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  1. It’s not an acronym, it’s an initialism Anyway, as you were
  2. Where at? Pindi was at Leeds with some of my (and Gumbo’s) oldest mates and never heard MJ mentioned. Not to say it isn’t true
  3. Yep I spotted Howey run past it was much better than I thought it would be; they seem a bit broken a few of those lads
  4. Harry’s heroes Really good this so far
  5. Yanet Garcia The rest are just playing at it
  6. And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her
  7. It’s 2019 Homo The truth is irrelevant hes just a greedy bastard, as it’s much easier for folk to understand For similar please refer to anything Brexit related
  8. I swear we’ve just seen one in the sky above Tenerife. Reddish thing way too fat for a plane or chopper and changing direction at a pretty much right angle. Had blurred edges so couldn’t make the shape out. Me and the missus both watched it for a few mins. Very weird! Anyone else reckon they’ve see one?
  9. I just thought you were a big Bono fan
  10. Just me that only ever hears that phrase in a Partridge voice?
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