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  1. Some will be it will be a disaster; with the right manager from the start this season we would have stayed up
  2. Southend, us and Tranmere confirmed as relegated - well as good as
  3. Another shit return - this is just shit
  4. He is always pissed We will meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we will meet again, some sunny day
  5. The cunt has scored in the last 5 games now - we are just dogshit
  6. Substantially weakens the central midfield and that's where they will walk through us with no protection for the CB's I know the season is over in terms of trying to stay up but this shows he doesn't know what he is doing
  7. I was on the embankment that day as a 12 year old went to the Leeds vs United 1970 replay as well hated United as a kid and those two defeats were great Atmosphere was brilliant
  8. Me and the missus are flying out to Barbados for 10 nights
  9. Have they stopped doing bin collections your way?
  10. That group of players would get relegated from the National League
  11. Subbing him was the right thing to do but moving Lowe to full back was a disaster and shows KH what he is; someone with no idea
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