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  1. It will all be someone else’s fault again
  2. 2002...fuck me, this website is older than him
  3. This. And her Canadian fella was a cunt. Never forget
  4. I bet he doesn’t get them up this season
  5. TBF with his offline stuff it’s way more Thanks to everyone that supported him; I got similar when I did CEO Sleepout last year. Great bunch 👍🏻 Rudy, I’ll message you later buddy Cheers
  6. Read the question again. Them red spectacles aren’t working properly
  7. Ok Miami And just in case this isn’t Keyser Soze, which of your rent-a-mob do you rate the best? Hibs? Oldham?
  8. How haven’t you turned that into an anecdote about Remi Moses or the MIB mobbing up in the Sir Ralph? You feeling ok?
  9. Thank you, I don’t really like to talk about it, but Casino teed it right up
  10. Long time readers / posters will remember a bloke who posted as Djorkaeff...avid Wanderer, played for the clackervalves, likes 18 holes and general nice guy. Well today he ran the Manchester half marathon and raised over £620 for a charity that supports families dealing with a severe and rare condition that affects children. He chose that charity cos it affected my eldest. And I met him through this site. Back when we socialised, met at games etc and before the amateur accountants moved in and looked disparagingly at us because we aren’t CIMA qualified. Massive thanks to Djorkaeff, a reminder of why it’s important for us to still have BWFC to make these social connections and another example that we aren’t the Neanderthal, vile, druggy thugs that we’re made out to be. Well not always
  11. Jules Darby is I’m alright sometimes
  12. Who came 22nd in the Sunday Times Top 100 UK Employers 2019?
  13. not so sure He did his best to fuck it for us
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