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  1. Which paragraph If it's the one posted above, it's absolutely true
  2. Ok, I'll put it another way There not many full time working couples going to benefit from that
  3. I think Scott Taylor did ok for a while with the Wirral rats
  4. Casino


    So, how come shitty shakers players haven't walked out In fact, amazing they even turned out if you want to listen so some of our supporters
  5. There's not many working couples going to benefit from that
  6. There's not even stiffs anynmore, are there? Isn't it just kids Pretty pointless exercise
  7. I'd prefer aways at tranmere and Charlton Other one, hope whoever will get fcuked by ffp loses
  8. Casino

    Taken over?

    We will see If there's serious interest, every chance somebody will go the extra mile to get it The ST and their HNWs could even go beyond 25 Maybe even 70p
  9. Casino

    Taken over?

    If a madman paid 100 million, does 75 go into the club or does more get paid to the unsecured creditors
  10. When bricks were flying into our terrace from the train platform? Much less up for it on that Friday night
  11. Has Conor hall walked yet Surely he will tip up at Leeds or similar
  12. Ever gave owt less than 100 % except when he refused to play He's another getting some shit Hope he takes his 7 iron with him
  13. Casino

    Taken over?

    It would've been cheaper to reduce headcount 3 years ago Just don't know why he didnt
  14. Casino

    Taken over?

    I would've thought they were creditors of the business and would need to join the queue Again, might be wrong
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