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  1. I would suggest they take a long term rental in an area they like before committing to an outright purchase, there are pro's and cons to both the north and the south The coastal resorts of the Marina Alta area running from Calpe to Denia are in my opinion the best areas but are some of the most expensive in spain - properties there hold their value better because they are the most popular areas with the Spanish themselves - but that area is 75-90 minutes from Alicante airport and similar from Valencia airport - in my opinion its worth the extra drive time The region has some of the
  2. Decent radio programme on BBC Radio 4 series last night "The Bottom Line" focusing entirely on Bolton - looking at the impact of Covid on the local economy - talks about the town centre regeneration plans towards the end. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000nvtx
  3. The Istanbul BBQ - not been for a while but always excellent http://istanbulbbqchester.co.uk/
  4. There's quite a few people starting to talk now about us going on a run. Fact is we have only lost once now in our last six league games , and whilst the points return is disappointing so far with 3 draws , just stopping the habit of regularly losing is to my mind the first signs of those much needed green shoots of recovery. If we can avoid defeat at Orient and that run then becomes just one defeat in seven , confidence will grow and we will slowly start to move up that table, and then we wont be talking so much about going on a run , we'll be waking up to the fact that we might
  5. Looking for any reason for optimism at the moment I found these post match comments on the Barrow fans forum interesting " I also think that Bolton are a good side, they are similar to us at the start of last season. I think when they click they will fly up that table. " "Agree on Bolton. Just look at possession stats (I'm guessing it's been this way in most of their matches) They looked good on the ball but shakey and vulnerable at the back. Think they will make the playoffs at least. Very early days still."
  6. No - and on the basis that Barrow have - (1) Not won a League game this season (2) Have conceded in all 6 of those games played , and (3) Have scored just once in 4 of those games and failed to score in the other two The result is quite obviously going to be a 2-0 , or possibly even a 3-0 Barrow win
  7. Don't know If he played in that last game , but pretty certain he left that summer - the legendary Ralph Wright ?
  8. That petition website includes an interesting map showing the distribution of people who have signed the petition by electoral constituency . Broadly follows the distribution of Football teams as expected - apart from London where clearly most fans commute from the surrounding counties Locally Bolton West leads the way of the 3 Bolton constituencies https://petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com/?petition=552036
  9. Me neither Makes you appreciate how lucky we were that our admin happened when it did and that we had a fan in Michael James waiting in the wings
  10. Right age and same name More details here .... https://www.thebusinessdesk.com/northwest/news/2067372-new-owner-of-wigan-athletic-revealed
  11. So now we know who is behind this deal - There is a bit about him here https://diariodeavisos.elespanol.com/2019/10/quien-es-jose-miguel-garrido/ He is clearly not doing it because of any deep rooted affection for the club .... José Miguel Garrido Cristo is a 54-year-old entrepreneur from Madrid and the nephew of the animal trainer Ángel Cristo. He is dedicated to buying companies whose financial situation is not the most adequate and if he cannot refloat them, he liquidates them.
  12. With good reason - Was listening to Tim Vickery on the radio who mentioned a report about relative risk with regard to Covid and he referred to this table - you will note going to the cinema is marginally safer than going to football - and both are classified as high risk https://abc7.com/covid-19-activity-risk-chart-calculator-for-assessment/6305611/
  13. Be careful what you wish for ... its still going on Happened to drop in on that Bolton Nuts site earlier .... Last week there was a File on 4 programme on Radio 4 called " Fit for Football " it looked at Ownership in Football and covered ourselves Bury Wigan and Charlton and is worth a listen https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000mzph It had an Interview with Dean Holdsworth and they tried to get KA on - but he declined That set Mr Custard off over on the Bolton Nuts Forum - under his current alias " Ten Bobsworth" and it appears for days on end they have b
  14. Great article .. makes you wonder where this ultimately leads to - will we one day reach the stage in the not too distant future where a live match without spectators gets called off because of bad weather and they replace it with a game of Football Manager and no one notices ?
  15. This looks to be a step in the right direction in terms of funding through the current situation National League Clubs are being given Emergency Government Grants https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54352735
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