of the banding system? (In the age of austerity) I’m no Conservative, I wasn’t a massive fan of austerity either but I don’t think it’s helpful saying Nurses pay was frozen, it’s generally the same ones who claim Nurses are using food banks
  12. Just for balance, let’s be clear Whilst you can say that Nurses pay was frozen, you can also say that most Nurses got paid more year on year My wife works in the Public sector, her pay works in the same way as Nurses. let’s say she is band 4, within that band they have 5 levels... level 1 £40k, Level 2 £42k, Level 3 £44k etc every worker goes up a level each year no matter how you perform (good, bad or ugly) until you are at the top of your band, then you need to get promoted to get into the next band. Austerity meant that the bands were frozen (band 1 remained £40k, it didn’t move to £41k), but workers moving between levels continued. What this means is, the majority of Nurses earned more year on year, it also beat inflation which was at zero or near zero for the majority of the days of austerity The NHS also had its budget increased each and every year between 2010 and 2020
  13. A presidential election always favours the incumbent, it’s basically a vote on the President rather than who he is up against This one will boil down to how many dead bodies over the coming months and the general reaction to this Pandemic If it’s hundreds of thousands of dead and bodies on a hospital Car Park as they can’t get beds then he’s toast. You could put Jeremy Corbyn up against him and he would make a fist of it If America gets on top of it then he’s a shoe in for re election Talking about being back open for Easter won’t do him any favours though, he’s going to look a right dick head in 6 months if they’re still fighting the pandemic with social distancing Lets see if the election even goes ahead in November, be hard to see that if it’s anything like it is right now. That would work for Trump
  14. That’s the one, not sure how true it is like
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