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  1. Well my bro in law’s uncle died from it today. London, 70’s but healthy A mate’s dad is in ICU with it. Manchester. 70’s but healthy. And an acquaintance passed away suddenly in the early hours. Not sure if covid Related yet though. She was 44. What a cunt of a day
  2. TGI is absolutely horrific in my experience. Worst meal I’ve had in years at the one @ Cheadle Royal the other month. F&B the same, Chiquito slightly better but still garbage. Wagamama and Nando’s are very good at what they do, same with KFC. not had a better katzu than the waga one and their vegan range is brilliant. No point comparing KFC and Nando’s cos they’re different types of chicken restaurant...
  3. 🤣 I look like Fryer Tuck at the minute
  4. Not sure why folk are going off at Fan5 on here. He’s said there’s right and left wingers being dicks about this And there is about anything so he’s right As for cheese, he’s said nothing as far as I can tell Haven’t we got bigger fish to fry than picking at folk on a football board right now? Debate is cool but come on fellas, we’re better than this
  5. Peak likely to be in about a fortnight. 3 weeks from school closures. Next week is going to be grim too. Brace yourselves.
  6. A response to a couple of your points The Ad hoc hospitals aren’t just being built because of volume but also for purposes of separation. I believe the peak in countries ahead of us has been consistent in being 3 weeks post schools closing; this has been the common link. That puts it at about next week or the week after is it?
  7. I was told last week “they’d” been talking to the Etihad
  8. Stockport Think it’s Stockport Foundation NHS Trust?
  9. They’ve been given nothing. PPE is “on its way” apparently
  10. Pretty much all her patients have symptoms; she has to give them insulin though
  11. My sister is a district nurse. Less than 10% of them in Stockport have masks and sanitizer. They’ve been told they just have to crack on... They travel from vulnerable patient to vulnerable patient with no protection for themselves, their families, or their patients. It’s absolute madness
  12. No, that doesn’t really work with my work. Fasting approx 8:30pm-12:30pm Workouts are 7am-ish or 5:30pm in the week and when I can at the weekend. Im preferring them during the fast so far. Got 3 7:15 PT’s this week Ive had a lot of energy TBF but a few headaches. Broke my fast yesterday morning - think I went on autopilot without thinking as I was out of my routine and made beans on toast. Was back on it today and plan on doing it through the week again.
  13. I think the Russians will be concentrated on the Saudis at the minute
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