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  1. leebwfc

    Take Over

    its irrelevant that a mental case like Bassini has strolled into court and blocked the sale of the club that actually might mean we are fucked? mate ffs, are you just after a row with someone? please point me to where ive cheered him on. Literally, what have I said thats pissed you off? this did happen today you know, he stopped us being sold, I don't like that as much as you don't but he did do it, could you or I have done it? Didn't comment for a row, or to be told to fuck off, or to be called numb, relax max
  2. leebwfc

    Take Over

    He might not have fooled you but he did a judge!
  3. leebwfc

    Take Over

    still clearly mental but he has managed to do what he promised which was stop the sale, he said he would. Whatever story and evidence he showed to the judge was enough to grant the block (for now). Think there's more than just Laurence talking shit at the very least
  4. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Has there been a situation like ours before? not sure anyone right now can say what will or could happen next tbf Think Blackpool just didnt have their points deduction enforced, rather than removed so yes very different
  5. leebwfc

    Take Over

    FV bid for the club in admin, it was agreed theirs was the highest, had proved funds, the ability to run the club for 2 years, accepted by the EFL and seemingly met the administrators requirements in regards to payment of creditors at the same time knowing the hotel was not a cert because of the separate administrators in place. If it then after the even turns out they cannot do as promised without the hotel, could that not suggest they have been fucking about somewhat and maybe didn't have the funds they claimed in the beginning? You don't need to explain it no, because that wasn't my point anyway, my post was in answer to someone who thought that those who went to the stadium to see Bassini needed a kicking, I simply suggested that they didn't as we have ALL purged over this drama for months trying to get an angle on everything and hope it all works out.
  6. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Absolutely, me too. When asked who the statue was and he said "I dont need to tell you who that is" was my favourite. All I meant was we have so much shit going on, and clearly people trying to get rich without a care for the club that we really dont need fans all fucking about and falling out over something nobody wants anyway which is that prick near the club. I dont know anyone that went but in context, at the time we were getting a load of bollox info, the deal was dragging on and on, and Bassini came along proportioning blame to Ken and the administrators and seemingly keen to show proof. Why werent you so angry yesterday at the people who went to hear him? its just what it is, hasn't changed or affected anything. He is still a cunt, just be angry at him or maybe Iles and dearden for all the coverage they gave it along with Sky and BBC.
  7. leebwfc

    Take Over

    If he said, right lads, what im gonna do is in a months time fuck up your sale, do you think they would have clapped? Don't think I've seen or heard a single fan say they want Bassini at any point through this pile of shite we have been put through.
  8. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Would it have encouraged him though? really, 20 nobheads with nowt better to do with their evening looking at his mobile phone. I think the media have more on their shoulders for this bollocks
  9. leebwfc

    Take Over

    I watched the live stream of him at the stadium, do I need a kicking? just dont get why you are angry at people who listened to him. Have you avoided reading / listening to anything the mental cunt has said? Think all of us, including anyone who turned up at the stadium think he's wanker, if they were his little fan group with Bassini can Tshirts on then I'd get your point but it wasn't exactly that was it, more morbid curiosity at what shite he was gonna spout
  10. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Didn't we all want to know what the fat cunt had to say for himself? Not sure it makes much difference whether you turned up in person to hear it. Did the judge grant the order because a few people turned up to hear him out? These administrators and FV fucking about for so long is whats caused this. they put their bid in, got accepted, agreed price, accepted by the EFL and since then have been fucking about trying to change the deal, get loans, not pay the players etc etc.
  11. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Would they not be paid off by the sale of assets through liquidation?
  12. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Dodgy as fuck this. how convenient that yet again apparently due to complete again then something goes tits up. These administrators could be making themselves very rich between them
  13. leebwfc

    Take Over

    Bet Netflix are kicking themselves!
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