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  1. Time to go oh oh oh oh - fuck off!

  2. I know doctors, dentists and architects...

  3. Up The Revolution! Power To The People! Smash The State! Freedom For Great Lever!

  4. Communism for the USA - TODAY!

  5. Red-pilled and proud. Doge Weinerama 😂

  6. In the winter it's cool, in the summer it's hot, but all the year 'round The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP is a lovely.

  7. Buy a bloody beehive then!

  8. I command that all Zwiec should be 15.5555% in accordance with the law of Slade.

  9. Labour Party Rave On

  10. Shirt? Yes...Boots? Yes...Trousers? Get to Fuck...

  11. And I'm a m-m-murderer...

  12. He's made me forget...

  13. Power To The People! Freedom For Kensington!

  14. Dignified silence...

  15. Jacob's Creek Chardonnay!

  16. You look beautiful, darling. I wouldn't change a thing

  17. Vegetable Rights and Peace

  18. You must be out of your tiny minds...

  19. You've got your voodoo but you've got no clue you know me say pongo poo poo pom me

  20. Ee arr ee arr arrh kid

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