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  1. Klasnic is at Mainz In the Bundesliga according to wiki
  2. It's a fair cop. City won it last year didn't they? Booze addling my brain again
  3. 8th or 9th. Leicester, Brum promoted. Cardiff, Blackpool, Middlesborough and Forest in play offs. I would just like to point out that my predictions are never right!
  4. So to summarize this season: League and F A Cup won by Arab billionaires, Champions league won by Russian billionaire, Carling cup won by American billionaires. Millions are no longer enough
  5. Andy Townshend going on about what a great squad player Milner is. Utter shite!
  6. Duncan Ferguson? How about Kieron Dyer..........He's been robbing a living for years!
  7. What's the odds on, this time next year we have Steve Bruce as our manager?
  8. All the controversial stuff isn't caught on camera. Could it be a rovers fan with a Scot's accent doing a voice over? Conspiracy theory
  9. Look at it the other way. The quicker they go, the more we save in wages
  10. Stop being so reasonable
  11. You may have a point, there.
  12. No, just an observation that Jussi is a bigger bloke with greater presence in the box Bogdan is an excellent young keeper who will serve Bolton well for the next decade.....if we can hang on to him.
  13. Well it's all irrelevant now, i suppose isn't it? But i have this fear that if i don't find fault somewhere I might just sink into blind acceptance.
  14. And they've noticed that Coyle is a short's wearing, God bothering etc, etc
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