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  1. You know what I’m sorry, that was harsh. Apologies. I deal with data, a lot and I felt like you were telling us how to suck eggs. Let me be clear; I do not deny corona for one second; nor do I believe that certain measures are not sensible. My overarching view is that there will be more illness, misery and death of the measures are disproportionate to the risk. I also post thought pieces from SME’s. Doesn’t mean they are gospel nor that I believe they are, but they are worthy of debate. Take the open letter I posted; you and Tom scoffed because of who tweeted it, ignoring the c
  2. My advice; don’t tell others to think or make assumptions that we’re stupid It’s a politically neutral site that I found interesting Pompous twat
  3. What it does is illustrate how data can be “twisted” of not used consistently I think it makes an interesting point on this completely independently of the acceleration of cases
  4. Not a critique of Sunak per se but the Spectator is however critical of the govts handling of all this https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-true-cost-of-coronavirus-on-our-economy
  5. Interesting article Peely won’t like it I’m sure but it’s from a politically neutral publication https://unherd.com/thepost/whitty-vallance-are-playing-a-dangerous-game/
  6. Labour can’t lose here Sit back go along with it and watch the mess ensue whilst getting the odd dig in. Free political money
  7. Pardon my late response I’m busy in the day It’s not just late night venues Restaurants. 10pm chuck out they cannot accept tables after about 8pm. They are fucked. The hospitality industry is going to be decimated Why should the ones that have spent thousands on making their premises covid secure now lose out? Scare tactics to WFH...those local outlets in city centres that have literally just reopened and unfurloughed staff as footfall returned are bolloxed “6 months” as a statement - goodbye consumer confidence I’m not against the restrictions pre this week as
  8. Bit late for that And I’m doing so causing harm to a whole of other folks. Enjoy do people keep forgetting that part?!
  9. There are eminent experts for and against further restrictions, so to say that backing them is just following the accepted science is simply not true and it should be open for debate... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/coronavirus-too-much-or-not-enough-experts-fight-it-out-online-mf3p336vs
  10. https://digitaleditions.telegraph.co.uk/data/362/reader/reader.html?#!preferred/0/package/362/pub/362/page/16/article/84780
  11. You say deaths in Europe are rising? Apart from a random 3 days Relatively recently (not the latest 3 days) they are not. (For balance there was also a random day when they it was extremely low) Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1102288/coronavirus-deaths-development-europe/ Remember, I’m not saying that corona doesn’t exist, just that I don’t believe that more measures mean we are better off longer term and in my opinion more ultimately lives will be lost the way we are going
  12. Yes I have Did you read why I posted it? I didn’t claim that we should either What they are against, and I agree, is the further sanctions this week. Please see my original post
  13. I put Kloot in the same bracket as Puressence Amd that’s a good thing
  14. You say that but Professor Kirkham is formatting it for medical journal purposes. This is not just one wack job
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