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  1. I'd describe it as watching standard def with cataracts But I watch most away games like that Supposed to be finally getting decent Internet Saturday morning Hope that might make it better
  2. We scored 3 ffs Created plenty And if we move him, we are back to needing a rwb
  3. Keep repeating it Theres still some not seeing it
  4. I'm guessing most people working from home are net winners in terms of money and time The countries skint Here, have some tax back Ah, well
  5. Can we swap Dido for the cost of her shit tracking system?
  6. Well, they're going to know first, aren't they
  7. He was there a few weeks, played 9 games They were happy with him But I dont think he's old enough to play with matches
  8. and, i only got tonights farce on the radio but it sounded very much like our glorious leader was reading the first questions out Yet he doesnt know whats coming?
  9. so, for the 20th time, mr johnson What are GM geting Wiff waff, jvt, wiff waff erm erm fucking erm
  10. They need to be very very careful My internet 5er is definitely on the reds winning the next election And im not sure its gonna be full term
  11. has quintins gone Doesnt sound like it, but was it asian owned?
  12. hope so Certainly cant afford to give up on him
  13. Casalingo then duke william is the routine You will get looked at if you sit in the wrong seat, mind
  14. lets hope not I dont know much about him Maybe hes a nolan type...one who needs goals to hide other weaknesses We should prob ask our resident argyle fan
  15. Like ive said, itd be nice to hear his thinking Is alexander fit? Can gilkes still get up off the floor Dunno but its a question thumbhead should be asking
  16. It was shit And from memory we had walker, stubbs and a few others Point was twitter wouldve been full of the same wrist slitters we have on here demanding chances and saying rioch was clueless
  17. Gnahaoua played 90 minutes Hes backing sarcevic to come good, its a fair shout
  18. 352 Brockbank asked to take on a job i thought massively beyond him He did fine while offering little going forward Which is better than gordon and mascoll who have shown nowt at all....so far
  19. Casino


    5 games? Is that all it is...no way We have lost 12 in a row, surely
  20. Well yeah, but I was sticking with rioch Walsall away for allardyce.
  21. Agreed If we had matthews or Alnwick, I'd give him a rest but he's getting no help
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