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Youri McAnespie

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  1. Youri McAnespie

    In Or Out Again

    His dad was a bus driver ffs... How do you get to be in citizen Khan's position from such a lowly background? Easy; PC madness, Iman telling people how to vote, loony leftism, postal votes, nepotism, namby pamby liberal elitism and positive discrimination, bedwetting crawlers and a biased MSN.
  2. Youri McAnespie

    Our next manager

    Only if Andy Todd is number 2.
  3. Youri McAnespie

    Chelsea Race Row

    I stood in my kitchen shouting both alternately for a good ten minutes - then the doorbell rang and I opened it to a smack in the kisser... I'd forgot my next-door neighbour was A Guy Called Gerald. I'm here all week etc.
  4. Youri McAnespie

    A place in the sun

    Albania for this comrade. €37k and a balcony with a view of Corfu.* https://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property/property-73404680.html * and possibly finding out you don't actually own the property six months down the line from completion - eviction with menaces to soon follow
  5. Youri McAnespie

    Chelsea Race Row

    Meanwhile, it's 'business as usual' at Chelsea FC training this morning... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/08/chelsea-racism-allegations-white-players-gwyn-williams-graham-rix
  6. Youri McAnespie

    Tommy Robinson

    Typical left-wing champagne socialist tosspots, taking the piss out of good, tradesman journalists and counterfactually in another era honest Tommies like 'Tommy'... He's thick right road as my mam and dad used to say. Fucking charlatan.
  7. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    Glad to clear things up Gino was also misspelled, should've been Geno, hth.
  8. Youri McAnespie

    Tommy Robinson

    It's a really sad indictment of the state of things that such a f*cking mediocre sack of shite has hornswoggled so much loot out of a gullible mass and a sinister few... Say what you like about Hitler, but he could paint as well, wasn't very good at it, but at least he did have that additional string to his bow.
  9. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    It was alreet Just for clarity, the 'gv' in the above was meant to read 'fv' and the uhuhu thing was an intonation of Elvis...
  10. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    Bolty, I don't think you're a bigot - deep down you're fucking pissed off, but a racist- no. Stop fucking doing yersen down. GINO x
  11. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    This hole negro whastigone uh huhuh tommeh tells like is - ska lads, hard gv black lads fuck of
  12. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    Talking of spy films, I think one of the best spy films of recent times wasn't ostensibly a spy film at all - 'The Departed'. Jack Nicholson was brilliant in it, such a pity he's retired...
  13. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    They shouldn't tinker with Bond too much...The Americans would love s franchise like it, as shown with Bourne, Reacher, Mission Impossible etc. - all inferior to 007, I think Arnie in 'True Lies' made a good fist of it (spy film) though.
  14. Youri McAnespie

    Tv Shows

    He's too owd now, but I think Anthony Hopkins would've made a good Bond at one time...

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