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  1. Dunno why but I'd insinuate I was a chef at a swanky restaurant when I was younger - I'd also claim I played for Marine for some bizarre reason. They were sort of quarter-truths. Chip-Inn before my time, related to Sandwich-Inn?
  2. I saw sommat were some comedians, well alleged comedians were sat around talking about their struggles with depression... That curly mop was bemoaning how ashamed he was he'd kissed that Katya bird. Too right he should be depressed and ashamed - chance of a lifetime, open goal to fuck her and the most he could muster was a smooch in the street. Pathetic. I had to watch it with an ex (b to d cup depending on ahem, cycles) as she was a professional dancer and liked ripping the celebs (and the pros) apart when they put a foot wrong. Haven't watched it or owt like it since
  3. You seem awfully familiar with all the mumsy lingo. I have to look the shit up because I don't use social media - as I'm not female nor homosexual. I don't spend my weekends mauling around with other blokes either. Anyhow - I can feel braincells dying as I type, so all further correspondence is closed.
  4. I've told you before, my granddad - who I never met, had Hobson's Choice when it came to conscription to The Wehrmacht - so lay off with the 'hun' jibes... He was promoted to a combat SS unit - not one of the dishonourable murdering units. And I stated - we'd all be too shit scared to enter if it was the domain of all the big nobs...
  5. I was merely pointing out you could have your own little clubhouse where you could slate your; John Barnes, The Ferdinand Brothers, Jermaine Jenas, Trevor Phillips, Amir Khan, Sadiq Khan, Owen Jones, Dianne Abbot, The Lawrence Family, Joe Biden, Russell Brand etc. etc. All the true monsters of the last twenty years could be pilloried in a 'one-stop shop' - and it'd be free from interjections by twinkle-toed communist theoretically shit World War soldier snowflake cuck soft 'puffs' - none would dare enter. It's growing on you - the idea... Admit it.
  6. Geoff Capes? Bamber Gascoigne? Lloyd 'Ragamuffin Man' Honeyghan? Andy Crane?
  7. That would have more gravitas if it wasn't performed by a southern shandy cockney barra-boy flower seller who moonlights as a Kings Cross rent-boy by night. And 'muppet' - really? What's wrong with 'cunt' or 'wanker'?
  8. He doesn't work for the BBC - he's freelance, you can't 'sack' a freelance. The BBC stated he won't be considered for commentaries until January - harsh, a whole month. He didn't just use 'handbags' - there were two other antiquated phrasings more suited to a tap room in the same match. He's been warned in the past to temper his commentary - he seemingly prefers to play to the gallery. Now give me a reason why the inoffensive Jenas causes such dislike in some? I'd venture the same reasoning that causes folk to arselick Trump, to felch 'Tommeh', to loathe Sadiq Khan...
  9. It's not about Americans doing American shit - let 'em crack on. Even when there's an atrocity I don't feel it's our place to chime in on gun control. It's about the erosion of British (and other nation's) cultures and traditions. Who took their kids trick or treating? Bought costumes, treats, pumpkins and other decorations etc.? Nowt wrong with that but... Who built a bonfire, made a Guy, bought fireworks and sparklers etc. - made or bought; Parkin, black peas, the wrongly maligned lobby, brandy snaps, baked spuds - and my own personal tradition, pork chops? Bonf
  10. How can I possibly counter that? You've attacked the Achilles' Heel of my argument with merciless precision. I bow to your quick wit and superior intellect. I retract what I wrote - scenarios wherein there are strings of unchallenged bollocks posts, authored by the same handful, well, it never happens - ever.
  11. I dunno why you lot, the Trump lovin', Tommeh backin', knickers in a twist over bullshit stories of dubious veracity cable don't just make a dedicated thread - you could call it 'The Echo Chamber'...If you're honest you all probably love it when you get a thread to yourselves for a bit and can stroke and embolden each other. You're hoisting yourselves by your own petards when a well-meaning soul like NiC or DazBob will blunder in to burst your collective bubble. This wouldn't happen in your own dedicated thread.
  12. What's it got to do with Jermaine Jenas..? I just thought you might find a more appreciative section of the WW crowd in regard to a story like this on say the 'Tommeh' or 'BLM' or 'Pesky Snowflakes won't let us use F*ggot in the workplace anymore' threads.* I always thought if anything 'handbags' was more mysogynistic than homophobic... In fact it's arguable that it's homophobic to presume gay people would be offended by 'handbags' - it infers that carrying and bashing each other in anger with handbags is commonplace in gay circles. Still don't get the relevance to Jermaine Jena
  13. Put a score in a card. Job's a good 'un. If you cave you must pretend you didn't buy owt for a while - toy with her and get a taste of the world of pain you'd have been in had you not deciphered her female contra-speak and fell into that carefully dug and disguised punji-pit
  14. To have an Odd Couple you need a Felix and an Oscar - two Oscars just doesn't work. ...It's moot point now, after Fat tat peddler Ashley's takeover and bankruptcy, but years ago I think it was L/H White alerted everyone that House of Fraser did a pre-Christmas sales - piece of piss, order stuff online, pay online, mooch into Manc on the 23rd, pick up - few pints on Shambles or in The Old Monkey and train home. I nearly fell for this trick once - she must've took me for a dickhead. Did the above, massive 'Daisy' gift set with big bottle of stink and some sexy apparel. Old Monkey and some b
  15. In fact at least junkies get out and about and a bit of fresh air raising their 'fix' money then mooching about and hanging around whilst 'scoring'. They'll probably acquire DVTs but for completely different reasons than sitting on their arse for hours on end binge-watching people raiding the fancy dress hamper, pulling faces and talking aka 'acting'.
  16. I stink of Lavender like Le Saux as BBC Four is almost constantly on in chez Youri. I never watch ultra-hetero soap operas like Sons of Anarchy etc. So, no, unlike the loony left/right (delete as applicable) I wouldn't want to see them defunded. Who'd make University Challenge then? Best thing on telly - I have Netflix but fuck knows why, boxsets are as big a waste of time as being a junkie.
  17. Doesn't this belong in one of the multitude 'hell in a handcart/Tommeh' type threads? I'm failing to see any relevance to Jermaine Jenas...
  18. Probably biting bait here but... Jenas whiffs of lavender? Lavender smelling like Alan Carr or Louis Spence or lavender like 'can string three words together and reads The Independent' Graeme Le Saux? If it's the former then his three kids by two women should be informed - their mothers too. The various charities he supports (according to Wikipedia) should drop the deviant like a hot rock too. As for his ubiquitous presence on telly - he probably shares an agent with those black actors who 'star' in the worst thing seen on TV since live pictures of people leaping from the Twin T
  19. Strange that - an anarcho-syndicalist (me neither) loon who's an acquaintance of mine harbors the same sentiment. I'm genuinely worried you've been groomed, BD - of late you seem increasingly veering toward the crazy right grouping.
  20. Alma has just been sold and earmarked for demolition apparently - for this Wayne Walker site White elephant to have more room. Bear's Paw still there - was called Brass Cat last time I was a town regular, which dates me. Millstone still there though you can't cut through from Crown Street to Bank Street anymore, nor access from Bank Street. They have AA and NA meetings in a Church Hall next door 😃
  21. @Boby Brno My mam and dad knew them well - my late old man was a painter and decorater and would do their house. They were a really nice couple - they always good to the neighbourhood kids. We in turn were always respectful addressing them as 'Mister' * and Mrs. * Your uncle wore sunglasses type prescription glasses, full head of wavy black hair. And they had a large (to us) black curly schnauzer poodle type dog (dogs perhaps? or the same dog lived a good innings) - name of Roly? The Collins family bought their house, you're right, I think new regulations came in that nu
  22. @Boby Brno Grew up over the road - any neighbours' had any reason for a party and the function rooms and a disco booming out long after last orders was the default, with everyone invited...Can remember being at these do's from a very young age with other kids - way past our bedtime. Good times. Last time me and a load of other lads went up was after Brazil knocked out England 2002 - we'd watched it at a mate's and popped in to whet our whistles before marching on town. There was a wake on upstairs and one of the mourners invited us all up for a drink and to help out with the buffet, they
  23. 😃 The Brooklyn - it was largely shite for the best part of twenty years but I've a hunch Lord's College are just there to put daylight between pub and either A. Madrassa or, much much worse, B. Some jiggery pokery to kill off the trees and then a Water's Edge style newbuild estate - the site is huge, a developer would make a packet if it wasn't for pesky protection orders. Another vote for Sankey's Soap. Everyone up for it, Electric Chair too - though that was a night not a club but been to gigs and plain old nights (in both Jilly's/Rockworld) at their main venue... I'd say Spar
  24. I hope nobody is doing a Diego and Tineye-ing or 'Search Google for this Image'-ing to get an exposed version. That would not be cricket. 😃
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