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  1. Yep and two central defenders who can actually defend
  2. Grandson's got their second league game tonight at home to Solihull Moors under 19's. In London at my sons so will miss it
  3. Is Evatt a fit for us? Gone by Xmas
  4. Santos and Baptiste should never play again garbage
  5. ''Watching the latics over the years had some great memory's going way back early seventies but now I feel its coming to a end Memories that will never be forgotten and friends I made over the years Will miss looking forward to Saturdays'' From the Wigan Forum - sure this guy is Bolton from all the doom and gloom he posts
  6. Really doesn't look good enough like some of the others who have come in. Hope they can turn this round
  7. They are the only interested party apart from the supporters club who have about £600K
  8. Apology accepted. Now lets just move on to talking about Wanderers rather this equality garbage
  9. What about your under the belt dig of English not being my first language; that was harsh - I am from Daubhill originally they knows
  10. Well I read between the lines and with your 'logic' I took it you was defending disproportionate crime. Apologies to you.
  11. The stats are clear; majority of knife crime is Black on Black and the same with gun crime. Stop defending them In reply to Cheese going on about black men my response of them obviously means the Black men; or are you just dumb? He is defending the fact that knife crime is percentage wise mostly Black. Why do you have such a problem with that?
  12. Did that Messi guy get fixed up yet?
  13. What do you think is the cause of all the "black on black" crime you keep talking about? There is no excuse for crime so why do you question the stop and search when they are targeting the culprits?
  14. You was saying there are reasons that Black criminals turn to crime; that is defending them IMO; and prick English is my first language
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