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  1. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Bingo the retards don’t get it though
  2. jules_darby

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    It seemed the penny dropped for him at one point last night regarding admin - one minute he was all behind it, the next goingon about how his concern was the club’s back office staff....seemed he twigged in the end (I hope)
  3. jules_darby

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    LOV spokesperson sounded like he’d never kissed a girl And probably never will Hope (genuinely) that wasn’t Kane
  4. jules_darby

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    Absolute farce and a waste of an hour
  5. jules_darby

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    SJM saying he feels sorry for the back office staff re payments: they’ve always been paid on time but let’s have that stop using it as a moan. whinging about the fact we don’t have adequate scouts at Bolton kids’ matches - it’s been like that forever
  6. jules_darby

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    This is utter shite McGinlay having a pop at Ken because he doesn’t live in Bolton Contradicting themselves - we need to protest to take it to the national press one minute; the next - the national press coverage is putting buyers off Utter bollocks
  7. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Aye fair play Kane
  8. jules_darby


    Aye, spot on RIP Frankie
  9. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Ha yeah
  10. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Yet the usual fuckwits would sooner have them takeover cos they “aren’t Ken”
  11. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Tell that to the Ken out at all costs brigade
  12. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Ah come on, we aren’t that arsed about the crookedness as long as we’re doing well It’s always secondary and mostly only gets scrutinised when we’re in a tight spot Wasn’t much talk when Garty et al were at it in the same way as we didn’t moan when Diouf was diving (for us) idealism is all well and good but being honest I’d sooner watch some decent footy by the men in white
  13. jules_darby

    Brizzle AWAY

    A very pertinent point that folk rarely understand until they are there person having to do that in one guise or another
  14. jules_darby

    Is that it ?

    Sadly I fear/believe that you are right
  15. jules_darby

    Sweaty Ken

    Judging by the fact that Allansons don’t turn over enough to be audited and by what net assets they had in 2016 I’d guess that relatively - no. I’m sure he’s not struggling to afford a season ticket mind

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