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  1. We had a fair bit of snow this afternoon here in Cheshire South East Greater Manchester Snow is shit Snow out Booooooo
  2. Person gone from slag wellies to tank top Some folk are upset That's it Meh
  3. Pah his music is very middle of the road, beatlesy, vanilla, meh I'd pay to go and see him for the event though, and he amuses me greatly on twitter etc. A proper entertainer really. Don't get knocking him for doing mainstream shows, why not? Blossoms were live from Brixton Academy on MelodyVR last night; they were very good, as ever. Made me realise how much i'm missing gigs etc
  4. Bob on Defo not Manc or Yorks
  5. was a big student night in Stoke (back in the 90’s at least anyway); ”The Place” was where it was liveliest on Mondays ’castle was seen as a slightly more upmarket night out but better Thursdays Stokies are an odd but genuine, down to earth bunch in the main; that plus the 6 towns stuff always reminded me of Bolton (what with in-house rivalry of areas), as did the town centre Best pie at the footy I’ve ever had was at Port Vale n all
  6. Anyone watch the Anton Ferdinand documentary? Very powerful and emotional
  7. That could easily be a post about Bolton fans JSL
  8. SKP akin to those who wanted Nolan in here Not sure why they’re any more deluded than we are? They are a huge club in fairness
  9. Pretty sure it was straight after he’d swung in a free kick that someone scored from
  10. Seems a stand up bloke but just doesn’t galvanise like a real leader And the football was horrific
  11. No surprise He’s so overly pragmatic / negative / dull etc thank goodness we don’t have to witness the dire Parkyball anymore
  12. Running a Bolton website is like making love to a beautiful woman Tits and arseholes everywhere And you always come back for more
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