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  1. Josh vela isnt fit to lace darbys boots Even now
  2. Casino

    Keith Hill

    Parkinson and phillips didnt have the players hill had I think he will probably go, but i keep coming back to the january transfer dealings Definitely weakened us - was that his choice, who knows
  3. Be plenty pics to do a battlenips on her
  4. Are you being served? Mr rumbolds sec
  5. Why bother if the bloke making the rules cant be arsed Point proven
  6. Standard supermarket lager, becks followed by kronenbourg But, tbh, so long as its stone cold, theres not many i wont drink Ill sup san miguel if its in a pub, but for me, hangover tackle
  7. Its a war of attrition The tories want it to go away Why should the media let it go?
  8. Finished white lines Liked it enough that if there was another one, id watch it Cant always say that Anybody watched bordertown as its popping up as a suggestion for me
  9. I needed naan and coconut for a curry thats on the agenda Managed to land steejays recommend, the latest northern monk collab, some cannonball which pushes jack hammer and a couple of magic rock clairvoyance for research purposes (24 quid)
  10. No But at least he has the comfort of knowing hes not hancock
  11. Our dom could no doubt join the dots
  12. Fcuking hell, i need to up my game
  13. Just checked and youre right Staff discount is more than nhs I wouldnt know as i never see the card
  14. My understanding is that one thing you couldnt accuse eagles of was being lazy I think it was swansea away....gardner sent off? He was about 3k in front of everybody else Maybe he wanted a move there
  15. Old neighbour had 3 ferraris amongst others One that caught my eye was a little bmw that he says was given to eddie Irvine I think the doors disappeared underneath In fact, i think its this one http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=10408&country=uk
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