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  1. That's the second time this week you've alluded to Jews as being crafty, 'Shylock' type characters (Daniel Levy in another thread), under my three-strikes rule, one more and I'm reporting you to 'Searchlight' and The Anti-Defamation League. I suspect you to be a rabid anti-see-might, but I'll hold forth on further action - For Now...
  2. What happened to the coalition's favourite soundbite 'taking the low-waged out of tax'? They shouldn't have to pay income tax on NMW, they should have their 'stamp' paid for too...it's not much, but it's a start. Smiffs is right, if your single then the amount paid toward rent is dictated by the social - if they choose to live above basic requirements as defined by Housing Benefit then they must find the shortfall. Giving the cash directly to the claimant is absolute madness, for all concerned - why put temptation in a pisscan's way? Expect private landlords to get fucked over then tak
  3. Classic pincer movement - I'd wager they're eyeing up Tonge Moor as we speak, they can regroup at Camp Thieving Bastardion (near the Arches, Folds Road). On a related note I was channel flicking last night/this morning and noticed a 'film' on Television X called 'Big Fat Pikey Porno' or something like that, surely, by the time they've got those big dresses off, it's time to get ready for work? Some of the fuckers were around here (G/L) up to no good yesterday - I was on my way out to the gym and noticed them eyeing up the houses. I gave them the evil eye then enquired if I could help t
  4. Where's the witchhunters of yesteryear? Public airing of 'un-American' viewpoints, like Penn regularly partakes in, used to mean he'd be lucky to get a summer-season in Skegness.
  5. Bizarrely, one time they had used a Kermit toy - this one wasn't of the 'hello.jpg' variety though. It does seem a bit off tangent that bit at the end, my point was if you leave a nipper with a big cake, a plate of toffees or a 'mystery' (stuffed toy under blanket) - then tell them: "I'm going out of the room for something, please don't; pinch a decoration off the cake, eat any of the toffees, look under the blanket etc. until I get back then you can; have some cake, a toffee, a look at what's under the blanket..." The kid (I think they have to be 5 or under) will, 99 times out of a
  6. Except Polio? Who said that? Was is Peter Ustinov? On the topic of food hygiene - seemingly by far, the worst repeat offender is the Pizza Hut chain, Google the search term "Pizza Hut mouse droppings" - you might as well Google "List Pizza Hut restaurants UK". There's a rumour the E.H. don't bother with on-spec visits in Blackpool because of the sheer number of places serving food. Maybe Gonzo can confirm if this is true or an urban myth...
  7. Film biography of The Cure perhaps? Scrawny 51 year old Sean is a dead ringer for the then 25 year old dumpling Robert Smith.
  8. To know the 'real' standards in indian takeaways conduct the following test... A. Go in wearing a white coat and a fake beard and talking in a high-pitched voice - say you represent Andrex toilet tissue and they've been selected to recieve a years supply of toilet roll for only ?30. B. Get someone in cahoots with you to come in just after you, wearing a white coat and fake moustache and talking in a gruff voice - they claim represent the Acme water jug company and they've been selected to recieve a years supply of water jugs for only ?30. An accurate evaluation of their hygiene sta
  9. Engineered to give the unemployed new responsibility with money, to ready them for handling rent and other outgoings when they're working... Aside from the fucking huge 'when', what a joke - do they expect anyone to swallow this bollocks? This is a case of giving them enough rope to hang themselves, they know loads of these long-term claimants will default on rent. The private landlords (at a big rent loss/legal expense and inconvenience) will eventually be able to turf them out. Then the government can re-house them on their own (new) terms. Typical example: Two glassbacks with f
  10. Spotted in B+Q Eccles today... Sheepishly buying; a stepladder, 3 aerosols of hammerite, a lump hammer and a ski mask...I asked him what he was up to, meaning career wise, and he said "Mooching about - this and that, you know" then winked and tapped the side of his nose conspiratorially.
  11. Surely it can't get gayer than the 'What's your favourite Gay Porn Film?' thread? Edit: It possibly could be, as the post that ruined it was an 'Inbetweeners' reference.
  12. It's work experience time for schools at the moment so...I think she's setting the scene - or perhaps it's alluding to him being an oxygen thief? It's another non-story and I'd probably think it was another non-person (like 'Raymond') but the BBC wouldn't dare after recent events. These 'jobseekers', real or not, always seem to make this sort of excuse: Here's a wild and radical thought, if you're that desperate - lie. What's the worst that can happen? You look a twat in the interview? They don't give you the job? You get sacked? The coach you're driving careers off the dual carri
  13. Catching a bus to get a bus - always at the forefront of thinking these planners/councillors, I'm surprised they haven't been headhunted to sort out the Olympic transport system.
  14. What's a bus wanker? I didn't have my 'special' trousers on that day - the ones with the pockets cut out, so I was just bus nobhead. At ?1.90 for about 4 stops, they must have more money than sense these bus wankers, or they're a slate short. Four twats all queuing up for a bus and going in the same direction - which is ?2.50 in a taxi (it was a circular route/back into town - furthest point is about ?3 in a taxi) 'I know, why not share a taxi? chip in a quid each and away we go' 'No thanks I'd rather wait in the rain tutting, then get bashed from pillar to post and get molested by s
  15. What will happen to our 'world famous' market when the bus station relocates? Given that half the clientele are old fogies reliant on public transport and the bus station being a mere tug of a tartan trolley away? And the area earmarked for it's replacement - near The Alma, old World of Leather etc. as someone has pointed out already, is a total shithole. Even more so since the demolition of the college and tanning salon/golf shop. That white elephant interchange already there has something to do with this wholesale relocation, they've been trying to justify that for years. On the subj
  16. Unless Big is used ironically it can't have been, this bloke was only average height and build - someone I would've been comfortable in shouting "oi you! you look a right twat..." at.
  17. She looks game for a laugh, deeply unreliable also, but you take the rough wi't smooth...Are those pictures from an 'I shagged her once in Ibiza*' stories, sold by some unscrupulous bounder? * Meaning the place, not a euphemism for up her...
  18. A full grown man, I was going to heckle him from across the station but it was rush hour and I wasn't pissed up...I think he had a cheesecutter hat on too - what a twat.
  19. If I was a betting man I'd say car park (a shitty 'gravel' one). We have 7.5 million tourists to accommodate so the more car parks the better, hence; Clarence Street School > Car Park, Water Place > Car Park, Bolton College > Car Park coming soon...any more to add to the list? They also have a habit of facilitating 'regeneration' of an area, possibly giving incentives/planning permission/rates cuts etc. this gets businesses to move in, only to fuck off as soon as somewhere else gets 'regenerated'. I cut through St Andrews Court yesterday - every property, bar a jewellers and t
  20. Haven't seen them, but I presume Whitney Houston has gone from washed-up, has-been crackhead, 'she's shit, she's lost her voice - lets all laugh at her' to some kind of tragic waste of mega-talent 'pop princess'? Like they did with Amy Winehouse, a bit like this... http://www.thespoof....adline=s1i98601 Worth a quick scan, if only to see the word 'bushcunt' used - I'd never heard/read that before.
  21. Aye I did, I thought it was an inside joke at first and you'd whipped them up on photoshop. Then I saw a pair on Ebay, then I saw some bellend prancing around in a blue pair in Manchester. Those last night/this morning were the worst yet I reckon, who bought them? Mickey Mouse? Farfour the Mouse? Marcel Marceau?
  22. Have a gander at these 'special' trainers...currently bidding is at ?140 + (inc. P+P mind). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Y3-adidas-YOHJI-YAMAMOTO-STYLE-SOKU-ON-sz-10-378-visvim-supreme-common-projects-/120854346134?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1c237af996 Fools and their money - perhaps being a laughing stock is worth it though?
  23. Is it me being paranoid, or are there posters with a handful of posts - all related to race? It was also uncanny, that when Millwall won their cup-tie with Southhampton, a crop of new posters mushroomed - all seemed to be keen on knowing travel arrangements etc. Have they never heard of thetrainline.com? One even PM'ed me - what was his username again? Oh aye - CP Dolp, anyone know him?
  24. Ferdinand is utter cunt, and a munich cunt to boot, but, Terry out-cunts him any day of the week.
  25. It wasn't, but it did come with a luxurious mahogany* cabinet and a charming gold* carriage clock for on top. I find it quite refreshing that an 80 year old was spunking money away like this, makes a change from pensioners living off a tin of pilchards a week, and sitting in the dark so their ingrate, ner-do-well, and no doubt overall disappoinments of offspring can have an inheritance... For a relatively smallish enterprise, it's quite remarkable how many folk have a shafted story to tell. *'Mahogany' actually may be papier mache. 'Gold' refers to wrappings off Werthers origina
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