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  1. Speaking of grassing c*nts. This loose-lipped fucker doesn't live in Horwich but is a copper's nark. I won't get Happy in trouble by 'outing' him on here. But I know a lot of you will know of him, now you know not to trust him...(follow the link). 😡 A WRONG 'UN UNMASKED...
  2. On current displays I suggest: 'Bolton Manchester Tarts FC'. In non-wumland I know folk living a stone's throw from Manchester proper who are proud Salfordians... Bolton will never be part of Manchester. But I've always been glad of it and it's proximity. There's a direct train at 22:24, I could get dressed now, take a leisurely walk to the station and be in Manchester City Centre for ten to eleven... If traffic's bad it can take longer to get to, say, Harwood or Belmont Road...
  3. I bet all the lobby/tater 'ash naysayers are reet sophisticated... I'll bet it's all the cultured foodstuffs in their households; notchy, Dolmio, Chicken Tonight, garlic, Philadelhia, breadsticks, chicken goojohns, coleslaw, extra virgin olive oil... The type of stuff northern scum cannot fathom nor countenance. How can anyone actively dislike sommat that's merely meat of some kind, spuds and onions? It's pretty bland, hence it's baffling why it's disliked so. I can only imagine it's because naysayers want to disconnect from their prole roots. They would probably
  4. According to the Newsweek article it seems the edict touches upon, amongst other things discriminating against transgender folk. I read it (the Newsweek report) as the ruling, typically, not preventing some high school kid on hormones and blockers from taking part in the school sportsday Egg & Spoon race. Twitter has it as Iron Mike Tyson donning a tutu and high-heels to deliver a record Pay-Per-View mauling of Layla Ali...
  5. Who cares about reading an article with detail and nuance in a long-established publication when there's condensed 32 word conjecture on twatter? That said, there's already been rumblings and antagonism with the sport of rumbling and antagonism... This came from news source Reuters... In Stockholm, Europe earlier today, the man (woman?) widely regarded as the best 'pound for pound' puglist in the world, Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez pitched up at a ceremony to unveil a statue in honour WBC Women's Super-Middleweight Champion Elin Cederoos. The boxer (pictured above, in his fo
  6. Cheers 👍. Probably means February 2022. They've probably not even brewed it yet (for next month).
  7. "...Now, the spirits are coming through very very strongly tonight. What's that, Sam? Now there's a sweet spirit very close...Does D? Does D-d- Derr...? Der-ek mean anything to anyone? Oh fuck... It's like the fucken' Sixth Sense this. Bollocks..."
  8. He later popped all their jimmy-jams in a tumble-dryer for ten minutes so they were nice and toasty, made them all hot cocoa with marshmallows, tucked them all in then beamed 'Over The Moon' onto the 130" telly he'd brought down... Why are The National Guard in such numbers in Washington again? Oh aye, because some reptilian scumfuck promoted the theory of a rigged election and urged 'action'. A call that was heeded and ended in five dead. I'm sure most fulltime military would consider bedding down in a (heated) garage as luxury. Never forgiven them (The National Guard
  9. You're right, it might break the record... Especially as certain posters are 'internet fwends' with British ahem...'people' who've been super busy since Wednesday filling their twatfeeds with shite like this... These m0ngs probably "Dunt giv a shit about yank politicks..." either. I hope the leftist cable doesn't rise to the bait - I wouldn't want to see certain posters making The Sunday Times Rich-List 2021 by virtue of winning vast amounts of snowflake-baiting wagers with other fascists. Let it become a Lemon Party and do what we always do, laugh at the
  10. Oh, I get it. You and Grey mean Biden molested those children, then paid hush money? These kids are now adults and enjoying, as best as they can, the cash settlements made, paid as compensation for wrecked innocence as a result of his sexual abuse enacted against them (Joe Biden's)? Well stop beating around the bush, just say it (well, write it).
  11. I didn't 'research' owt, I read about it about four months ago. Retained knowledge. Similarly when I was a kid and he was on the telly I noticed Savile was spelled using one 'L'. Innit marvelous? Should just rename the thread 'Smear Joe Biden' and leave the 'QAnon - BWFC Supporters' Chapter' to it. It's like debating a cat.
  12. Two are dead. One aged six in a car wreck. Another (a veteran) at 46 - brain cancer. Hilarious.
  13. He's dangerous because there's a section of society worldwide that believes fucking ludicrous codswallop. I think he's a c*nt, countless others look up to him as a; businessman, TV show personality, a low-rent and lowest common denominator raconteur and as a President. I don't believe for one second he genuinely believes this bollocks himself, but has harnessed it to advance himself and his kin/interests... That's why he's dangerous. Anyone who's in any position of power should be putting down this bullshit, not promoting it nor pandering to its purveyors..
  14. Q. Who's the world's stupidest bottom-burp? A. Donald, Florida.
  15. No, it's where I post some link to some lunatic's twitter to prove that this is totally unlike a playschool squabble. FACT. What is fact is I've appealed on many occasions for the middle-roaders to just leave the; Brexit, BLM, Trump, Tommeh etc. threads to the alt-right vanguard - let them have their 'yes mate, quite right mate' circle-jerk, but these threads are like catnip to some - they just can't help being drawn in to comment/add rebuttals... Personally I'll crow for a day or two in light of Trump being shown the door then it's 'keep off the shat (threads)' for me...hopeful
  16. I remember the very first time battle-lines were drawn in my infant school playground. It was over the 1983 FA Cup final. Highchair München 'supporters' vs. ABU (Brighton & Hove Albion FC). It got pwopa nawty. They were chased back all the way to the outdoor toys shed. Result.
  17. He's stuck him on the dashboard of the Presidential limo... Nowt wrong with that. Isn't that right, Churchill?
  18. You could be a Republican to the right of Strom Thurmond, if you had half a brain by rights you'd have been cringing every time he opened his uneducated gob. He's pretty much a box tick for someone whom traditional Republicans wouldn't want for a leader... Draft-dodger rather than veteran. Inherited wealth rather than self-made. Serial bankrupt rather than financially prudent. Conspiracy-spouting barmpot rather than one who's pragmatic and common sense led. Serial philanderer, whoremaster who keeps porn queens as a consort rather than monogamous family man. A
  19. He's certainly got his work cut out trying to follow this erudite orator...
  20. I'd hazard a guess it wasn't just democrat households where the drink was flowing last night... Hopefully decent Republicans can start to rebuild now.
  21. Versus a self-confessed purveyor of sexual assault serial bankrupt with all the dignity of a dead whelk.
  22. HRH Prince Philip retired from public life at 96. There's plenty life in the old bloke (Big Joe) yet... And insinuating noncery at a 78 year old bloke, a man who buried his wife and daughter at 32 and 6 years old respectively and has more on two lines of his CV than Trump has during his entire sorry existence is very poor form imo.
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