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  1. Four Salford players pulling shirts in box. Free kick to Salford. Unbelievable.
  2. Is there any manager who could get more out of this squad?
  3. IFollow BWFC and it’s nothing to do with the club. There are some halfwits on here.
  4. Surely the club will have to give a free away match after this shambles.
  5. No amount of tactical tinkering can change this. The club has imploded. Difficult to see how relegation can be avoided.
  6. Yes we will have to see.
  7. Surely, results are a reflection of signings. Nine competitive matches, eight lost. No comparative I can remember in the 57 years I’ve attending.
  8. And your point is? My point is that the manager has to be judged by his signings. The best coach in the world is struggling if the players aren’t up to it.
  9. That’s the point. Evatt is 100% responsible. At this level it’s all about identifying players who will do a job. Who remembers Bournemouth winning 2-1 at the Reebok in 2014/15 on the way to the Premiership? 1-0 down an reduced to 10 men after 15 minutes, they went on to win 2-1 after totally dominating the game. All 11 players home-grown and largely recruited by Eddie Howe from the lower leagues. It’s an extreme example but it shows the starting point is spotting players who can do a particular job. Evatt has already shown he hasn’t got that talent.
  10. The only players I exclude are Doyle and Delfouneso.
  11. Experience does not equal talent. He’s signed dross and dross is what you will continue to see.
  12. The point is the players he has signed are not good enough and never will be. No amount of coaching will change that essential truth.
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