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  1. It was 1971, nearly 50 years ago! Perhaps that why you cant remember! Going on the train doesnt have any effect on the weather!
  2. Very snowy and cold day! Was a big giant killing act at the time, as York was in the old 4th division, and we was in the old 2nd division, a time when there was no putting a reserve team out, as it meant so much! How times have changed!
  3. Lost 4-0 if i remember rightly! Think all the goals were 2nd half?
  4. Me 2-0 down, 2´2 finish. I think?
  5. What fuckin drugs you taking? I will order some! And hes been booked for fouling!
  6. Brockbank as been booked as wellª Take him off before he gets sent off!
  7. Yeh, that sounds like him. Always greased back hair, denim, and doc martins. Always popped up, home and away, and didnt give a shit!
  8. No urgency, no creativity! Crying out for a winger! I would like Mr Evatt to explain why, with a few minutes to go, Crellin is doing a 5 yard pass to Santos, when we should be getting the ball forward asap? And why do we keep trying to pass through the middle, when Doyle and Dfonso as theiir back to the goals? Really frustrating to watch, and very worrying when we havent scored a goal at home against shite!
  9. Warwick Rimmer, think it was his last game for us!
  10. He invented shit stoppers, the ones that BLM wear!
  11. Thought he meant at home! My sincere apologies!
  12. 2,902 against Darlington is the lowest i believe. I was there, we lost 3-0!
  13. Dont bite lads! Im sure the same person also said he wants Wigan to survive!
  14. The crowd v Wolves was their highest ever attendance at Highfield Road
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