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  1. It isnt an official link, all i said is were i would be watching it and how to get on it. I didnt include a link did i.
  2. Free Travel to the cup match, i put this thought to the relevant people and this what happens quality decision i think.
  3. I will be watching it on the internet, but I won't be able to tell you which site, because I can no longer post on here.
  4. I'll be making the trip down to the bridge i imagine, we're about due for upsettin one of the big four i think this could be the night
  5. Hull City Birmingham City Wolves Thats my three for the chop, I think Burnley will survive because of there home form at turf moor being quite good like that's one of the factors if not the main factor into why Stoke stopped up last season. Portsmouth i think they will stop up despite the terrible start they've had because i think the team they have will eventually pick points up when they've settled in and the new arab owner will throw some cash at Portsmouth in the transfer market in January. Just my opinion though.
  6. Anyone reckon the club could put free travel on for the trip to Chelsea in the Carling Cup. I think it would be an excellent move by the club if this was to happen. Anyone else agree?
  7. I think at the moment Lee Chung Yong will only be used as an impact sub he certainly changed the game against West Ham. I think this will not be the only match he changes because he has the flair pace and trickery that we have needed in the midfield department for quite some time now.
  8. Would love Barnsley in the cup the exact same reason why Kent White would Traf mate.
  9. Barnsley at the Reebok or even at Oakwell that would be quite the clash!
  10. As much as Gary Megson isn't at the top of my christmas card list. You cannot criticise him for the way he took to the West Ham cup match, But the answer to this thread is that never aslong as i am a bolton wanderers supporter will i want them to lose. But, i can understand were this question has come from.
  11. Barnsley at the Reebok i wouldnt mind someone like that. Whats everyone elses preferred choice?
  12. Yes, they are all cunts but hes the biggest one of them all.
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