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  1. That makes both full back positions weaker; IMO I wasn’t overly impressed with Jackson but better than Brockbank on the left
  2. Not sure; we have been bobbins since Cambridge. The bad Easter and loss of Sarc has done our confidence
  3. He did reasonably well at right back but is too weak IMO. Any news on Declan John?
  4. Centre of Brum waiting for my grandson’s game to start against Solihull Moors under 19’s and all I can think about is Morecambe
  5. Exactly we need to get up however it takes. I can’t go a full season of watching us hang on for the last 20- 30 minutes no matter who we are playing
  6. I know we had a lot of anti football with Parky but leading up to promotion we were scoring for fun and battering teams. Any result Saturday will do but for once if we score first I hope we are not hanging on for an hour because it’s not good for your health; we are good enough of playing the same game and getting a second or more
  7. John has been poor recently but almost back to his best tonight. Definitely our best option at left back if he is fit
  8. Worst ever game for us and Brockbank wasnt much better; Zebedee on a different level of shit ness though.
  9. Dapo by a million miles; agree they played well as did Isgrove. Subs were bobbins and hope John is fit for Saturday
  10. The 3 subs have been shocking
  11. Another dilemma. Lovely weather here in Worcestershire and I either do the Coopers Troupers Army Bootcamp on country park which means I miss the first half or watch all the game. Decide about 5.30pm
  12. Ian Evatt favourite for Spurs manager
  13. That would be wonderful and with FGR playing Exeter we could have the buffer we had before the Grimsby game.
  14. George hasn’t unsettled the team. Saturday was down to the back four having a mare and missed chances. GT does a lot of work but doesn’t always read the game as much as Lee as you would expect so dropping Lee to the holding midfielder is probably better to support the back 4. Apart from a few games we have been shit for large parts of our good run and sneaked results - now is the time for all to step up to the plate or we will be playing league 2 football again next season
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