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  1. Will the game actually go ahead if we don't have the owners in place? We are playing friendlies but we play using the players still on the books and will they play with the risk of still not getting paid Too many questions but its getting silly now
  2. The whole thing has dragged on much too long and a statement is needed ASAP by the administrators as to the present status. If FV don't want it then who else is prepared to get the club. 2.5 weeks to kick off and we have 4 players and 2 goalies and no ticket policy in place is a joke. How much do these administrators earn because it looks like its being dragged out to make more money
  3. yeah right They all say that; what time you getting there?
  4. Bollocks - 3-1 to the super whites after we sign a few journey men and PP changes tactics for the first time ever
  5. Iles said about 100 Not many players in that squad would make League 1 standard Just put £10 on NZ for the cricket at 5-2 but we now have started hitting some runs; been lucky though. Its a win win though because we either win and I am happy or if we lose I am reasonably happy
  6. Great news Off to Barbados in the morning for a week and thats a boost to start tge holiday Wycombe Wycombe here we come COYWM
  7. As long as there are 11 players in white shirts starting for us I don't mind if they are under 15's they will get my backing and I will be there COYWM
  8. Surprised nobody has taken the piss out of you for typing stuff like that. Your getting soft in your old age🤣
  9. Went to the Orient vs Salford game last season and they only took about 200 when this was a massive promotion game Tin pot club and apart from them red bastards pushing the money in they wouldn't be anywhere near the EFL
  10. Really looking forward to it Weighing up Trashmere now Wycombe and Gillingham will be certs
  11. Let me know what time you get into Euston; we can travel to Wycombe
  12. R U staying in London or Wycombe?
  13. Hope its away but attending even if its a home match Oxford would be good for me
  14. Expectations - stay up just Hopes - we win the first 8 games and are mid table by October. Get to play offs in last position and get up. Hope PP gets the boot and the new man plays attacking football. Plus we win a League and FA Cup double 😉
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