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  1. When are the fixtures out?
  2. Impossible Only black people get stopped and they all get stopped once a week at least
  3. We paid our decorator £150 a day, which seems to be the going rate for most tradesmen Quality job though, no point skimping on the finish
  4. I’ve not had proper Sunday dread for about ten years For me it was always Top Gear that kicked it in properly
  5. Of course you will find plenty people from Ethnic minorities who are excellent TV presenters, just far too many have been thrown at it to tick a box post BLM I’m all for finding ways to tackle poverty, improving the prison / justice system, enhance Education and reduce cultural divisions However it needs to be done for all, not just a minority of the minorities (Black). Otherwise your just discriminating based on colour of skin again, which is what we should be trying to avoid
  6. It’s the way it’s going, major organisations will be shitting themselves about falling on the wrong side of it so will be actively looking to increase diversity even if it means employing someone who isn’t quite as good as somebody else. Its meant to be about reducing any race based bias but this will go the other way, same happened after all the gender stuff a couple of years ago A friend works in recruitment for a well known FTSE 100 company specialising in Engineering. They got hammered over the gender pay gap a few years back so are desperate to bring young girls into the highly contested apprenticeship programmes So much so that they will chuck a position at any girl who can sign their own name. Young lads who are far more capable (based on the rigorous tests they have to do) are missing out because they are the wrong sex Why we feel the need as a society to search for absolute parity in all aspects of everything, just too much nuance for that
  7. birch-chorley


    Watched it last night We barely get a mention, basically skips us and goes to Chelsea He came across like a right moody bastard Soon spit his dummy out if you didn’t treat him exactly how he wanted to be treated
  8. Disgusting anyone proven to profiteer in such a way needs to be sent down for a long time It’s a 15-20 years job for me, hard time in a horrible jail
  9. Statistically speaking, to get accuracy of 99% you need a sample size of just under 20k for a population of 66m
  10. This article from last week recons 7% https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/one-ten-londoners-previous-coronavirus-a4512126.html A long way to go then #letslockuptheoldiesandcrackon
  11. I was of the impression it’s 20% in London, 6% nationally Think that was a while back though, after the peak mind Let me have a dig about
  12. You don’t need to roll it out to everyone A sample of a few tens of thousands would be enough to give you an accurate prediction of the whole country within a small margin of error Last I heard, 6% of us have had it, which would mean at least 60%-70% will need to get it for us to approach ‘herd immunity’ That’s 30m+ still to go then
  13. Point being people from the left will tell you it’s the British Board of Conservatives. Laura Kunnsberg needed a bodyguard at the Labour Confrence. That indicates the political commentary is about right I’d say the BBC are guilty of racial discrimination in recruitment though. The number of black presenters since all this BLM stuff kicked off a few weeks back have grown exponentially at the expense of all other Ethnicities. Truly shocking really given its taxpayers money. All discrimination is abhorrent, it should always be best person for the job, not the best Black person for the job. Many of them have been woefully inadequate as well which has impacted the quality of service IMO
  14. Interesting article here from the BBC a year ago regarding the victims of knife crime... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48186035 Data index is broadly aligned to the stop and search data. Victims predominantly male, predominantly young and geographically SKU'd to London, Birmingham and Manchester. Clear over index with the ethnicity of the victims (and likely perpetrators)
  15. We used to get pulled every week when we were 18-21, but then again my mate had a souped up car and 5 of us would sit in it smoking weed so its not like the Police were barking up the wrong Tree I don't know what Car Danny Rose drives, I can only imagine its very sporty and expensive and would stick out in Doncaster (think that's where he said?) like a sore thumb. I guess we will never know but if you stuck a 25 year old white lad in it and he drove around Doncaster then I doubt he would get waived through by the Police. Any kid that age driving a car like that will be a red flag for South Yorkshire Police. If you stuck a young girl in it then statistically speaking she would be a lot less likely to get pulled, but then again I still think the Police would have suspicions I understand that black Person is more likely to get stopped and searched than a white person. A male is more likely to get pulled than a female. A young person more likely than an older person. Does this mean that the Police are institutionally Racist, Sexists and ageist OR are they just doing their job and going where the crime tends to be? In the UK a black person is more likely to commit a crime than a white person, a man is more likely to commit a crime than a women, a young person is more likely to commit a crime than an older person
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