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  1. 1969


    I'd be happy with a 1-0 But I'm getting a special twitch in a special place for 4-1
  2. Probably and splattered like a seagull
  3. I'll bring the hot dogs and fingers
  4. Fuck I didn't read that last bit I'll do it f.o.c. 😘
  5. Stuart a good lad shame he and the sil split
  6. Send me a message pal if your still not sorted
  7. No not stopped doing them pal just had to leave it for a while till shoulder healed but all sorted now If you want them doing message me
  8. 2-0 let the good times roll
  9. Christ is this the same team from a couple of weeks ago
  10. Peps I'd love to watch that team pure football
  11. I did exactly the same Saw £0 amount due then pressed pay Got a email 5 minutes later from efl ifollow showing £10 charge
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