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  1. Might've been the group we came across the same day 3 generations of one family
  2. if you are waiting for the truth from lies n nixon, id give it up as a bad job
  3. have you tried discussing this subject on facebook or twitter howard might turn out to be the biggest crank we have ever had on here, but she was respected from the off this place allows folk to ask her questions and she to answer and if anybody doesnt play nice, we get shut easy its only cos of her crush on watsmore that he got to post today and look how that turned out
  4. undies is saying, drinks are on us at the antelope, march 30th
  5. 12 quid? All credit to Ken Wright in his efforts to keep em competitive
  6. He posts but fortunately you are spared having to read it If I granted you one wish, you could allow him back What do you reckon
  7. Really must buy our match tickets
  8. It's quite tricky banning you from this phone But not impossible, so if you've nowt to contribute, hush.
  9. Pretty sure H has been saying this for nearly 2 weeks
  10. Wonder when iles will admit he knew balls all and starts cut n pasting Marc, lad Don't even try
  11. Still not getting it Tell us what happens now S l o w l y
  12. Why did bwfc defend the order today Sorry if I'm being thick
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