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  1. Con

    Wanderers 0-3 Brentford

  2. Con

    Wanderers 0-3 Brentford

    The Jade Assembly have a new song out "got my star" soon. Having an exclusive first play tomorrow at the game. Guess quite a few folk will be following them on social media, but they deserve all the support they can get.
  3. Con

    Every Home Goalscorer At The Macbok

    Nicky Summerbee Although the only one I can remember is against Scunthorpe in the cup.
  4. Con

    Championship Predictions 2017/18

    Bolton- A heartening 14th. Promoted- Don't care Relegated -Not interested
  5. Con

    Who Was 'super'ior

    Why choose? They were both fucking ace.
  6. Con

    Players Not Paid

    Nice one SK for calling Moxey out like that.
  7. Con


    Nice quote from Shrewsbury Chief executive on BBC website : The issue we tend to have is when we come up against the big clubs - the Sheffield Uniteds, the Boltons - who bring huge away crowds, we get drowned out a little bit," he said.
  8. Con


    Al Habsi might be adding to that yet.
  9. Con


    Think Shoreditch maybe the best bet, I've got me 15 quid voucher courtesy of BWFC and uber! Thanks for the advice Jol, and Enzo
  10. Con


    I think we are at the Travelodge, going to see Depeche mode at the Olympic Stadium, left my mate in charge of sorting the accommodation while I sorted tickets and travel. So where would you recommend nearby but out of Edmonton then? Cheers btw
  11. Con


    The North London one. Staying there for a gig in a couple of weeks. Anyone know the area, decent bars, eating places , places to avoid? Any info would be welcome.
  12. Con

    New Kit

    That's why Id rather us not have Nike, as they just do a generic template aside of the really big clubs.
  13. Con

    Guess The Attendance: Peterborough

    28723, and 5000 locked out.
  14. Con

    Port Vale 0-2 Wanderers

    Be nice to do it at the Macron
  15. Con

    Port Vale 0-2 Wanderers

    Ft Fleetwood.Twats

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