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  1. The madame, the whoremaster, the trafficked? https://www.thesteepletimes.com/the-fog/melania-trump-trafficked/ And already the murky world of Trump becomes clearer - follow the link to discover his chilling 'would-be snitches end up dead in ditches' messages to pimp-madame and paedo-aide Ghislaine Maxwell. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1319147/donald-trump-news-ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-investigation-us-president-spt
  2. And wearing mittens too, for the snow... Alice Goodwin I believe, Pennant's missus and Babestation stalwart. Before the biggest re-build since they whacked up Freedom Tower... Before ^. AND After v.
  3. Do you feel the same about our Queen or HRH Prince Phil? Read this from a commentator in the Hollywood press, it's fabulous, darling...😚 https://www.showbiz411.com/2021/01/20/its-almost-over-donald-trumps-reign-of-terror-four-years-of-cruelty-and-criminality-come-to-an-end Your 'necessary reset' has been reset - back to his golf, creepy incestuous musings and being outdignified by porn stars. Here's a short gallery of heroes of Democracy whom I hope are enjoying a well earned drink or two, take a bow folks... Needless to say they had the l
  4. Re: Bine-ell Ritchies... Tobacco stimulates cortisol release. You're effectively poisoning yourself. Physiologically they increase stress.
  5. It fleshes out a character's backstory... In fiction. In reality? They make your breath abhorrent to your victims?
  6. @Rudy In real life - in fiction they're alreet; Hannibal Smith, Lt. Columbo, 'Dutch' Schaefer... 'C'mon I'm heer, kihl mee, do eet now!' People who think cigars are a sign of power, influence and affluence are the same type who think 'Mastermind' is a good yardstick for measuring intelligence and that Stephen Fry is the clevererest man in Britain... Probably outsource their 'tongue in cheek' threats of straighteners too.
  7. Is one tech-caused global pandemic not enough?
  8. I fackin' 'ave the fackin' minerals... I've responded to Lara Gary veiled threats with assertions that the Rory O' Moore of my drum is always open if they cared to jump in their jamjar and hit the kermit for a bit of a tickle or singsong. Fackin' mappitts.
  9. When he contracted Covid iirc the general consensus was 'he's an übercunt but I wouldn't wish him dead'... It tends to be the preserve of the alt-right educationally subnormal - wishing (or, even better, issuing empty threats of...) harm against opponents in both public and personal spheres.
  10. Melon man? Like Mr. Majestyk? Perhaps young girls remind him of his firstborn daughter, killed in a car crash aged 6, same crash in which his wife died (and both sons injured). Can one imagine a piece of shit like Trump coming through that? Actually, scrap that, I can see it, he's that egocentric.
  11. Why didn't you get on the blower to Team Trump, they'd have surely been able to use such info. If only they could've got it out there Biden's a nonce, even a rigged election wouldn't have seen him win.
  12. Cheers, I dunno why I took the bet, should've been odds on.
  13. After four years of crowing triumphalism and felching of 'The Don'... I'm getting, spirits very strong... I'm getting lots of... From the very same usual suspects.. "...I COULDN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT AMERICAN POLITICS..!" Suck it up buttercups. (I know you all thought Trump was a prick all along - course you did 🤥...)
  14. I'm getting a strong whiff of sponge fingers (urgh), strawberry jelly, custard and whipped cream an' 100's & 1000's...
  15. This footage is of Nancy Pelosi's sister engaging in extreme animal cruelty at the behest of her evil sibling. Why? The moggy in question is the only companion of a deaf, dumb and blind veteran who happens to support Trump... His crime? Reaching out on twitter for help raising $40 to repair the one other love in his life - his pinball machine. He made the fatal mistake of launching his appeal on a Patriots' Forum. What a petty and vindictive woman.
  16. I found this. Apparently Kamala Harris has been funding sommat called the 'Twenty Steps to Heaven' programme. These kits are being dropped by helicopter into areas in Mexico that are ruled by drug cartels. All in a shameful shadowy leftist attempt to undermine the Don's sterling work to secure America's southern border.
  17. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be considering. But I ain't giving that toxic harpie a single click. Alternative source of same footage please.
  18. For the unitiated Marjorie Taylor Greene is yet another fucking lunatic... Katie Hopkins on 'phet and with (some) power... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjorie_Taylor_Greene
  19. Pressley? All I remember him saying was... "Thaankyou verry mutch."
  20. One of the Greggs heirs is a convicted paedophile. Every pastie, every butty, every loaf bought from there ensures his paid-for protection from a stairwell nonce-bashing.
  21. Did you not see that video on here an all? Crap design. Couple of coathangers, a dozen sticks and some washing line and anyone wanting to go raping or drug peddling is over the c*nt in a trice. With a 'Wheee!' fun fireman's pole descent on the yankee side. They'd never have kept folk in east GERMANY if the Berlin Wall had been so shoddy.
  22. I notice no denial of a predilection for big, bushy, black, Brian Blessed's Beard biffs though... No, your silence speaks volumes.
  23. I tell you what's amusing - alt-right twats using comical slights like 'love x', 'hun', 'sweet dreams' etc. to attempt to effeminise naysayers and equate them with Mumsnet-ers 😀. Anyone who's ever dipped a toe into the the alt-right twatterverse can confirm it's choc-a-bloc with; gossipy, bitchy, whiny, snowflaky, paranoid, schmaltzy, mawkish, homo-erotic bullshit that would make the average mumsnet mum vomit into her fake Louis Vuitton handbag, add to that half of the contributors can barely write a coherent sentence. No wonder they believe the bollocks within. I came across one m0n
  24. That's what you think until you notice ¥ 225,571.55 of charges on your next bill, charged by 'XxxHairyJapaneseSchoolies.com'... It's only that General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping has been rinsing your credit card to get his rocks off over (legal) hirsuite pretend jailbait porn.
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