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  1. Let's say the Tories win without an overall majority The only party likely to prop em up in normal circs would be the DUP Could BJ still live to regrect chucking NI under the bus
  2. It's why I'm surprised Matt says his mate got caught Expecting different govt agencies to talk to each other is the stuff of fantasy
  3. Just tell em you will vote for em and get a lift down
  4. Corbyn, for all hes described as a nutter, has a team that can run a campaign if he pulls this off Fwiw, i think a BJ brexit does more damage than JC can do in 5 years Ill be back to a softer tory party in 5 years, i reckon
  5. Telegraph got majority at 6 Deary me Turn out the lights
  6. Do you know where the letter came from Someones interested and very shocked
  7. My expert witness says you would het away with it
  8. Care to share your gps surgery? Bolton?
  9. Obvs I know a bit about this and it could be Harwood practice is still a mess since they shut the TM one, but being willing to see any doctor means you will get an appointment much more quickly
  10. Who is your GP I can get an appointment same day If I'm willing to see any doctor
  11. Mamma Mia 2 filmed in Croatia Can't go wrong
  12. Interesting poll For all his faults, corbyn can get his voters to turn out Maybe this ain't over yet
  13. Was it lowe who got beat twice during that run? Dodgy challenges but mightve been nice if somebody else had a go
  14. 3 years at uni learning how to take photos!
  15. We went on a trip to timanfaya That was plenty lively enough for me to go inside for a beer
  16. I'm happy with a clear view to winter hill My dad was brought up on totb, levens drive, before it went to shit Said views were fantastic, but that was 60 odd years ago
  17. Nothing explains why we cant defend better than we did for their second Ridulous challenge by graham, then leave one of the best finishers in the league to have not one, but two, free hits at goal It was awful If we are losing creativity, we have to defend better
  18. Better or worse than wrong-bailey This is the worst thing in all this, im going to end up voting for a party of utter spacktards
  19. You had better tell matt hancock cos hes promised to sort it out After years of un sorting it out, i guess
  20. If i need to get to hospital, im sure as fcuk not waiting 5 hours for an ambulance
  21. Casino

    Vela back

    Granted, i just think hes got caught between going for the ball and concentrating on getting across to block the shot Thats with the benefit of hindsight, knowing the ball ends in the goal Its a great pass and finish, i just think he could, not should, have done better
  22. In hills defence, bridcutt gets in most teams in the league Crawford in plenty What is harder to accept is the shite defending for their second on saturday
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