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  1. Went into Manc for lunch today with Mrs Jules and the juniors. Only went between the Great Northern and Spinningfields but I’d say it seemed like 70-80% of how many folk you’d expect to see on a Sunday afternoon. Didn’t come across any issues. Our waitress was delighted to be back, said she’s only really seen her parents in the past 3 months. It felt really nice to have some semblance of normality.
  2. Ha I did as a kid. Knew it rang a bell Scalextric > F1
  3. My lot are saying they think it’s spread a lot from Memorial Day family and friends gatherings; does that sound right?
  4. One of my lads in Austin has had a positive test returned for it today Doesn't look too clever over there in the Lone Star state
  5. No; they’d just announce the new manager with a start date of the day after It’ll only be the haggling we’re waiting on
  6. What is it exactly folk are supposed to do to show they care? You don’t want riots Start an RIP thread on here? Fucking crank
  7. Totally pwned on this one Cassie 🤣
  8. And you’ve never seen her and Sluffy in the same room together 👀
  9. Not sure why you’re arsed, defo not still in the middle aged category
  10. I disagree with a lot of what you say on these subjects but IMO the woman trying to burn the flag should get a harsher punishment. The buffoon having a piss was a fucking idiot but he’s not doing it maliciously The flag burner is very deliberate and it’s more dangerous 2 bell ends but flag woman more bell enderererer
  11. Best weekend trade that Pranj’s has ever had Newcastle, Liverpool, York, Chester are all good shouts
  12. I’ve said this elsewhere I think but some sectors with thrive, others will die Example; investment in EdTech is up 91% since Covid. We currently have over 3 times the amount of Tech jobs live in U.K. than we had at the lowest point in April. Evenly spread across all regions. Outside the Tech bubble I agree that there will be some pain; furlough just served to kick the can down the road for many. However, I personally believe that it will be short term(ish) and recover more quickly and steeply than the 2007-2010 banking crisis.
  13. Genuine question Wouldn’t be a surprise then would it?
  14. Pretty sure just a page back you seemed bemused at being accused of being patronising Way to prove a point 🤣
  15. That’s the “other” one yeah. Edge of china town
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