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  1. Ian, welcome to bwfc Cheers mate, great to be here How do you see this season going Think it's gonna be dogshit pal, no players, no staff, no money Erm, well, er, cheers gaffer Sorry, whats that shaz wants a word about us needing to sell STs? Just jesting btw, obvs theres a middle ground
  2. Do you not have supermarkets in the village
  3. I thought you were right
  4. Probably But stoke arent
  5. Although Do we have a timeline for the rivi x cloudwater
  6. The fridge is about 2 weeks from being empty Finish that off then Im going to stick with becks til easter Save a few quid and re evaluate
  7. Burns available, but he doesnt convince me either Shame really that it looks like india series isnt a priority
  8. Mate knows zachs dad well Zach clough loved playing for bwfc and had no wish to leave even when things were tough Without him agreeing to leave we may have gone under Anyway I remember there being a clamour for him to play and at the time the word from the manager was that he wasnt physically ready Manager changed and Lennon had a different opinion and he seems to have been troubled by injuries for most of the time since
  9. Tbf, she's not here anymore And I dont think she's there anymore Til the whites moved i didn't take a bit of interest in horwich Strikes me its just a scruffy town with its share of nasty estates Nowt to do with Bolton, really
  10. Will you go with him?
  11. Before redcliffes time
  12. Aye, ill never forget But they were stopping united so i turned a blind eye
  13. Its definitely not a criticism of the private sector Its how/why the companies are chosen
  14. That the offside one? Only saw it at the end
  15. What the rest dont know is youve been terrorsing us for years with this shit First one ive got, i think
  16. Agree on oldham But you can give me walsall away That game was won til we lost the plot We easily bettered cambridge 10% is massive Its not 0.2 goals Its another player on the pitch for 90 minutes
  17. Newcastle no more guesses from me
  18. Im googling goalposts here
  19. Mcmanaman commentating on city last night What was a clear penalty for handball shouldnt have been given cos it wasnt going in Scousers are shitting it and so they should Citys to lose this season
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