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  1. Casino


    When fans turn up at a match, policing plans are put in place weeks in advance Its reasonable to expect therell be a percentage of dickheads intent on playing up The video above shows cops (real or pcso, i dunno) Theyve not turned up there prepared for what we see Its quite possible 30 seconds after, robocops arrived on the scene, folk trained and equipped to deal with what we see Anyway, enjoy your evening, im going out
  2. Casino


    I have no problem with anonimity Means its less likely some nobber deciding hes the law can get involved However, surely there should be something more than a caution for criminal damage
  3. Casino

    Steve Fulton

    Interview https://www.scotsman.com/sport/interview-steve-fulton-his-celtic-breakthrough-winning-cup-hearts-and-laughing-fat-jibes-1403516
  4. Id bet good money crawford has never earned over 3k a week Hes not an expensive signing Lowe will get better offers than 3k imo Suppise it will depend whether hes happy playing for buttons and where he wants to live
  5. Well, i dunno what its called, or if its even still a pub Thinking you as a long term punter could educate us?
  6. I drove through half an hour ago and it looked quiet enough But lord knows what it was like inside The folk walking about looking like they were heading to pubs looked just like the folk i wouldve predicted would be heading to pubs today That star and garter place had its door wide open....never seen any sign of life before
  7. I doubt we will be able to afford lowe But if its 3 at the back, he could be ideal as one of them
  8. Bit earlier https://footballinprint.com/profile-ian-moores-stoke-city/
  9. Pretty sure thats stoke city, circa 1979
  10. Casino


    Unless we invented robot cops to take their place, why will not change the facts The tories have been responsible for cutting police numbers Maybe there was scope to cut, maybe there wasn't FACT is, they've cut em
  11. Casino


    Senior tories getting their holidays booked before they tell the rest of us the list of countries not requiring quarantine on return?
  12. Casino


    Doubt she's said anything of the sort She's said the UK govt are shit, though, so at least her brains not addled
  13. Ive read all the tony parsons 'max wolfes' Proper good thrillers Now knocking out the 'man and boy' trilogy First one was a cracker but not sure ill start the third
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