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  1. Benny The Ball


    Tell you what There's some ridiculous odds available tonight for anyone prepared to believe an upset is possible . Just gone for a longshot 1 nil win to Bolton , with us to be leading at HT/FT , only one team to score paying £670 for a tenner ( Bet 365 ) COYWM
  2. I think if we get any points from our September fixtures they should be seen as a bonus . In his head KH will be looking to having us competitive by the time the Blackpool fixture comes around at the beginning of October Points away from home against the likes of Rotherham and Portsmouth and home to Sunderland ( 3 of the 5 favourites to win promotion this season ) would never be easy no matter what stage of this season you play them ,even with a proper fit squad in place , so playing them over this next couple of weeks is a positive in my book . If come November we are losing by 4 and 5 to the likes of Accrington and Fleetwood , then that's the time to start asking questions
  3. Remember it well - The pub sign everyone takes a picture of Was surprisingly empty last time I went in ( night match about 4 years back )
  4. Correct - With the benefit of hindsight - perhaps it would be a more fitting tribute If one of the moderators close this thread
  5. Next tuesday ( against Oxford United ) sees us play our first home league match since we came out of administration . New Owners , a new managerial team and new players will all be there to take the applause of the supporters. One man who wont be there is the man who , even in death , ensured via his family and his trustees that we would have a club to support worthy of his legacy . Today ( the 11th of september ) is the first anniversary of the death of Eddie Davies . Looking back on the words of Paul Appleton as we came out of administration "I would like to pay particular tribute to the Eddie Davies Trust and their legal team who, throughout this whole process, have been willing to do everything in their power to ensure Eddie's incredible legacy was maintained and not sullied. "Even at the 11th hour when other parties were content to renege on their agreements, the Trust realised the very existence of Bolton Wanderers was at stake and were willing to find a compromise to save the club. It is a testament to their unflinching determination to do what was best for Bolton that we are able to complete the deal today. "The Trust were forced to constantly compromise their position in the face of circumstances and demands which were wholly unreasonable. This says much about their determination not to allow Eddie's beloved Bolton Wanderers to suffer any longer at the hands of Ken Anderson. I cannot help but think that to mark both the anniversary of his death and in respect to his family and his trustees it would be fitting if at this match we as supporters showed our appreciation of what was done and what might have been lost Eddie would have been 73 today , and the best I can come up with is a 73rd minute lighting up the stadium with our mobiles as a thank you Whatever we do , we should not do nothing
  6. Given all that David Rubin and Co have done for ( and charged ) Bolton and Blackpool over the last few months , I reckon they should at the very least sponsor the match ball
  7. Excellent !! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d730163-Reviews-Motcombs-London_England.html
  8. Got a really good feeling about today am starting to think we will have "Positive steps " in the hunt for a manager Possibly "Positive signs " of season tickets going on sale Stretching it a bit I know but maybe even a " Major breakthrough " as we look for players and if we get really lucky there may be a " Significant Development " regarding requests that butter be introduced on hot dogs
  9. I have got to confess he and I have been regularly exchanging texts over the last few weeks I thought I was texting a good mate of mine as the news broke and I accidentally text him in error as well ( dont tell him !! ) I assumed he would already know - he text back ......... Am sure he wont mind me saying........ he was at work - wiping away tears I was in a similar state !!
  10. I agree........... did try getting a discussion going a while back .....
  11. Or the other people who bid for the Hotel
  12. Benny The Ball


    Known him for 15 -20 years , know some of his family , dont subscribe to his politics , but let me tell you he's a very decent bloke , fully aware, supportive and sympathetic to whats going on with BWFC , in fact last time I saw him a few months back that was all we talked about .
  13. full details Despite further exchanges with the Administrators over the course of the Bank Holiday weekend, and right up until today’s deadline of 5pm, a resolution to ongoing impasse in negotiations regarding a completion of sale at Bolton Wanderers has not yet been found. The EFL Board has therefore taken the decision to lift the suspension on the notice of withdrawal, which was issued as per the EFL’s insolvency policy when the Club entered administration in May 2019. As per the League’s Articles of Association, this will now give the Club 14 days (11.59pm on 12 September, 2019) to meet all outstanding requirements of the League’s insolvency policy or its membership in the EFL will be withdrawn. In respect of the situation at Bolton Wanderers, the administrators now have this period of time to successfully conclude a change of control with a preferred purchaser, or provide sufficient evidence that they are in a position to fund the Club for the remainder of the 2019/20 campaign. EFL Executive Chair, Debbie Jevans CBE, said: “Despite repeated assurances, we are extremely disappointed that we are still not in a position to reach a successful resolution with the sale of Bolton Wanderers and have therefore taken the decision to lift the suspension on the notice of withdrawal. I again urge all parties to finalise the proposed takeover. “The reality of this action is that there are now 14 days to secure the Club’s long-term future, and I sincerely hope we can find a way through these challenging circumstances for the benefit of all those who have an association with the Club.”
  14. Would appreciate your respective views If we assume stalemate tonight with regard to the club Knowing that there are 2 bidders out there for the hotel what do you think Quantuma the hotel administrator will do tomorrow ?
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