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  1. Just read the BN comments section, by the fuck there's some weapons on there.
  2. Bound to commit loads of fowls.
  3. No strikers in that lineup
  4. Best wishes Sluffy, shocked to hear that, but I'm sure your strength will see you through.
  5. Ticket office saying over 7500 sold so far, fucking fantastic effort.
  6. I think the Easter thing went whooshing right over your head.
  7. I have suffered broken ribs and believe me 8 weeks is nowhere near long enough.
  8. Anybody know who the bloon was that ran on the pitch before kick off?
  9. No reason not to just open the bottom tiers as last night proved the atmosphere generated has not been seen in many a year, again no reason as was proved last night not to be able to open the top tiers as and when demand suggests it's needed.
  10. Nobodies mentioned yet, but that ref was fucking awful, everything given to them, nothing going our way, hope all refs at this level aren't as shit as he was.
  11. Aye fuck knows what he was thinking with that last pen, but fuck it what a night.
  12. If Donaldson is up front for them it'll be the easiest game our yoof defenders have had to date
  13. Belting read that, sounds just the right man for this re-build.
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