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  1. I'd assume these 6 will leave the Prem, and play their own league, if 6 teams from England, Italy, Spain, France get together, it will ruin domestic football
  2. Only one team wanted it today, but we move on to Tuesday, surely got to be better, still in our hands, chins up chaps
  3. We do have our opinions.......... YOU'RE A CUNT
  4. Does that mean you're fucking off? if so adios........cunt
  5. Wonder if G Neville posted this? Outshot them. Out-attacked them. Out possessed them. Denied a nailed-on penalty by a ref who seemed to react every time Evatts jumped off his bench and screamed. Then we lose to a goal from what seemed to be a cross. Still, we did learn that Doyle isn’t the striker we thought he was. He has only 3 goals more than Henderson. Apart from a couple of early chances, we got the measure of him and kept him well quiet. To be fair, GB has turned us around, but he can’t change the players. Lack of a decent striker has likely cost us promotion this seaso
  6. Iles saying few Wanderers fans outside singing
  7. Fuck that, clashes with Corrie,
  8. This ratshit character sounds very diddledeeish, maybe ask him about his family members
  9. Parkinson was a decent/ish league 1 manager, would you want someone like him? I fucking wouldn't you weapon
  10. Phone wars. 2 tables apart calling each other cunts
  11. To be fair these are one of the best team we've seen up to now
  12. Not sure whether Maddison is too intelligent for our players or he's shit. I'm going with the latter
  13. These cunts have raised their game ten notches
  14. You posted during the 2 minute silence you cunt😀
  15. Mention it quietly, Hughm0ngus may be lurking
  16. Play nicely ratshitman might have differing opinions, but he's entitled to air them, the bit where he doesn't like tits and fannies make me wonder about him though
  17. Probably still hiding his socks from mummy after that one
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