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  1. Bohemian rhapsody absolute fuckin shite
  2. Rudy you normally talk sense But on this you are talking full on cheese
  3. This could get very toxic very quickly
  4. If Evatt thought he got grief last week wait till after this game
  5. Meatloaf I can't stand Don't know if it's because everyone tries to sing his shite on karaoke or it's because he's just shit
  6. Only Resolution album has some descent tracks on it but also some shite like most albums really
  7. Yes Was supposed to go in a week but we can't do the quarantine when we come back.The wearing of masks over their is strict and at the moment all bars can not have any sort of entertainment on
  8. Should be on 3rd pint now and not sat here with a brew 2-1
  9. I see the music is still shite
  10. On most of this I 100% agree Holly bible is one hell of a album
  11. Emailed ticket office this morning and they sent another code for grandson within the hour
  12. Could we both use same code as both are on same email
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