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  1. Casino


    Former wanderer on there
  2. If you would care to engage brain. I said a few posts above it wasn't good news Still think your muddle name is hyperbole
  3. Casino

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    Which bits not accurate When you've finished I'll paste it on here and class can decide
  4. From memory, I'd have another hour in London if I was you
  5. You can still make Tranmere
  6. Dunno about baked but I think we land euston about 1115
  7. Casino

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    Only this week on Twitter And I paraphrase but it's an accurate picture I paint Iles. FV need to put up or stand aside Questioner. Stand aside for who No reply That's why I don't like him That and his absolute failure to ever go after Holdsworth, the trust as a whole and he never ever mentioned Allansons removal, resignation, however it was presented Oh, and bedroomgate But tbf, we have much bigger issues than Mr Iles
  8. I know it's fashionable to trot out the acab stuff, but this fella and the one attacked by the Asian lunatic in London are just blokes trying to do a job Their lives are no more precious than another but they have to be protected and if that's stiffer sentencing, let's be having it
  9. To say tragic But it's not tragic, it's absolute top drawer twattery The world be a better place with this lot removed forever https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49368649 Makes me sick Add that to the chap in Newcastle, it's pretty clear law and order isn't simply a Sadiq Khan issue, but then I think we knew that anyway
  10. Probably not a good sign, if he had been hanging on to sign with us
  11. Casino

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    The point, I'd suggest, is that people have read lies is a dead good journalist and are influenced by what he wrires
  12. Casino

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    There we have it, in a fuck off nutshell There's currently no alternative FV or bust So, join whichever queue you fancy
  13. Sweep, you owe me 50 quid
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