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  1. 10 games, 8 million on a turnover of over 300 million Theres no justification None at all
  2. Spurs gate money wont be that high, in the scheme of things
  3. Aye Bradford wripped burnden stand to bits Few days later, we played at cambridge while valley parade burned down
  4. And while i dont believe it, ive heard of one business thats getting tested this week Ill report back when i know more
  5. The antibody test would be enough for me to crack on If ive had it, ill take my chances of getting it again
  6. We have already decided to spend twice as much as corbyn was going to spend Money we couldnt afford to spend, iirc
  7. And why we will be tested before the soft hands types
  8. Indeed Which is why they need us foot soldiers back in I honestly see it being at least six months before work at home types are getting their hands dirty
  9. Its a tricky one At the moment, we couldn't return and the 80% is very welcome However, no 80% and I think it's likely our suppliers and customers go back more quickly Especially if it's made clear manufacturing is expected to carry on
  10. Did the 80% wage guarantee have an end date on it?
  11. Well, I have it on good authority your local, wherever you live, GP is working easter
  12. I bet he has different golf gloves for each day
  13. Seen the name Guess I just missed him Late 60s early 70s?
  14. Do you reckon Jules will have full kit I do, nailed on
  15. If you don't get sorted, let me know if there's owt I can do to help. I can go and get em tmrw for you
  16. I did Hence the shut down Workshy bastards
  17. Shes not a bloke Shes a pig And probably filling quotas galore
  18. I was going to ring the WHO, but i remembered we have you Why did this one find its way here, when previous asian 'flus' didnt
  19. I dont love my job, but its my responsibility to ensure its still there when we get back Its difficult, because a decent size company furloughing all its staff, then expecting em to work is no better than the one man band taking the hand out then topping it up I think chasing money for an hour ir two, paying wages, paying bills, we should be alliwed a little bit of scope
  20. Trafs right, though I aint knocking it, as the govt response on supporting workers has been fantastic But it is too restrictive to be followed to the letter Like i mentioned the other day, we will have to breach the regs to find out if its worth firing up
  21. Telling her is a bit shit Her not offering is as shit
  22. Defend them all you like What you can't defend is their public pronouncements saying, for example We will be doin x from tomorrow, by next week etc And then not doing it They're either shit or being badly let down by the backroom staff Before you promise it, make sure you can ffs
  23. It depends what they are doing. If the clever bit is existing technology, the cases are a piece of piss to any company with a laser cutter, bending machines and welders Minimal set up costs
  24. See, im thinking one good thing that comes out of this is a realisation we have been getting screwed on price from traditional manufacturers
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