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  1. Casino

    WBA home

    I dunno much about them but I know that kid has returned to Leicester Probably be replaced by another one on 50k a week I do think we can live with them, see stoke, Leeds, derby for a bit of hope, I just fear we won't take our chances when they come
  2. Casino

    Sweaty Ken

    Did he bollocks go Its nearly as believable as a grown nan wearing orange cords
  3. Casino

    Sweaty Ken

    If only an esteemed local journalist could've been on the panel
  4. Casino

    New Balls, Please

    Anderson out Parky out Everybody O U T
  5. Casino

    Can't quite remember....

    It's archived so doesn't get updated, but the info is still there See my link above
  6. Casino

    Can't quite remember....

  7. Casino

    British Transport Police

    Copper in bangladesh
  8. Casino

    Sweaty Ken

    I just got told that you were stood behind the bloke in blue when the picture was taken
  9. Casino

    FA youth cup

    Ward isn't what I consider academy, either 200k buy, I think
  10. Casino

    Sweaty Ken

    And middle banner man No way does he not bleep when he walks past a school
  11. Casino

    Sweaty Ken

    The cretin in blue has fuck the andersons on his hat What an utter bellend
  12. Casino

    Removals company

    Bolton van man is barryk32 Does he know it was you who wanted the job? Anyway, I'd ask Barry if he knows anybody?
  13. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    It's not happening You told us we will get a deal Any deal will see us in a customs union
  14. Casino

    Transfer Gossip

    Marc won't have time for that He will be working on a negative piece about the mistrust
  15. Casino

    In Or Out Again

    Didnt know that He is a decent lad Obsessed with attendances and a raving lefty, but a good un

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