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  1. Casino

    R.I.P. Alan Parkin aka Packy.

    Saw twiggy yesterday and was going to ask about him as I hadn't seen him for a bit He had moved his seat nearer the front to avoid the struggle up the steps Sad day
  2. Casino

    BWFC devolpment association

    He'd soon be off to Spain, the piss stained owd fart But only for 3 months Which makes me smile
  3. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    The gulf wasn't as big The players we have now arent a patch on what we had then I'd also suggest teams at the top of this league wouldn't have Mike marsh at right back
  4. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Why not just answer the question? We got what we wanted with the formation, we even went at em for 8 minutes, then their class told I'm not saying give in, I'm just saying the likelihood is we could've driven a bus on and still lost They're better than us, Fcuking face facts For years we have sold everything we can and it shows Fwiw, gowling said Lowe might get a game and Matthews might be better than krul
  5. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Serious question which was asked on Manc post match How many of ours get in their team? I think Gowling was generous when he said 2 might
  6. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Indeed Their third choice keeper is our first choice Rest our our team probably wouldn't make their top 3
  7. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Only play that card when I'm bored Seriously, we are not in their league
  8. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Sit deep? We can't get out Our full backs go forward, they're in behind us Their first finish is top class Us, we have Donaldson We were always losing today, can't believe the reaction to it Well, yeah, I can
  9. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Haha You utter dick He picked the team you wanted Its been dismantled cos our players are shit
  10. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    The one in Wigan?
  11. Casino

    Sri Lanka

    What a fantastic innings Thrilling cricket
  12. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Arf Anyway, don't this lot score in the last minute of every gamd
  13. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Aye, it keeps little out of the way Olkowski in the air? I'm not discounting 442 if the middle four are dogs of war Fortunately, I think most are beyond wanting fancy football
  14. Casino

    Norwich City at home

    Talking about the forest game earlier He had two assists on those forest goals Anyway, other than little, I guess it's Lowe or Zouma? Or Grounds
  15. Casino

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    Down the steps Sapporo from the fancy can

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