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  1. Maybe not just yet but the clock is ticking The Wigan Admns have sold a training ground a chip shop and a host of players to generate enough cash to keep the club going - and they have also publicly stated they can keep the club going until the end of the season. We had at least one willing and passionate prospective purchaser waiting to buy BWFC at the earliest opportunity Wigan dont appear to have anyone interested other than a series of opportunists that register an interest and then melt away as quickly as they came. When you look at the way Wigan is being touted wor
  2. One point now in the last 21 , play 3 of the top 4 in their next 5 games If results carry on like this we could well be playing them next season
  3. mid match - that's actually very good
  4. and 4 of the teams above us or that can catch us with games in hand play each other tonight , so at least 2 of Tranmere / Newport & Morecambe / Crawley will drop points Would be happy with 4 points from our next two away games - fancy we will win tonight 1-3
  5. Hopefully - needs to be a carefully worded bid by the "United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland "with a Caveat that if the Scots vote for independence in the meantime and are no longer part of the United Kingdom they are excluded , that should make them think twice
  6. Interesting thought - of the 5 nations reality is only England is capable of hosting the competition in itself. Would it not be an English bid with token games being played in Glasgow Cardiff Dublin and Belfast ? Rest would just be piggy backing on an English bid Therefore only England should get a free pass Brexit border might create interesting issues for any travelling supporters trying to take food etc into Ireland
  7. I was thinking exactly on the same lines Difficult to put this "virtual" season in any sort of context, but for all those who remember our previous campaign at this level in 1987/88 after 31 games we were 3rd in the table on 52 points . Our next match was away at Wolves which we lost 4 nil and is remembered more for events off the pitch ( I dont think i saw any of the second half because of a line of police horses along the touchline ) Over those final 15 games we won just 7 drew 5 and lost 3 Don't think that level of performance will suffice to secure automatic this time aro
  8. Its always been a tinpot league ....
  9. 6 of the 8 teams above us are playing away today against lower opposition , so hopefully one or two will drop points. Good opportunity therefore to potentially claw a little bit nearer to the play off spot Reckon 3 points in the bag in an open high scoring game 4-2
  10. Whenever anyone mentions Oldham away in the 1970s I immediately think of a double decker bus service that ran from Bolton Moor Lane bus station to Stockport , think it was called something like the Trans Lancs Express and it went via Bury Rochdale and Oldham Matchdays were crazy - 2p (?) was the concessionary fare at the time to travel anywhere in Greater Manchester if you were under 16 or could convince the Bus driver you were - only time i ever went to an away games via a bus service Can remember one year because everyone on it was going to the match the bus driver did not bother w
  11. Council own the Land and from memory 15% of the stadium
  12. Correct - basing it on any historical form , be it recent or otherwise - that's the very point I am trying to Illustrate - all that matters is how we do from here on in
  13. I should hope not !! Presentation is terrible !! Your counterpart over on Valleyparadeways is doing a much better job He's looked at form over the last 6 games and he at least gets us the outcome we all crave seems reasonable to me as it reflects post transfer window squads in the main and then he has carefully selected points per game over the last 12 games - to ensure Bradford get promoted !
  14. Think Neil Cox will set his team up up to take a point tonight and think they might get it 0-0 or 1-1
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