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  1. Never applied personally but been on Court 1 for a Nadal epic. Brilliant day out Men’s Final will be an amazing experience Ani
  2. For a bit of balance, given the last article I posted: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/british-economy-will-grow-faster-than-eurozone-rivals-says-imf-k2h3vbdjm
  3. If you know him and you know he’s massively against Brexit then fair play. My point was that every argument against your perspective isn’t necessarily skewed. Ifs and buts? Always. Fuck loads. But plenty smarter than me know what’s likely.
  4. He reckons you’ll never win anything with (German) kids
  5. The reference about being an economist wasn’t to say he was right. They’re (to use TMGJ’s phrase) skewed by their very title. Insider isn’t known for being political and I’m yet to see any evidence that Hanson’s view is biased.
  6. He has the same engine. On the downside he’s far weaker and more slight On the positive side you can tell he has a good football brain and 2 decent feet
  7. Interesting point that. Sunderland have loads around here; old neighbour of mine was part of some local supporters club and it was big in numbers
  8. https://www.businessinsider.com/brexit-will-cost-uk-more-than-total-payments-to-eu-2020-1 JSL
  9. Was a cracking ball in that. Not seen it back but at the time I thought our first challenge was poor, the save wasn’t bad and we were slow to follow up Heard off a few closer to the goal that Matthews could/should have parried it wide but I dunno if that’s fair without seeing it again. Sounds plausible though as he’s far from convincing
  10. None, seeing as I don’t go anymore assume you’ll be in the seats cos on terrace you struggle to see unless you’re on Goody’s shoulders?
  11. Not if they’re better than us though
  12. I thought he was very solid today. Tackled very well, and showed he knew when to show his man inside to a crowded area and when to isolate him by the byline and tackle. Very little came for Pompey down that side. And overall it’s one of our best defensive performances of the season. Linked up well with Darcy too. I didn’t rate Chicksen massively but had nothing against him; I just believe that, on today’s showing only of course, we have a better LB now
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