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  1. Its the amount of Viagra tablets your taking; cant blame Howard for that unless he also supplies Viagra
  2. Agree with that; he is skilful with lots of confidence but don't think he is ready to make such an influence like Jason McAteer did
  3. Thought we were gone when PP wasn't sacked in December; really don't know why nobody has come in and bought us - why dog heads and not us? We wont storm up next season unless we get a good manager with funds to bring in some quality
  4. That takes me back to Jack Winnies coach trips; god we had some memorable days out. Did you go any? The Forest away was someone else with many going in their whistle and flutes against good advice (the streetwise ones took a change of clothes for the big night out). First half was OK with us doing well and no mither then during the break the Forest fans migrated round from the Trent End and all hell let loose; so funny with several of out lot with sleeves ripped off their jackets and going out that night like that. Because of the trouble we moved to Leeds for the night out
  5. Well I will get a round in of that brew dog stuff a week on Saturday; better be a good as you told us it is. Just the two of you meeting there?
  6. You cant be drinking beer of that strength; especially your age 😀
  7. Brewdog it is then Should be there about 1ish unless the other two come up with another real ale place
  8. well said m8 Lets be there in big numbers everywhere in League 1 next season (assuming we still have a club)
  9. hope they don't get paid another penny and walk out
  10. another non effort from the pole
  11. hope they dock us 12 points and throw us out the league
  12. how bad is this; probably one of the lowest for BWFC
  13. Magennis' free kick flies way over the goal, prompting cheers from the WIgan fans and chants calling for PP to go from the Bolton contingent Our star striker finally gets a mention
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