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  1. jules_darby

    Take Over

    Not really. None of that is news
  2. All fair points but it’s not an obvious step up for me; I don’t doubt for one second that recent events will encourage her and others to look elsewhere that’s how it works
  3. Not having it The elite Women’s game in this country doesn’t get anywhere near the exposure of league 1 men’s. In a few years maybe.
  4. How the duck is city ladies a career step up if it is we may as well send the diggers in now Od put my mortgage on it that had we not had the issues we have in the past 2 years that have disaffected the staff, she doesn’t make that move. Not a chance
  5. jules_darby

    Take Over

    They have plenty of chutzpah, got to give ‘em that
  6. Brilliant girl and ambassador for the club. Came around to see my son with zico after he had a major op. Shame another good’un has had to leave
  7. jules_darby

    Take Over

    You forget that a lot of us know you Accidentally? 👀
  8. jules_darby

    Take Over

    But Lozzer, the average house price in Marple is £50k more than Romiley... Anyway, what colour suit do you prefer?
  9. Couple into American Gods Does it pick up?
  10. jules_darby

    Take Over

    Cracking effort. You can make our B squad with the Offerton Whites with that
  11. They can the pick of original filth, filth light and Salford filth, why bother coming on here?
  12. jules_darby

    Take Over

    It’s a small area of Cherry Tree
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