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  1. Garrp

    Rotherham 4 Wanderers 0

    Go away
  2. Garrp

    Itk Transfer Thread

    would imagine it will be Lloyd Dyer
  3. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    No they shouldn't but when the system is how it is and we're in with those who can't be arsed to go home or away we will play the game and if you read back i've already offered my ticket to sober dan.
  4. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    if you're giving me the power then anyone who didn't go the carling cup semi first leg is banned for life for starters.
  5. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    we won't if we know its recorded.
  6. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    This isn't just about this game though. its happened before and it will happen again but because it only happens every few years everyone just shrugs their shoulders. (unless it affected them). We beat liverpool and next round we get the munichs and get 8000 tickets. The club sell 1 per season ticket properly this time and we sell 7500. the remaining 500 is a free for all between someone who goes every away, the man who can't be arsed to go to the reebok as its not on manny rd, bolton fans munich mate and a munich who lives in bolton but can get to the ticket office at 9am.
  7. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    I don't think there's anyone who is disputing that season ticket holders shouldn't have first chance. The problem is after that its any man for himself. So someone who has done every away game is in the same queue as someone who hasn't been for five years but fancies going to Anfield. Sunday - Season ticket holders with x number of away tickets. monday - season ticket holders tuesday - x number of away games wed - anyone else strictly one per season ticket. it really isn't that difficult. il set it up on excel for them ffs. if away games mean nothing in terms of future tickets then let us know and I will buy a season ticket and do a few home games instead.
  8. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    They haven't all gone to season ticket holders the system hasn't worked once again. i'm bored of this argument every time we have a big game. meanwhile those who have tickets just shrug their shoulders and think fuck the rest i know loads who have tickets who don't have a season tickets, as does everyone else on here.
  9. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    every single one of us knows someone who has a ticket without having a season ticket so don't give me that bollocks. I'm one of them.
  10. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    i'm not whining about me, i wouldn't lose any sleep pisses me off the holier than thou that think doing two home games a season (travelling a couple of miles) makes them more entitled than someone like dan if its ok with you, dan can have the ticket you got me
  11. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    i think horwich meant the 'official' london whites anyway, i believe they were told to call back thursday hopefully they get them or don't get pissed off as our away attendances could be even more embarrassing they they already are. i'm sure our new found away support will make up for them
  12. Garrp

    Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0

    Can we get this in writing by the club so us shit fans know please. It's much easier for me to do a couple of home games a season whilst seeing the family.
  13. Garrp

    Wigan Season Tickets

    our fans prefer to have a season ticket for the widnes wild ice hockey team.
  14. Garrp

    Plane Down- Again

    fucking hell one of the bodies found was wearing a life jacket.

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