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  1. I think Marc Iles is quietly acknowledging your literary contribution to this board In his article today - https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18561267.inside-wanderers-bolton-just-get-times/ I quote And then, a ray of sunshine peaked over Winter Hill.
  2. No they dont They get the same entitlement as every other season ticket holder. One per ticket There are not that many that travel on a regular basis Girls in the corporate look after the few regulars If anyone thinks that if 100 people in the platinum suite for example all decided one week they wanted to go to Barrow - it would not happen . Unless other fans requirements had been met first. Where they are useful is late on, when for example players return tickets for sell out games , is in helping get those tickets into the hands of genuine fans who have missed out - I have asked on many occasions , phone call on a friday , for lads i know who have missed out and sometimes, not always , at the eleventh hour it works. That informal side of it should not be knocked as many people over the years have benefitted from it
  3. A very famous one - who remembers this !
  4. Would put money on Whelan buying them back for next to nothing
  5. Send for the Jewish Chronicle - they have just the man to save them.
  6. "Apart from" in the sense of Peter Atherton who was already confirmed I should have perhaps said Sounds like we are getting his entire backroom team , apart from Peter Atherton , We are also getting a physio Callum Walters and an analyst Lewis Duckmanton .
  7. I said it sounds like we are getting his entire backroom team ... it says However, assistant manager Peter Atherton will be following Evatt to the University of Bolton Stadium and it is expected analyst Lewis Duckmanton and physio Callum Walters, who both came with him from Chesterfield in 2018, will do likewise. Does that not sound like they are coming ?
  8. Am only going off what local press are saying https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/18552732.ian-evatt-cant-sign-barrow-afcs-star-men-bolton-wanderers/
  9. Sounds like we are getting his entire backroom team , apart from Peter Atherton , a physio Callum Walters and an analyst Lewis Duckmanton .
  10. Money is tight - no room for sentiment and no places for passengers
  11. "He brings with him an infectious enthusiasm to take the club forward - once this wears off we are hopeful spectators will be allowed back into the stadium "
  12. " Tobias ....... Tobias who ?........ Phoenix .........Tobias Phoenix ...... is this a wind up ? ME ........ reporting to HIM ? "
  13. Whilst waiting for the appointment of our next manager , what sort of comments or keywords do folk expect to hear from either the New Manager himself or from Football Ventures when they speak to the press following his appointment ? Lets see If we can Rhyme them all off I will start with "Premier League Set up " and " He was always top of our wanted list" and " David Lee has left by mutual consent"
  14. You are right you cannot get better and fans would expect an Instant promotion If Lowe had come on board I would happily not go up next season and put together a squad that when it is eventually promoted to League one is capable with a few additions of challenging to get into the championship You could even argue that Lowe achieved promotion twice from the same league with essentially the same team - he was able to take a core of 5 players with him - players that achieved promotion at Bury and remodel the Plymouth team on that basis - bit of a one off situation given Burys circumstances Might be different when that's not an option and you cannot buy in players - and dont forget this is BWFC we are talking about
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