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  1. Possibly the most ludicrous booking ever.
  2. Yes, very dodgy maths. Must try harder.
  3. Sorry, I didn’t take into account he’d get even worse. Oh well, only 45 too long. In with a chance now.
  4. And this will still be the case when he’s subbed on the 61st minute.
  5. The real danger is likely to be Morecambe. Beat them and there’s every chance five wins will be good enough.
  6. Not true. With five Bolton ins, Cambridge and Cheltenham would obviously finish above BWFC with 5 wins of their own. They do not play each other. Cheltenham do not play Tranmere. Tranmere play Cambridge on Monday. If Tranmere win, Cambridge’s maximum is 88 (and Tranmere 87). If Cambridge win, Tranmere’s maximum is 84 (and Cambridge 91). It follows that Bolton would need 88 points to be certain of promotion, that is eight wins out of eight.
  7. With nearly half the season gone, it’s clear 15th or 16th is as good as it will get this season. At least two transfer windows will be needed with some inspired signings before even the play-offs are a realistic proposition.
  8. I trust the next away match will be complimentary given the constant buffering. Waste of time at the mom.
  9. Four Salford players pulling shirts in box. Free kick to Salford. Unbelievable.
  10. Is there any manager who could get more out of this squad?
  11. IFollow BWFC and it’s nothing to do with the club. There are some halfwits on here.
  12. Surely the club will have to give a free away match after this shambles.
  13. No amount of tactical tinkering can change this. The club has imploded. Difficult to see how relegation can be avoided.
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