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  1. Get somebody else to do it
  2. 1969

    Wycombe (H)

    Well after watching that I can safely say we are well and truly fucking shit Hill please just shut the fuck up and fuck off
  3. Well that performance compared to Tuesday night was like night and day Battled,passed and moved and ran their bollocks off.Crowd up for it just hope this type of performance can become the norm
  4. Just got home that was fucking freezing And that was the highlight I've not got a clue what the hell we are trying to do on the pitch and neither do the players
  5. Definitely a red was sat right in line with it.Played quite well and definitely deserved something out of the game.Pompey players cunts to a man and don't get me started on that cunt in black cos he's no ref
  6. 1969

    Keith Hill

    Nah he played for moss bank on a shit pitch hence why he's full of shit
  7. 1969

    Keith Hill

    I used to play against kh when we were kids he had abit of a chip on his shoulders then thinking he was Billy big bollocks Looks like not much has changed
  8. The support yesterday was second to none I can't think of many other teams having them numbers and that level of vocal support even when we know deep down we are getting relegated Proud to be a wanderer
  9. Did the ball cross the line in second half as a few of our players appealed for a goal
  10. To be fair I've just watched kH on bwfc official and he does praise the fans
  11. Kh needs to calm the fuck down I didn't hear one fan slagging him off Anyway Hamilton mom by far Closely followed by the supporters
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