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  1. Danns was by far the best player on the pitch today, created an worked his socks off. Lee is so frustrating but has the touch that could create anything at any point. As mentioned, Forest were playing for the draw in the last 20, love to see some of them fouls again. One pissed up forest lad got on the train at salford crescent.....made sure he stayed on till Levenshulme, hopefully he got twatted in asda!
  2. Roses are red, Violets are twisted. Bend over love, You're about to get fisted
  3. try teletext holidays.com see what they can offer but be warned the price usually rises an extra 50-100 pp with baggage, transfer fees etc. They tend to be alot cheaper than anywhere else
  4. The Turks of Dalton have decided to police their area themselves My link
  5. Apologies, it seemed every not right was on there but as you say Walkdens finest were on their coach. Remember chatting to a few older chaps who told me they had come out of retirement for the day and were swapping clothes as we approached Bolton. GMP were on fine form too, cracking skulls at Manchester pic station horrible twats
  6. Doncaster in the FA Cup few years back, cracking day and the train journey home was eventful. Every not right was on that train home
  7. But he still works for a cunt and a piss poor attempt of a football club. No respect from me untill he relegates the bastards
  8. But he still works for a cunt and piss poor attempt of a football club. As long as he manages them x
  9. Ocean Colour Scene and Milburn. Milburn were another band lost once NME started shafting the Arctic Monkeys.
  10. Really? I feel the whole series has been average. Dont get me wrong some of the quotes have been brillant but it seems the producers are trying too hard. Not a patch on the first two series im my opinion.
  11. Anyone remember him running the length of the pitch to get back in the FA Cup game against Arsenal in extra time few seasons back? Sure enough he gave a penalty away but still tracked 80 odd yards to try an prevent a goal. I didnt imagine that did i ?
  12. Smiley what time did he arrive on stage and did Rick Astley support? Got tickets tonight but if he is supporting id rather not get there till later and avoid drinking expensive piss!
  13. Just a quick heads up that YOOX have a sale on this weekend with 15% of some good gear...CP to name a few. Im not promoting but thought it may tickle a few of your fancies. Its tasted my plastic anyway.
  14. How about Imogen Thomas? Even though she was from that reality drivel i definalty would hang out of that!!
  15. Ive got this number on my phone. Can try this one 01204 673715
  16. Ocean Colour Scene are the most underated band ever. Two of my forgetten gems are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N-5_koMUoE
  17. No he made some good challenges and blocks but the fact he got turned inside out by Kuyt! Wouldnt mind if it was a skillfull player but Kuyt!
  18. Well as the saying goes you learn something new everyday, cheers wiggum
  19. I know he a Sheffield lad but is he an owl or a blade? Im guessing he an Owl with a statment like that. No offense Big E
  20. Do you reckon Adebayour ran the length of the bus to celebrate in front of those gunners on Friday?
  21. Exactly what he said! He's a cunt of the highest order! Id class him on par with that dirty munich bastard Neville!!! Made his money from the dirty daily rags that people buy!!!
  22. Not sure how to post links but if you visit the bbc website you can see the redevelopment plans for Hillsborough. I think this played a major factor in it being chosen as a venue as at present it is a shithole! Saying that some nations would find the facilities 5*
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