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  1. From Iles. Speaking to those behind the scenes, there are big plans for recruitment in the summer. And Peter Kenyon may well have a say.
  2. How the fuck did O'Grady miss that?
  3. These cunts could easily be be down to 9 men, EFL refs definitely screwing us over,
  4. That cunt intentionally tried to injure the player there.
  5. Murphy has scored a few, but not good enough all round, mystery is why Paal is not in squad, and where will the goals come from?
  6. Here's what Iles had to say about Kenyon's role. He's here on a consultancy level at the moment and helping Football Ventures put together their longer-term plan for the club which - at first listen today - sounds pretty good.
  7. Got to agree re weather, both teams look poor, neither team settling into a rhythm, can't be easy with a 70 mile per hour wind swirling around.
  8. Matthews is wank, end of.
  9. I'm more concerned about our defenders getting mugged off, off a 12 year old girl.
  10. He couldn't remember Parkinson's name.
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