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  1. Faal could turn out to be a good one too, we live in hope.
  2. Some going that with only 4 players
  3. Twitter and facebook ITKers think Doyle deal nearly done
  4. Playing total hoofball under Parkinson, and total fuck knows under Hill, what he said above, it's hard to judge any player on the shit we've had to endure over the last few years, we don't know how this mon will pan out, but listening to him I'm more excited than I have been in the last few years about the start of the season.
  5. Just short of news that Andersons restaurants have gone pop through covid, and it's if Carlsberg did weekdays.
  6. This is already sounding and looking like the most exciting period of the last 10 years, bring it on.
  7. The only reason I ask is, although it was thrown together quickly, it looked a bit amateurish.
  8. If we can get the Doyle deal done., it's a great start to recruitment.
  9. Looks like Crawford signing, news at 5pm
  10. Are we expecting a new kit or are we going with what we've got?
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