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  1. If you removed opinions, I doubt this thread would stretch to 2 pages
  2. It’s democracy Nothing ever stopped anyone campaigning in a GE on pulling us out of the EU We have had plenty of chances to honour the referendum and leave the EU, the hardliners got greedy and wanted more Anyway, broadly irrelevant, no party will win a majority It’s back to TM’s deal, Boris will just have to re brand it so he can pretend it’s a bit different
  3. Stop talking rubbish, a referendum in 2016 doesn’t become written in stone forever more ffs If the Lib Dem’s win an election on the back of a manifesto of revoking article 50 then that’s democratic 17m didn’t vote for no deal, however if a party won a majority based on no deal then that would be democratic problem is, nobody will win a majority Brings us back to TM’s deal, should have taken it 6 months back
  4. Your not getting HIV by going and getting a blowy If you do your fucking unlucky
  5. I’m sure I read that new cases are dropping off a cliff 1) Die to infected people on such good drugs (as you say) 2) Others in at risk groups, taking drugs that stop them catching it
  6. birch-chorley


    Wanderers are doing the same I think mate
  7. Great lad Ginda Such a shame So young as well, heart attack apparently, can’t believe it
  8. Must get through 4-6 episodes of fireman Sam a day in our house, daughter loves it! Thinking of going on mastermind and having it as my specialist subject
  9. All this bollocks about needing time to prepare a Queens Speech setting out some ambitious domestic policies How can you realistically get any domestic policies away when you have removed your own working majority?
  10. How many young people from state schools apply to Oxford and Cambridge and get knocked back? More than say Manchester Uni
  11. I’d say No Is it even possible to ‘ban them’ Legally speaking
  12. The 4 local Primary schools in our village are all classed as outstanding, which is great The one with the highest ranking chooses its kids based on their parents being arsed to take them to church 26 weeks out of 52 in the lead up to admission Clearly, parents willing to sacrifice so many Sunday’s will put more effort into assisting the children through the whole educational process I’d imagine whilst it’s technically free for any parent to play the system this way it will mainly be middle class parents putting a shift in every Sunday to get into that school Its not for me like
  13. Did we? How much did we offer?
  14. It’s their land, they can do what they want with it If we want it saving then the easiest way to influence them is to pay them
  15. We’ve already had a GE that was meant to strengthen the Government so they had more power to deliver BREXIT The small majority collapsed If we are asking the people to decide how we break the deadlock then another referendum is a cleaner way of doing it rather than another GE
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