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  1. You probably go upstairs for a piss when there's a perfectly good stainless steel 'urinal' in every kitchen. Stuck up snob with nose in the air.
  2. I always fancy getting off for a pint or eleven at the Olde Fighting Cocks (hello sailor) pub in Arnside when passing on the chuff-chuff... More than one person has said the landlord is one of the cocks though.
  3. I know one school that devoted the whole afternoon today to teaching the kids the story of Rod Hull and Emu. From attacking Michael Aspel through to his Pink Windmill habit, Grotrags and Hagrid and his untimely death falling off a roof whilst watching the München.
  4. Dyson's? Stops far eastern kids attending school. Causes domestic violence (£600 hairdryers). Moves dust, fluff and grit around the carpet (vacuums). Causes energy companies to cut off your supply for non-payment and fit one of those key things scrubbers get topped up in shops - delaying beer purchases of non-tramps. (The fan/heater).
  5. And anyone who thinks Defeffal Sulaiman Alexandre etc. is a 'top shagger' - the new Specsavers in town is doing free eyetests. Absolutely piss poor. A Balmoral deadleg could probably muster up better given a splash of Hai Karate and a comb through their brylcreamed locks.
  6. I suspect Dyson was involved solely to assuage m0ngalong panic. As for Cummings, it's hardly a shock that a reptilian fucker like him turns. If you dance with a crocodile an' all that. I suspect he likes revenge served cold and has plenty more dirt to drop when he fancies.
  7. Iirc correctly there were only three types of Party 7 - bitter, lager and a 'German' lager... They didn't make non-pub piss-ups an easy affair back then. No wonder so many drank Advocaat and Midori and other crap.
  8. Stand in one of those giant plastic lunchbox things povos buy to hoard stuff in. Then tip the water and turds into the pan at the end, or the cistern if on a water meter.
  9. As an aside, there's quite a good book about early English involvement in North America. 'Big Chief Elizabeth' iirc. I don't normally read 'for entertainment' history books but this one was quite good.
  10. Party 7s? I vaguely remember them at family erm...parties. I think the little cO2 canisters for the tap cost more than the ale as more often than not the tap would be discarded and my old man would bring out his trusty flathead screwdriver and ball-peen hammer. Perhaps the Pompey lot bricked you upon arrival out of jealousy?
  11. And another thing... The hullaballoons making a big fuss. Why do they (a good many of 'em at least) spend the other 364 days of the year opining this country is shit and going to the dogs?
  12. The racist fat controller is wrong. St Patrick's Day was widely derided on here... If someone points out the other days we'll do the same. The other home nations and Ireland cause a big fuss because they're crap countries all their offspring bugger off from. They should be proud of the union they belong to. We've never bothered with making a big hullabaloo because we know we're great already, and making a hullabaloo is totally un-English. I paid loads for a true English made cross of St George during Japan/Korea 2002 and it's been proudly flown once every other ye
  13. Not forgetting sommat that blows water off hands to a nice handy puddle on the floor. Or a fan that doubles as a heater if burning twenty pound notes to keep warm seems a tad miserly...
  14. Full article... The origin of the 'let's all have a disco' chant? https://beyondthelastman.com/2019/11/10/the-super-league-liner-footballs-forgotten-disco-train/
  15. Disco carriage? Are you sure you'd not just taken too many black mambas, yellow salamanders or blue nuns..?
  16. To be fair to Bolty he took pease pudding to the feast... He also can be forgiven for the beach towel as I expect it's murder trying to source an England flag in Oz... It's not like he returns to the motherland that often, it's a long way on a Norton Commando after all. I'm sure he'll be raising a few tinnies of Fosters, Australia's bestselling brew, today though. Listening to Meatloaf or Eddie Cochran or sommat - anything English and rock-y, no 'afro-american' crap.
  17. One is massive with lovely views of the right side of Winter Hill... The other has none - I could get some tinkers with tarmac to uproot foliage and block pave but I prefer more gardenage.
  18. My Crusader costume made in China was just delivered by a German courier, I'm flying off to Gibraltar later on a Greek owned airline to get pissed on Belgian lager (now owned by the yanks) in an Irish pub... Some snowflakes won't like that but fuck them. They had their St. George Day on Tuesday...😡🤔 In fact I might make my trip to Ringway via The Northern Quarter, I've got some blue spray paint that's due to go off today. 😉😂😂😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳👁🎅🧠💤
  19. Out of the 32 Wednesday/Saturday main draws this year only 11 didn't have at least one number drawn from 50-59. JSL - for anyone who's still doing the same numbers (from the incept/before 50-59 were added). I found a guitar tab book a few years back with the numbers me and the first girl I was shacked up with used to put on (massive, but then the rest of her caught up...) written on the inside cover. I put them into one of those 'what you would've won' historical checkers... The results were sommat like. 32 x 3 Number £10 prizes and so on up to the lifetime prizes tota
  20. I can buy 1.15 cans of that and sit at home for the same price...
  21. So, it only took almost a week... The price of a pint in a bleachworks car park is £6.90. Thanks. RBC GTF.
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