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  1. Youre just making stuff up
  2. Very good He seems to have added going to head the ball
  3. I dont think we did have a chance
  4. Im told his card was in his hand behind his back before evatt even got to him?
  5. 3/10 And thats with 8/10 for Santos Ref 1/10
  6. Ian, welcome to bwfc Cheers mate, great to be here How do you see this season going Think it's gonna be dogshit pal, no players, no staff, no money Erm, well, er, cheers gaffer Sorry, whats that shaz wants a word about us needing to sell STs? Just jesting btw, obvs theres a middle ground
  7. Do you not have supermarkets in the village
  8. I thought you were right
  9. Probably But stoke arent
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