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  1. Car he was driving was a sponsors from the tournament he was the patron of had the logo on the side . He’s recently had another back op there’s a good chance he is on a lot pain meds . He was stopped for drink driving under the influence of painkillers before .
  2. This is chronic after timing but saw him interviewed at the weekend and said to the Mrs he’s back on em again . Defo had took summat or had been on a bender .
  3. Another spawny 1-0 John to score .
  4. Drive by truckers but they are more rock - country band if you get my drift . Steve Earle is a fav of mine .
  5. This. Looked like a player who had some competition when he came on . Good to see .
  6. We had a bit of luck at Mansfield ( for a change ) hoping it stays with us 0-1 please 😐.
  7. emus wig


    Threw my teddy in the corner and turned it off at 2-0 . Gonna get shipwrecked on my shipyard 🚢😎now .
  8. emus wig


    We are a work in progress don’t think we are there yet they were decent at our gaff . 1-1 late equaliser 😐
  9. I can see it not being rescinded even though it should be twice in a week would be a fuckin miracle .
  10. Watched trial of the Chicago 7 last night really enjoyed it .
  11. Going for it shit or bust 😐
  12. Think this will be a tricky game Maddison to redeem himself 1-0 .
  13. I can always find a reason to hate any team we play from previous games against them . So pretty much despise everyone one else 😐
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