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  1. MJ is or has been out of the country
  2. going busta couple of times didnt hurt them, either
  3. Odd then that Holdsworth ever got his hands on the club Get real, we are not very attractive or we wouldn't be where we are now
  4. Okey coke At least I'm now happy youre not nixon I'll track him down though
  5. Will you please stop badgering him Nothing Howard has told us so far leads me to believe he knows who the bidder is And I for one would prefer not to jeopardise owt
  6. I believe all creditors on the petition have to be paid off HMRC, macron and westchurch
  7. He debates every day of his working life James o brien, lbc
  8. You've missed the point by 180 degrees
  9. Anyway The Irish border It's a few months now since we discussed it Do we have any sight of the simple technological solution that satisfies the EU, the UK and the GFA
  10. It's not up to you Good old democracy
  11. Custard suggestion is that Howard was here to paint KA and Basran in an unfavourable light
  12. Must admit, I didn't see how the two sentences tied in
  13. The moral of the story being, if you're going to cheat, make sure you get promoted Bournemouth really are a piece of work Tad ironic, that when I hear Bournemouth, one of the first names I associate with it is redknaop
  14. A commie, almost certainly a republican, suggesting the queen interferes That's a turn up
  15. The king of cunts You can only get so far seal clapping at good players
  16. Hers as good a place as any Interesting names at the winder... HMRC, macron Fair enough West church homes? Kens northern shag pad?
  17. Dunno what they call the little bar area under the stand where the toffs go, but that's where I am on the very rare occasions I can be arsed Anyway, Blakeman, like Kellet, wouldve been very capable of getting a regular place in recent teams In fact, Blakeman would be taking all our set pieces
  18. He's the one who looked like father christmas
  19. I'd not have wellyphant down as a snowflake Nor is he a, erm, blackflake Just a relatively normal bloke with a wet jumper
  20. Anyway, Howard says she will be back in a bit It's lippy and prosecco time
  21. Bought ten for us this morning Had to do it online Ticket office was experiencing high demand #baconbuttytime Anyway, can't wait Prob last away of the season for me
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