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  1. Wrongly maligned as a racist bigot that fella ^... Only caught bits of that film but I say nonsense, he was a fight fan and he had a black girlfriend. Doesn't sound like a racist to me. He also loved black music and would get his fiddler to play some tunes for his workers, so they could get on it at impromptu after-midnight proto-raves. Er, actually, no, that was t'other one wasn't it? I always get them mixed up (antebellum plantation owners in cinema).
  2. It's fact that, sadly, there's more brain injuries/deaths in bouts with the 'big cushions'... There was some scientific study years ago, before rolling around on the ground as a sport gained popularity. They compared bare-knuckle boxing vs. gloved iirc. The sort of 'regulated' bare-knuckle fights, not the Lenny McClean eye-biting and ear-gouging 'on the cobbles' ones. Gloves increase the concussive effect of punches. Anyhow, watching some bloke kneeling on another geezer (who's on the canvas) and pummeling his head in will never rival the sweet science...And purses of
  3. What you pissing about on here for? Your 'window' will be shutting... Oh, y'mean the vaccine?
  4. For catpisa Peroni fans, Sainsbury's have 12x330ml bottle boxes for £12. Dunno if that's good or not.
  5. I'll take that as a backhanded compliment coming from the king of the two-footed lunge against man (and woman). I notice the logo of 'TurningPoint UK' in that video of that black woman (never heard of her btw) being nicked. For the uninitiated the organisation above ^ is a sister offshoot of the American 'TurningPoint' - another one of those lovely societies that's a gnat's breath from getting itself on The Anti-Defamation League's watchlist. Loads of Trump's 'good folk' as members (jump to 'Controversies'). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turning_Point_USA Like young
  6. Home Bargains was a bit of a sorry sight last night... Dry Fannyuary taking its toll on restocking the likely cause. However (Burnden one at least) they'd reduced their remaining 330ml tins of Red Stripe to 55p. Morrison's have the quaffable Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo and Merlot for £6. They've also got 10x440ml Guinness Draft for £9. The NHS 10% discount is back on there as well and, unlike most other discounters, booze (spirits excepted) is included. Cheers. @Rudy too... They can piss off in future. If everyone who took up the offer is waiting
  7. Is it true there's a full length mirror between the staff area and shopfloor emblazoned with the legend 'SMILE! YOU'RE ON THE ASDA STAGE'... I wouldn't be too pissed off, they're tossers. I remember once some meathead from my gym, about 6' 2' and 16 stone was mincing about stacking yoghurts etc. whilst some 5' skinny lass was humping around those 6x2L cases of pop/water bottles stacking the drinks section. And when they brought in self-scan I noticed almost all the staff they got shut of were the ones originally from Africa.
  8. Asda was selling 12x440ml boxes of 'The Red Hand Grenade' for £10 but their site no longer has it listed, going to the Burnden shithole toneet so will see for sure. In my opinion it's a winner, it's available almost everywhere for about a quid or a few pence more per can - can't go wrong.
  9. Someone quite wise once wrote, you can glean a lot about someone from whom they associate with... One can apply the same maxim to the Twatterverse. How is Obersturmbannführer Vance these days? As for the above, fuck mop, nineteen years old and favvering the offspring of Niles Crane and Norman Bates. I've trainers older than him. He sounds fucking delightful company. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Kashuv
  10. I think I saw it in Asda... Dunno why I prefer Newky in cans, tastes less sweet imo, probably psychological and no actual difference.
  11. Like I wrote - I couldn't give less of a fuck about £1.95, but expecting anything being delivered and it not arriving day after day pisses me right off, whether it's a £2 usb lead or a £500 laptop or jacket... Can't even remember my Brewdog login either. I've about eight 'spam only' gmail accounts...
  12. Anyhow, after thirty odd years of research, I've finally decided, bar some bargain dropping in my lap, inavailability of my choices or a brew of unparalleled excellence crossing my path - all my home drinking (ale) will be Guinness Original or McEwan's Export Ale from now on in. Those being, imo, a perfect alignment of; price, taste, availability and little in the way of undesired after-effects.
  13. I read that some American hipster twats decided to be ultra-contrarian and started 'ironically' supping mass-market catpiss like Pabst Blue Ribbon etc. It even briefly appeared on supermarket shelves over here a few years back. I've wrote before, I'd love to set up a blind tasting with a load of 79p to £2.30 or so Home Bargains/Aldi/Lidl/Morrison's etc. sourced brews and a bunch of £7 a can 'true' craft. I'd wager seven of ten crafties - snob or wanker, wouldn't be able to discern which was which, let alone the ultimate test - rank them in price.
  14. Is there not a danger they can, overnight, be deemed naff? The real hipster arses probably fucked them off long ago. But perhaps even the wannabe hip will follow suit eventually. Give me an old bloke pub anyday. Pickled eggs on the bar, gold label on a shelf, avocado sink/bog - black hard plastic seat and steel piss-stones with blue urinal cakes, miserable owd cunt sipping a mild/bitter split in the corner... Or is that just me recalling 'Early Doors'? If anyone knows of one like the description above let us know - that's the place I want to enjoy my first post-lockdow
  15. That's why, as kids, there'd be about forty boys on any given playground in the exact same; adidas kick, nike bongo, reebok rapide, kappa ski coats (blue w/. Silver upper arm/shoulders), Lendl tank top, nike air, american football shirts with green/white pinstripe shirt over it, Joe Bloggs T-shirt, Russell Athletic sweatshirt etc. etc. 🙄
  16. Don't Global Mega Spazzacorps Brewing and Vintners own a very significant share in Brewdog these days? And their bars, when open, are twat ground zero.
  17. They paint this picture of two eco-warrior beardy types knocking up product in a zero carbon fashion - then stick unrecyclable black plastic 'cap' connectors on their can packs (or did)... Another set who don a faux 'eco' halo. They're massive wankers, but, like you say, pretty much all big companies are - you'd need plenty time and energy and big buggery pockets full of cash to fully boycott all wankerfirms...
  18. Eight pissing days at least since I ordered my 'free' Brewdog 4pack... I've been out of the house during delivery hours for about two or three hours during that time - no 'missed you' card or owt. If they left it on the doorstep (or with all but one neighbour) then that'll be ale I'll never sup. Couldn't give a fuck about £1.95 but it's the principle - if they simply ain't delivered or someone's swiped 'em off the doorstop or some bastard neighbour has got merry with them. Did anyone else order any? They've pissed their chips for future orders off me - even if they tur
  19. I can't believe everyone missed an open goal after a perfect set-up... Ahem. So you used to have a tight pussy, but now those days have gone? I'll get my coat.
  20. One of the original threads... Apologies to the artist, the actual cost was a mere £25 all in - bargain. http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/topic/78661-a-bolton-wanderers-dream-finished-painting/ I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for one coming up for sale. It'd be the perfect centrepiece of a triptych I intend to create, with side panels of 'Dogs playing poker' and either 'Crying Boy' or 'Sultry Seventies Senorita'...
  21. The take-up of the dubious offer was quite big. I wonder if there was a roll-call of buyers who'd 'fess up? I'm sure the cheeky sod charged £4.95 p+p as well - then hand-delivered a lot of them. I remember lots expressing their delight with their purchase on receipt. One statement that stuck was Traf's opinion that the original "must be worth a fortune", someone else replied that the club should buy it (the original). I think me and thee, possibly Nb and one other poster (who wrote "I can't draw a stickman, but...") were dissenting voices at the the time. Most have disavowed it
  22. Why doesn't Pfizer or Astra-Zeneca start legal action for defamation (can you libel a company?) against a random handful of these tinfoil hat twats? Soon shut the m0ngs up - the threat of financial ruin.
  23. I've had texts from o2, Natwest and the DVLA the past week... I've nowt to do with the first two - but I'll reply to all three just in case. I CBA finding out what I owe and for what, I'll just give them my full name, credit card number, expiry date and CVV - they can fucking sort it out, take whatever I owe...
  24. I was having a quiet pint or three of Vernaccia di San Gimignano in the Caffetteria Bartolino when I got talking to some old soak, inevitably the conversation came around to Manzoni and his work... The old boy revealed himself to be an acquaintance of the artist during the late 50's and early 60's - Rinaldo (the bloke) said he had a confectioners shop over the road from Piero's solaio/luogo di creazione. He went on to tell how one time Manzoni came into the shop to ask him if, for around one or two thousand lira, he could provide a dozen piping bags of ganache. The deal was struck and the
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