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  1. Was thinking this last night... released by Oldham I think.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Independent/status/1167723704043765760 😎
  3. UHT replaced steri... steri was worse...
  4. Wasn’t school milk always steri? Was rank and warm enough to be steri
  5. Imagine so, if he’s desperate.. one year deal would be a cracking signing... record at this level is great
  6. Won 5-1... shame it was north Leigh in Oxfordshire 😂😂 that said I really enjoyed it...
  7. DLH

    Next manager

    Not unhappy with this at all. Still would have like Nobby to be honest but Hills a decent choice... liking the speed that FV have done this though needed it to be quick
  8. DLH

    Next manager

    Add Kante to that too... don’t disagree btw but the cash lets you have a bit of freedom for the odd failure if they’d not worked out... see Walsh at Everton
  9. DLH

    Next manager

    They did also have quite a bit of Thai cash behind them too
  10. Going to my first ever non-league game today... incidentally going to be the boys first game, testing the water to see if he can be kept entertained by 90 mins of football before I get him to the wanderers... St Neots Town v North Leigh... up the Saints
  11. Yawn... was just adding my two penn’orth not aimed at anyone, so run along now
  12. The £525k was paid as consultancy fees, per the financial statements we all love... made him 15th best paid executive in football... outrageous for a league one club, more than 8 premier league CEO’s... let’s see what the next 2 years consultancy was... I imagine it would be significantly more than that the year of the Madine sale.
  13. Expect Emma to start knitting Bolton players to sell in the club shop... ITK fact.
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