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  1. Casino

    Bay Window/Flat Roof Question

    Miami isn't wired up right but he can fix a roof Message him
  2. Casino


    Can't see him getting up, to be honest
  3. Casino

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Fed by Lies The thick fcuker
  4. Casino


  5. Casino

    Terror Attacks

    Strasbourg Mon dead, which is good
  6. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    Is that true?
  7. Casino

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    If it's not getting used, I'll have it
  8. Casino

    Our next manager

    Nah, things can't get any worse There's one bloke keeping this whole sorry mess together and to lose him would just show how bad it really can get
  9. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    there were plenty tory activists on the radio yeterday the overwhelming majority backed may
  10. Casino

    Things your kids won't experience

    They used to have some fine examples in the king bill on a Sunday dinner
  11. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    Is that wanker green going to put himself up for a vote of confidence Have the courage of your convictions, resign and stand as an independent, you self serving twat And the rest of the shithouse who voted with the 48 They are even worse
  12. Casino

    Hull away

    Minibus Think it's me, Elvis, two yoof and meldrew
  13. Casino

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Fcuk me Prefer to be Peterborough Sweet baby Jesus Bar the going bust bit, there won't be one Peterborough fan who would agree with you
  14. Casino

    Hull away

    No cheap trains Anyway I'm in Daughter told me we were going

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