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  1. And Deng Xiao Ping now knows your credit card number, expiry date and CVV, and details of your last 580 searches on Xvideos...
  2. Do their 'roids not trickle down to their weedy legs..? Anyone wearing cat's deed skinnies with no socks and trainers/loafers needs a good long talk with themselves - they're obviously ignorant to the 'how will this clobber be judged ten years from now?' rule.
  3. He would be. You wouldn't find him cowering in a safe room getting infected by asymptomatic 'Covid Hoax Truther' Republicans who won't wear masks. The likes of that likely sex offender QAnon leader in the fur and horns would've shit his moccasins faced down with President Kamala... Unfortunately not to be - he pegged it last year...🙁
  4. Regarding the seemingly sensible Trump supporter (broken clocks) - the sad fact is the cop he's addressing is likely a pizza-beast satanic coven believing QAnon member who'd stayed up all the night before crayoning floor plans of The Capitol to distribute among the revolutionaries. Bolty, don't believe Rudy's lies, as a longtime lurker I can confirm he's ubiquitous on SM, including an Insta account on which he's pretty much exclusively followed by vacuous, pneumatic bikini clad bimbos (I bet his missus doesn't know) - he strings his virtual harem along with showy displays of wealth and co
  5. According to sources 'President' Trump had penned a tribute to Spector which described the convicted killer as 'a bit naughty' and 'highly talented'. Twitter has done him a favour gagging him as, this time, a White House aide managed to intercept the statement before it could be made public.
  6. I've heard of washing machine braziers. I don't think a tumbler one would cut the mustard, sure they're coated with some fucked up surface agents. Me and a mate made a washing drum brazier for what we grandly call 'our land' - zinc bucket of concrete and some threaded bar, screwed it straight on. It's shite for keeping warm - no heat diffuses from the sides. However get some seasoned cherry blossom logs in, let 'em burn down and get some marinated chicken and/or lamb chunks on steel skewers over the top - freshly picked salad, onions, toms, coriander, chillies, cucumber -
  7. Shouldn't have been so hasty @athywhite1958 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40091191 Could've had a... situation...
  8. So, it seems these reporters certainly should be prosecuted. I wonder if someone went back through this forum if the same opinion was given regarding Tommeh and his law-bending 'reportage'?
  9. Following on from bizarre price setting... Pallet of the above near the entrance (12×330ml for £12). A pallet next to them with boxes of same beer 18x330ml - a snip at £23... I thought Sainsbury's was supposed to attract the more educated punter?
  10. For some bizarre reason my ISP put a wank-filter on my connection over the festive period... It took about 48hrs for it to be removed. I discovered, during those dark hours and with an idea sparked unsurprisingly from here*, that if one went on a random twitter page, then used the 'search' facility for various porn stars, they'd often have viewable XXX material that the adult content filter didn't erm...filter. I still think Twitter is used solely by wankers though, in fact probably even more so... * The infamous 'Geoffrey' footage - and, no, I fucking didn't 😉, but
  11. There is a precedent for this, back in the 1940's 'Dastardly' Dickie Dimbleby ended up in the dock at Nuremberg - alongside Göring, Hess et al. for his role in reporting from Belsen. He was sentenced to the gallows, this was later commuted to twelve months curfew monitored by an electronic device, 120 hours community service and to pay £6 17s 8½d compensation to The State of Israel. So RW isn't completely suffering from keyboard diarrhoea and eagerness to absolve the great patriots and bestest prez ever of one iota of blame...
  12. So you're accusing me of being a liar, then? Pretty much par for the course, I can categorically state I'd never heard of the woman until that video was posted on here. That in itself is strange as, since the leftists' fifth column takeover of this forum, you'd think it'd be awash with links and retweets of Marxist claptrap - yet there is none. I know those names 'on the right' (the right of Joseph Goebbels I presume?) solely because you've linked to them on here at some point, I sometimes go down those rabbit holes, mainly out of morbid curiosity but also because asking 'what's their ang
  13. And just to clarify, the 'arsehole' is the source i.e. Paul Joseph Watson, Vance, Kyle etc. The 'shit' is what they cherrypick and put out there to further their agenda. As Mandy Rice-Davis once said "Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?"
  14. You might not think so, but I do read other viewpoints, but sometimes your sources or who you link to are often of the loony-right. It undermines your argument. Only on here are middle-roaders portrayed as rabid communists but I'll play along. If I was posting links to stuff published by, I dunno; BLM, Momentum, SWP, Unite, The Morning Star, Extinction Rebellion et al how would you consider my argument? Rightly invalid, probably.
  15. I find making my morning latte(s) (hello sailor) manually quite therapeutic, my Mokka pot takes about the exact time it takes me to open all the curtains... Lattes and cappuccinos in the A.M. only btw - that's law in Italy.
  16. I've noticed a lot of spray shit - the top is snap on and once off won't go back on, so they can't be refilled. I bet loads of products; food, drink, cleansing, toiletries etc. the container is the biggest cost over the contents. The way supermarkets do bonkers refill initiatives like the one you mention anyone would think they don't want folk buying refills. I wonder how much carbon worldwide is generated fabricating spray tops that are used once then binned, I presume even if they go in the recycle they go to landfill/incinerator because they're mixed plastics in one unit.
  17. £32 - John Lewis. £13.69 - eBay. £4.96 - Hart's of Stur. Buy the above and if you can be arsed with the faff... You'll get about 44-50 Cappuccinos or Lattes costing about 20p a cup from... £5.80 - Tesco. And... Any supermarket - 2x£1.59 Capsules, pffft. Capsule Coffee Makers are The Breville Sandwich Makers of the 21st Century. Getting shoved under the kitchen sink or coming to a car boot sale near you soon! 😀
  18. Sainsbury's tried flogging milk jugs a bit like a Brita Jug, for milk bags to sit in. They wanted about £3 for a jug and a four pint milk bag was the same price as a four pint bottle. Human nature dictates unless there's a bit of a cost sweetener (to offset the risk of a burst bag) most folk, bar the most yoghurt-weaverery, will opt for the bottle. It's a really sly, lazy and cynical way to claim they're 'eco' - when just over the aisle is soft fruit airfreighted from halfway across the world.
  19. @MickyD When I used to wetshave it was often cheaper to buy handle and blades than replacement blades. I was in Sainsbury's t'other week, 500ml squirty cap handwash 50p, normal 'refill' capped 500ml bottles £1.50. Madness
  20. I think quite a lot of places do that... I got a 500ml of Foreign Guinness Extra Stout, a 650ml of Hophouse 13 and a 660ml Staropramen for a fiver at the One Stop Shop on Minerva Road earlier... Probably got a wider selection at Morrison's though. 😀 Only problem with Morrison's is when I go late on they always have loads of bakery crap going for about 10p and the skinflint in me just can't resist... Last night I got a load of sausage rolls, a few delightful innovations called 'Breakfast Pasties' - fuck knows what the filling was but they were good, and a carrier bags w
  21. Time to go oh oh oh oh - fuck off!

  22. Screengrab, crop, upload to postimage and copy the url > to W/ways 'insert other media' > 'from url' paste the link and ok it... I'm overcomplicating here... e2e4 could probably break it down in simpler terms.
  23. Postimage is better than imgur imo.
  24. As a proportion of the time you've been alive it isn't... If/when you become an octogenarian the half-decade between 80-85 will probably feel like a long weekend.
  25. Wrongly maligned as a racist bigot that fella ^... Only caught bits of that film but I say nonsense, he was a fight fan and he had a black girlfriend. Doesn't sound like a racist to me. He also loved black music and would get his fiddler to play some tunes for his workers, so they could get on it at impromptu after-midnight proto-raves. Er, actually, no, that was t'other one wasn't it? I always get them mixed up (antebellum plantation owners in cinema).
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