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  1. I would imagine the EFL will have a good angle on the takeover, they won't risk letting this go on much longer, they need league structures in place ie promoting Newport and Fylde to the upper leagues if we go pop, and they would need time to do so, so in fact I estimate that if a deal is not done by mid-week they may act and kick us out.
  2. Marc Iles @MarcIles *off* A cryptic tweet from Iles, don't know if it's the PNE game or the deal
  3. They probably have, but heard it umpteen times before.
  4. He can't trump anybody as FV are the admins preferred bidders, until that status has disappeared Fawaz cannot make a move for the club.
  5. Nixon (I know) seems pretty confident that if the FV deal goes tits up, Fawaz is standing by with his bid, don't know how long that would take to complete though.
  6. Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko · 9m Bolton. Football Ventures have a new financial ally. So they’re still trying. But the thing with the players is a shocker.
  7. So by giving them a all the time in the world we end up with no players at all, we won't start the season, kicked out of the football league, and all the history this club has ever created will be totally wiped out, simply because FV can't or wont meet the admins demands?
  8. It's about time the admins gave FV a definitive deadline of say this weekend to complete or they get on board with other interested parties, the way things stand, players are in the dark, the manager is in the dark, the fans are in the dark, if FV had any real interest they would have at least spoken to the players to ask for their patience, but apparently they haven't so to me that tells us they aren't interested in the Football club.
  9. By the middle of next week would be my guess, just enough time to sort season tickets and players in.
  10. DomRepWanderer


    Bury to start on -12 points according to Iles.
  11. Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko · 20m A lot will happen next week. Starting tomorrow. Quote Tweet Matt @Matt03958879 · 20m Replying to @reluctantnicko In your honest opinion do you think next week Is the week ?
  12. Has there ever been a closer match in any sport in any final than that
  13. Does anybody have a link to Bassini's interview this morning?
  14. Chris and Tom Eaves signed for Hull.
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