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  1. He’s not getting it Or he doesn’t want to Sums the whole thing up - folk think they’re voting for something they aren’t Which funnily enough, Farage has been pushing on the gullible since day one It’s quite depressing for the future
  2. And that’s exactly what that analogy means The 2 things are nothing alike “we won, we won, now only our voice counts” Politics is fucked when folk think like that
  3. That’s essentially what your little twitter link means You do understand that right? Please tell me you do....
  4. More absolute fuckwittery Mounts In a change to politics, only those that voted for the “winning” party have an opinion that counts
  5. As must those wanking over the Brexit Party and their new MEP Claire Fox - the “commie” who reckoned the Warrington bomb was justified and that it’s ok for folk to watch kiddie porn and pro-jihadi videos 2019 - politics is fucked
  6. Ha, that was the other miserable bald chap Uncle Traf, but I’m sure Howard thinks similar me
  7. 2 belting posts one after another spot on fellas have we reclaimed WW back?
  8. Can’t make tomorrow but have donated Great cause and effort from the lads. Best of luck to all
  9. Would you say that when challenged on an internet football forum, claiming that someone is a wife beater and accusing the folk of Bolton being backwards would be a great example of that?
  10. Absolutely You can tell when folk are out of their depth. Seems Howard was with some simple Boltonians (that he/she took delight in belittling) Good riddance and let’s hope his/her acolytes follow
  11. Never liked him since he played that annoying yank in press gang and got Julia Swalha
  12. Beevers and his aimless 9 iron are welcome elsewhere. Ta ta
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