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  1. 1969

    norwich away

  2. 1969

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    Must need my head seeing too Just bought 2 half season tickets for me and lad in west lower I seem to do this every time it's backs to the wall for some reason
  3. 1969

    Wanderers V Swansea

    Well that was shite.We just are not good enough.Parky has now got to go.Knowing as soon as your 1 down games over is not what I pay good money for.Tactics are crap to reliant on Sammy which they soon sussed.The crowd tried at times to lift the players but even that seems like too much effort after watching that shit for so long
  4. 1969

    “Bullying” advice

    Remember when I was a apprentice joiner The so called inductions I got where swarfeger on the bollocks then locked in extractor room with it turned on until I could not breath and hung head first over a 30ft drop with the only thing stopping me from dropping was my pants which had been nailed to the floor
  5. 1969

    Villa v bolton

    Don't like knocking any of our players but sadly he looks well out of his depth one descent cross in a match followed by 75 minutes of not being involved what so ever is pretty poor to say the least
  6. 1969

    Villa v bolton

    Hope your right but for a so called dead ball expert his delivery is gash
  7. 1969

    Villa v bolton

    Probably get dogs for this but I don't get this oztumer love in with some fans
  8. 1969

    Bolton v hull

    Trains are shite Now we've piss poor trams We're fucked I tell ya
  9. 1969

    Bolton v hull

    An outstanding center back who passes and dominates all forwards but doesn't fit in parkys plan
  10. 1969

    King Ken

    Don't think there's any other way you can take that statement Parky buck up or fuck off
  11. 1969

    Bolton v Forest

    Olkowski out little now in
  12. 1969

    In Or Out Again

    Bumnana gate
  13. 1969

    Poor Bastard

    He won't be a wam Ex wanker
  14. 1969

    In Or Out Again

    Depends if they celebrate easter
  15. 1969

    New Name For "macron Matters"

    Loftys ball bag

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