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  1. Casino

    Immigration Rules. Any ideas?

    Just think in his job he often had to find ways round stuff like this Quite a few on here have a dialogue with him Who knows, he could be trialling at lostock next week
  2. Casino

    Immigration Rules. Any ideas?

    Lee Anderson might be your best bet
  3. Casino


    We hit the bar and missed a penalty b4 they scored Ps there's some proper cocks follow us
  4. Casino


    You can't take a view on today without taking account of missing that pen We were better than them and should've won Our goal is fantastic and hopefully gives doidge a massive boost
  5. Casino

    Speed Camera Watch

    If it's an average speed limit area Say it's 50 Can I get done for doing 70 on a short section of it, even if my average is 50
  6. Casino

    Best and worst of the last 30 years

    Charlton was probably leaking what fatty wanted to leak Don't undercut fat sam
  7. Casino

    Tommy Robinson

    So pay 100s of thousands to lock em up How does that help
  8. Casino


    You will drink where I decide Tickets and bumboy cards are on my phone
  9. Casino

    Tommy Robinson

    Plenty folk reckon we shouldn't lock em up and should deport em Where's the problem?
  10. Casino

    Non League Chatter

    I trust you'll be screaming scab at the driver and walking by way of protest
  11. Casino

    Skills You Once Had.

    Being made redundant at 40 mustve been grim
  12. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    If the remainers in labour grew some balls, what would stop may cracking on
  13. Casino

    Tommy Robinson

    Imagine if he hadnt done his bit There would never have been a trial
  14. Casino


    That's not the word on the street
  15. Casino

    Best and worst of the last 30 years

    Jussi Ngotty Bergsson Cahill Gardner Okocha McAteer Nolan Djorkaeff Anelka Ricketts In fact, it's impossible There's only 4 or 5 I couldn't be convinced to change

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