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  1. 1969

    Norwich City at home

    Anyway that was men against boys Yes they were a good side but we made it so easy for them
  2. 1969

    Norwich City at home

    Dunno but there was a few rumours doing the rounds
  3. 1969

    Norwich City at home

    What was all the press doing on the pitch before the game it seemed they were focusing on the west lower above the dug outs
  4. 1969

    Norwich City at home

    In +1 god knows why Bwfc 0 norwich a lot
  5. 1969

    Preston h

    I've never walked early during a game (except that Wembley nightmare)but today as soon as there 2nd went in I was off I could not watch that shower of shit any more.Manager,players and staff could not disgrace that badge any more if they tried
  6. 1969

    Preston h

    Fuck me I didn't think we could get any worse but they've just proved me wrong To a man they can all fuck off
  7. 1969

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    By disaster maybe I should of said turmoil as not knowing if we still had a club from one day to the next I'm not knocking Ken as he's done/doing what ever he can to make sure we continue but hopefully the new owners have a few more £s to turn things around but only time will tell
  8. 1969

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    If Ken has sold for£20 million or £1 I really don't care as long as the new owners can get this club looking up rather than going from one disaster to another
  9. 1969

    A place abroad

    Me and the Mrs are looking at Cyprus. Talked to a few people who live there and they've not had a bad word to say about the place.We are going over later in the year to have a look
  10. 1969

    Transfer Gossip

    Probably offered next to fuck all upfront and a stupid amount and out of reach incentives Ka is in lose lose scenario on this
  11. 1969

    Bolton v Reading

    Well that was fuckng shite Walked out on 89 minutes so missed the goal.Crowd turned on parky when he subbed Conell ,same old tactics defend defend defend
  12. 1969

    Bolton v Reading

    Of that there is no doubt
  13. 1969

    Bolton v Reading

    Is the game in any doubt?

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