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  1. I fucking hate football TRANMERE ROVERS FUCK OFF
  2. Who does people want from the play off finals Sooner go to Newport than Trashmere so them Want Sunderland to go up so we get another London away Not bothered about Villa and Derby tbh because it doesn't affect who we will play but Lampards a cunt so Villa for me
  3. So to the so called 'In the know' people on here is it feasible someone will buy the club at that price and bring in enough quality players to compete in L1?
  4. 5th round FAC at Millwall he scored a blinder - but dog shit most of the time
  5. Well the first game was Oldham away - 2-2 and lots of trouble in their end with thousands of whites there. Kicked of the train with another 3-400 hundred more somewhere between Manc and Bowton on the way back
  6. Anyone on here went on my coach to Carlisle in the 70's - that was some loony day out and a few didn't make it back on the coach.
  7. So if it takes that long to sort out a buyer and we don't have anything in place by August then what happens with the team management and players for the forthcoming season? Really hope we don't start with PP and his donkeys
  8. When I am home I live just down the road near Pershore but work and live in London for the past six years; that will end this year though, There is another white who lives down in Stroud and we travel to some games
  9. Radcliffe told him; believes anything does Casino ūü§©
  10. Reading these threads bringing back all the good memories when we travelled in numbers and it was a pleasure going to games makes me really want our club 'back'. This coming season I definitely will be doing a lot of aways regardless of our starting position with the deducted points. Can someone with lots of investment buy us and get us proud again soon?
  11. They couldn't wait to announce it
  12. we were in the covered section down the side but you couldn't see all the pitch. Great game and JB pulling the ball through the mud to make it 3-3 was brilliant. Lost 2-0 in the replay during the 3 day week and afternoon kick off
  13. They run one to Villa and we were at the station waiting for the arrival of the Bolton fans Copper said to his mate there are 47 coming and his mate said 'what coaches' - there were 47 whites on the bloody train
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