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  1. Greece starting to look a bit iffy? Can see quarantine on return any day now
  2. id say scully was channel 4 8pm on a monday if i had to guess
  3. shop workers arent asked to wear masks Slipping one on for half an hour is a bit different than having one on for 8 hours
  4. aye, ive never known this place refuse to support a good cause Unfortunatelgy the mask thing came across as opportunist
  5. Theres a bar opposite schloss with a big digital sign over the door saying Youre from one household We went for a mid range meal and two bars and nobody cared...6 from 3 homes which tbf is acceptable if youre outside
  6. About 1 ish, raining at chequerbent Grey through daisy Hill Cracking flags at hart common
  7. One summer Classic tv
  8. I heard he was watching cricket on Saturday Couldve been after
  9. dukes of hazard That was Saturday Daisy duke
  10. Friday 9 was gentle touch and professionals
  11. Thursday 9pm for me too
  12. Casino


    Managed to wind up poor Garp who had driven 5 hours, 200 yards from the hotel 150 quid for a new wing mirror Don't think I've ever seen those two freeloaders who nearly got us shot, since
  13. Yeah, but these have been filtration tested in an accredited lab.....
  14. Am i understanding right that his wife is there?
  15. Stokes out of series Going to NZ to be with his family
  16. Casino


    Just for painting we just got quoted 550 Includes walls, ceilings and all woodwork 8 doors and a spindle hand rail
  17. The 'worldie' last week was scored by a Liverpool youth reject Thinking hes the one
  18. Great stuff Shame Buttler got out but still should shut the fuckers up for at least a test
  19. I've grown increasingly frustrated with the stick buttler gets Always plays for the team
  20. Feels a lot like this might be the lead up to dominoes but a cracking effort from b+w Hope these two can do it and buttler tells the foakes fan boys to fuck off
  21. Casino


    First afternoon I moved into ainsworth Barmaid in King William one arm Chinese mon in chippy, one arm. Excellent wrapping skills
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