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  1. Bet he called Evatt a stupid cunt and thats why he shipped him out
  2. lost Maybe we got robbed by the referee but its all down to fucking EVATT
  3. No excuse; his team selection proves he is a complete tosser
  4. Cant even get angry anymore - just expected it when I saw the team sheet.
  5. Anyone one off here could get more out of this team; IE useless
  6. Give up on any hope of us starting to climb the table; just hope there are two sides who will end up lower than us
  7. None of us has watched them train this week but 95% at least would have selected a better team than that today
  8. We knew that when he put him in the team; IE needs to fuck off
  9. Zebedee was shit last week but he picked him; we have had a run of absolute shit managers but this mon takes the biscuit
  10. You can give this man as many windows as you like and he will break them. We are fucking shit
  11. Casino gets it before me 😄
  12. I agree and if we do get overrun and battered you have to ask the question does he know what he is doing? Hope I am wrong and we play them off the park because to save this season we need to be winning games
  13. Cant be arsed watching the game; too stressful 😄
  14. I would be more concerned with sticking with Jones after his awful performances recently
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