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  1. bolton va va

    Norwich City at home

    If we play 3 CH's , i'd prefer to have Oliowlski as one of them & Little as the wing back, where he can be quite good going forward but is kept as far as possible, away from the defence.
  2. bolton va va

    Norwich City at home

    Aye, whichever way you shuffle them, it leaves a gap somewhere else. I'd leave the 2 upfront, take out one of the centre half lumps & put the extra man in midfield. Maybe....... Matthews Oliowlski Wheater Beevers Grounds Murphy/Vela Lowe Connolly Noone Donaldson Magennis It still doesn't look great !!!
  3. bolton va va

    Norwich City at home

    Tuesday's team was specifically set up to counter Brum's direct play & worked perfectly ....Norwich are a completely different opposition who play a fast passing game & I'd fear that Tuesday's team could be overrun in midfield & we'd never get near the ball. Maybe we could stick another battler into midfield to disrupt them - Murphy & Vela both did well as subs -, but then we'd have to play a left back, & then it would be harsh to drop anyone from Tues, & then...... I dunno
  4. bolton va va

    Terror Attacks

    She wants to live in an Islamic state & she's had her wish granted. What's her problem ?
  5. bolton va va

    Callum Connolly

    My early impression is that he's a Vela type player.........very committed & willing to get stuck in, covers lots of ground, can score the odd goal & can fill in at full back but nothing special on the ball.
  6. bolton va va

    Things which get on your tits...........

    I saved money by changing my name to PJ08TTU
  7. bolton va va

    Todays Games

    I think that Ipswich already sleep with the fishes ......it's Reading that we could do with losing.
  8. bolton va va

    Brum away

    Just back & still buzzing.!! This was a classic , relegation battle performance with the team set up perfectly to stifle Brum.........every player running themselves into the ground, challenging for every ball & winning the 50/50's........at last, some top class set piece deliveries.......& even some bits of nice football. The win was completely deserved ( even if we did have to have the compulsory heart stopping moment at the end ) & the locals were streaming out early in large numbers. Every player played his part - it wouldn't have worked with 1 or 2 passengers - but i would give special mentions for Matthews who must be our first choice keeper on current form, & the leadership of Wheater who seemed to win every challenge either in the air or on the ground. I know we're not likely to get much from the next 2 games but tonight i feel we've still got some fight left in us.....i'm tempted to do Leeds now. As mentioned, the only downer of the night were the stupid attempts to start anti Anderson chants when it was obvious that the large majority weren't interested.
  9. bolton va va

    78 Promotion

    You wouldn't see the the trouble from the side stand because it happened behind the Kop. During the game there was a thick line of police separating the 2 sets of fans, but at h/t most of the police stayed put while lots of fans went round the back onto the steps & a great, big fight broke out. The lad charged was acquitted on a technicality ( he was interviewed without an adult present, i think ) but the strong view in Bolton was that he didn't do it anyway. He was around for a while after that & even went to some matches but ( maybe a couple of years later ) the family were supposed to have emigrated & as far as i know, have never been back since.
  10. bolton va va

    Preston h

    In the NSL, my first impression was that it was in, but when there was so little reaction i thought it must have hit the side netting & it was only when they got ready for the restart kick off that i was sure that we'd scored. TBF, the couple of minutes after that did generate some interest & noise from those who were left.
  11. bolton va va

    Pivotal week in relegation fight

    Sadly i agree. It's 3 out of 4 for the chop & Reading were clearly better than us last week. I was holding on to the hope that we could pull a rabbit ( striker ) out of the hat in the transfer window that might give us a lift, but it's hard to see anyone surviving in the championship with Donaldson & Magennis as the only options as strikers.
  12. bolton va va

    Preston h

    Still a season ticket holder & long retired but would never have wasted time on nobodies like Preston anyway.
  13. bolton va va

    Sheff Utd away

    Magennis started at Bristol the week after his hat trick ( against div 1 opposition ) & was absolutely useless. I'd have Donaldson as marginally better but neither of them are anywhere near Championship standard.
  14. bolton va va

    Sheff Utd away

    To anyone who was there .......how did Connell & Connolly go on ? ( did Connolly play at right back or in midfield ? )
  15. bolton va va

    Leeds away

    Is that the chippy just along from the Peacock pub, facing the ground ? There always seems to be a massive queue outside, which is a good sign that it's worth trying, but i've never had the patience to get in the queue.

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