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  1. The Question "Were Bolton first" is one that can be applied in various scenarios - but came across this a while ago as it relates to us as fans and I reckon is probably a first Hopefully someone might find this interesting in these times of lockdown Was reading a book " The Lads of 23 "and there was a section in there about fans journeys to the 1923 cup final. Tells tales of West Ham fans walking to the game , with most Bolton fans travelling by train etc But one thing that caught my eye was that its reported that a group of Wanderers fans ( 5 in total ) actually caught a plane and flew down from Manchester to London for the match I did not even know things were possible at that time Did a bit of reading up on this and found out that they flew from the Alexandra Park Aerodrome ( which was located just off Princess Road heading towards West Didsbury ) to Croydon Airport on a scheduled flight What makes me think this is a first for football fans of any club is that the service had only started at the back end of 1922 and was operated by Daimler Airways The planes took 2 hours to get there Anyway there you go - Bolton Wanderers first fans to ever fly to a football match ! And I suppose it begs the question as to what obscure forms of transport folks have used to travel to away games by ...
  2. Attendances generally fell markedly at this time Just a quick example - in 1976/77 the average attendance in just the top division was 29,400. It declined in each successive season to 1983/84 when it was just 18,851 thats a decline from 13.5 million people going through the turnstiles to just 8.7 million in 8 years Cant find the figures for the other divisions but that was the trend, it was a massive decline in Interest across all clubs at all levels As a club Bolton was sheltered from this decline from 1976/77 through to 1979/80 because we were defying the wider trend and were a club on the rise , therefore when the fall did come , as it did with relegation in 1980 it was as though we had fallen off a cliff
  3. I was at Uni 1980-83 and had to pick my games , best London following I can recall in that era was an FA cup match at Crystal Palace when we had maybe 800 on One thing that sticks in my mind with that game was the banter - we were put , as they did at Palace in those days , in a corner quadrant on the open terracing separated by fencing from the Palace fans . When we started singing , there was a lot of Saarf London accents shouting randomly over the fence "You Waat " ... " You Waat" As the game went on it evolved into Bolton fans mimicking the Palace fans and shouting back "you what" and throwing the odd "Eh" in every time the Palace fans sang Am sure that afternoons banter led to the origin of that famous terrace classic of the 80s " You what You What You What You What You What Eh "
  4. Don't know If this one has ever been shown on here
  5. We played Bradford City away in the League Cup (1970s ) and they had a player called Ces Podd who was of Caribbean origin. The abuse he got that night because of the colour of his skin was shocking . In the context of society at the time it was not out the ordinary - did not come across that many non white players at that time.
  6. For the sake of completeness here are the BBC match of the day games - obviously far fewer but still a few from the late 70s I would like to see again https://sites.google.com/site/motdlistings/
  7. Paul are you familiar with this website It actually lists all the regional ITV companies and the games they broadcast http://carousel.royalwebhosting.net/itv/ITVfootball68-83.html
  8. Aldershot away in the 1986/7 play offs - realised that night we weren't good enough to avoid relegation ............
  9. Difficult to choose one - in date order would be between 1976 Derby Away in League Cup 1977 Everton away in the League Cup 1978 Blackburn Rovers Promotion 1993 FA CUP Liverpool 1994 FA CUP Arsenal 1995 Reading Play offs 2003 West Ham Probably Blackburn wins it for me - it meant so much and there are the ones that miss the shortlist - promotion at Wrexham , Play offs v Wolves and at Ipswich , winning at Old Trafford , promotion at Maine Road , Sunny beach and our first taste of Europe , getting to a major Wembley final after beating Swindon and an odd one - Burnley away- night match 1976/77 first league game at turf moor between us in a generation - a superb atmosphere that night and we showed them who were the bigger club and For the unexpected that I never saw coming - 5 nil Leicester away opening day of season
  10. With regard to Warbies - couple of questions Firstly - had Don Revie ever heard of them ? and was it known if he had discussed this with any other managers of that Era ? Secondly - did they organise themselves and travel together to away games ? Reason I ask is the one group that always seemed to cause mayhem at away games were the coaches from the Painters Arms - you just knew If they ran coaches it would get interesting ( am thinking 74-78)
  11. What I find interesting on this thread is reading the recent comments of yourself , Take Hunt Off Steejay and Bolton Va Va about how violent it was in the Lever End and at football generally in that period 1968-73 When I started out as a 9 / 10 year old in 1970 I used to have arguments with my parents about letting me go in the company of lads who were only slightly older than me - they always let me go in the end , but the first couple of years it was a very alien world that I had entered , and looking back I can understand their not being that keen on my going I therefore saw things slightly differently ... We used to go in the Lever end - often queuing before the gates opened along with loads of other kids and would all immediately go to the back wall - central behind the goal , and If you were lucky you could sit on the crush barriers - those at the back which had an extra bar running across them . Then come 5 to 3 we would get thrown off them by some really big lads who came in stinking of beer , often dressed in crombies , many with braces , doc martins , big sideburns - really scary looking individuals. ( Probably yourselves !! ☺️ ) Could hardly see the game because we were surrounded by much bigger lads , and If a goal was scored we would get flung yards down the terraces , and smoke , almost everyone smoked - and there were kids in there much younger than me smoking , was like a modern day version of fagins den . All under the watchful eye of the poor police constables standing at the very back. The run up to bonfire night it got particularly scary with bangers being thrown around the place at random . Then there were the songs - never heard the like of before - some that still stick in the mind to this day - If I had the wings of an Angel and Im a bow legged chicken . Some songs were 'led ' by one individual with everyone else joining in as appropriate - who were these individuals that led the singing we wondered ? There was Zig A Zagga and one that went Way o , Cooper cooper cooper Ha Ha Ha Ha ( or something similar ) where did that come from ? and what was it about ? cant remember it all ... We did on occasions do a lot of running about when trouble did kick off , but tended then to run from it rather than towards it ! Had my first beer in the Lever end - queuing up for Bovril ( at the refreshment bar under the wing stand ) at the age of 12 - big lad in front turns round saw we were getting shoved out of the way and says I'll get it for you give us your money - beer is it ? Did not like to say no -mines a bovril and so Magees Ale in Brown paper cup was first drink i had - with the police watching on . Shortly afterwards that became a regular habit when we learned that the staff on the bar were not bothered about little things like under age drinking.
  12. I remember seeing the goals from the game years later on " kick off " during the late 70s but have never seen any highlights since , am sure others on here will recall Seddons goal - one of the highlights in an awful season You are correct in that Nat selected what i learned much later was possibly our youngest 1st XI for that game - though at the time as a 10 year old I was completely unaware - all I really recall apart from Seddons goal was the fact that the cameras were there .
  13. Paul would you happen to know if there is any footage around of Bolton Sheffield United from the 1970/71 season ? Would love to see it It was broadcast by Granada It was my first season as a regular at Burnden and remember seeing myself on TV on the sunday afternoon - a novelty in those days - big gang of us waving at the cameras down by the corner flag Anyone who was at the match will remember an amazing Ian seddon goal I noticed on you tube Sheffield United have a seasons highlight video ( they won promotion that season ) and that game is not featured which suggests its never since seen the light of day ?
  14. Just heard that the FA have announced that clubs in tiers 9 and 10 ( eg North West Counties ) are to end the 2019/20 seasons immediately - be interesting to see what if any impact this has in turn further up the pyramid . https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/sport/fa-tells-step-five-and-six-clubs-in-non-league-pyramid-to-end-season-immediately/
  15. Maynard (who surprisingly played for Leicester City Juniors in his youth) and is claimed by Leicester City as one of their celebrity fans - followed Worthington when he was transferred from Leicester to Bolton and became a regular at Burnden Still have the Buff from the day when already promoted we clinched the second division championship against Fulham and there is a small article on the front page – Magic Chant Wanderers fans, many Drinking champagne, burst Into a chorus of “ Bolton Wanderers are Magic “when Actor Bill Maynard, TV’s Selwyn Froggitt, took his Place in the directors’ box. Tumultuous applause greeted the Wanderers appearance on the pitch The Buff April 29 1978 Happy Days !
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