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  1. I haven't seen any negative comments on here or other platforms, I did see a lot of frustrated comments on Saturday, but that was mainly down to Barrow's tactics.
  2. He's an annoying fucker Henshaw, always seems to think he knows better than Evatt,
  3. No idea on how to break a stubborn side down, we're so predictable with the tippy tappy shit, and getting nowhere.
  4. Going to hard to break these down, need first goal and make them come out.
  5. Newport have an advantage, their pitch makes Mansfield's look like Wembley.
  6. To be fair I think we have the strongest squad in the top half, Take Vaughan out of Tranmere, Mullin out of Cambridge, and that would pretty much dry up their goals for, we have strength throughout, nothing to worry about IMO
  7. I dunno, it's a science only known by Traf
  8. Toblerones can be confusing, much easier with twix.
  9. This ref is a fucking freak
  10. See the nytols are kicking in
  11. Well second half has been a bit of an anti climax in games so far, until late on that is, hopefully being 1 up spurs us on.
  12. Think Howard is their keeper, so 3 former whites up against us.
  13. Tank tops are only appropriate if worn with slag wellies
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