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  1. Donaldson gone to Bradford... they’ll hate us even more now
  2. Oh and some bloody brilliant reviews from England today... the Buttler one in particular.
  3. Couple of drops that probably let them add 30 runs to the score too. Beeb reporting Morgan is just a spasm so fingers crossed its not too bad.... Roy tight hamstring, get him swinging at no.6 boundaries only.
  4. DLH

    Taken over?

    Aye, but most mum's didn't set up the catering/food business that gave your family its wealth.... unless you're a Pathak. https://www.tafc.com/about-us
  5. DLH

    Taken over?

    Parminder's mum's food being served on match days...
  6. DLH

    Taken over?

    Although if he’s managing a team of youths he brought through...
  7. DLH

    Taken over?

    I don't think he is... he's rich but not certain he's in the billionaire bracket...
  8. DLH

    Taken over?

    Yeah but we have no knowledge of them so wheres the fun in speculating it may be them...
  9. DLH

    Taken over?

    Taking about the EFL...
  10. DLH

    Taken over?

    I don't mind Iles but he's not exactly the most ITK of individuals, and his argument about it on twitter was simply screenshoting the rule book, and did KA challenge it? His challenge was to reduce the costs significantly and reduce the playing head count. With the minus 12 to cope with and with 14 players there is a stronger argument to not impose, assuming the new owners can evidence that spending isn't going to put us back to square 1.
  11. DLH

    Taken over?

    They showed common sense with Blackpool so you never know.
  12. DLH

    Taken over?

    Difficult one, depends on the criteria that they set out in what they asked potential suitors... My guess is that its possibly more one for the EFL to make sure they are happy with before giving the fit and proper green light, which would satisfy the Administrators...
  13. Possibly the wrong place for this, but massive shame about Chris Froome, I get why he polarises opinion and Sky/Ineos pushing the boundaries of whats acceptable in terms of TUE's, but hope the fella recovers from this to have a go at a 5th tour https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/48617835 Compound leg and elbow fractures by all accounts, and then into ICU
  14. DLH

    Taken over?

    That was in March? FWIW, I'd be happy with them, from what we know, that's not a lot... first choice manager has gone though.
  15. DLH

    Taken over?

    I'll be happy if its not Bassini given what we know at the moment... still not done yet, but the fact that £1m has been pumped in is certainly promising.
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