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  1. Fucking stupid balls being played to players with a opponent right up their arse
  2. Right we were shit They deserved the 3 points We are still 3rd It's still in our own hands On to the next game and put it right
  3. 2nd stabbing complete Had to queue for 25 minutes which is a good thing meaning plenty of people having it But not many Asians there which was was abit concerning considering there were plenty when I had the 1st one.Hopefully it was just a coincidence and not because they are refusing it
  4. Just been called for my 2nd stabbing 12.30 tomorrow Pretty surprising really as I only had 1st stabbing 8 weeks ago
  5. Bob inn at Bolton Market is pretty busy
  6. 1969


    Good luck to the lad Hope it works out for him
  7. At Last your getting the hang of it
  8. Thommason mom by a mile
  9. Not just the Maddison change but the overall performance
  10. Probably what ever it is let's keep it going
  11. If we win this Evatt should get a lot of praise for change in performance
  12. That break away just then is what we are about. Still scratching my head over how much better we are this half
  13. I think he could be a good player but maybe needs a rest He's not been at his best for a few games now
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