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  1. Could be some good news here - Being reported in Tomorrows Daily Telegraph that Premier League to bail out the EFL Clubs https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/09/23/premier-league-will-bail-efl-cost-strict-conditions-expected/ Premier League will bail out EFL... but at what cost? Strict conditions expected on support package worth up to £250m Any rescue package likely to be limited to underwriting lost gate receipts, with EFL clubs needing to provide clear evidence to that effect
  2. Ultimately they have to sell all the assets think what Nixon is at the moment having a bit of fun with the admins over is how they benefit from its sale His story stemmed from someone sending him particulars of the chippy for sale and more importantly The fact that Eddisons Estate agents are owned by the admins - so potentially if they get a sale they are milking them for even more money
  3. For those who are still following this soap opera below is the latest Question and Answer session between Gerald Krasner of the Amins and a Supporters club representative Last 3 lines are the relevant ones for those that dont want to read the detail Gerald Krasner Pt 4 The fourth meeting with Gerald Krasner took place this evening, Tuesday 22/09/20. The telephone call lasted 46 minutes. Full range of questions asked, all that were emailed in, some stuff, not much to be fair, was off the record Callum Lang (question from week 3 that got missed) I needed to sav
  4. What might encourage more fans to take this up is for clubs to offer a "freeview" code so that you can log on for say the first 15 minutes of a couple of games to sample the quality of the product and get used to a new way of watching.
  5. That Port Vale ex Chairman is not going away - now trying to present himself as their potential saviour https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/football/ill-wait-buy-wigan-athletic-reveals-smurthwaite-2978933
  6. Believe he is taking club to a tribunal over unpaid monies he is due Presumably once settled he becomes a free agent Sure I read a couple of weeks ago Burton Albion interested in him on a 1 year deal
  7. Think they are running out of options now though .. In another twist the admins have put this statement out - I genuinely have my doubts as to whether we would have survived had these admins handled our sale - its a complete farce By @Begbies “In view of the obvious frustration by a number of fans and other interested parties regarding certain recent events at the club we wish to make the following statement and confirm certain facts. On Sunday 13 September, social media was inundated with news that the French-Americans had made a final bid of £2
  8. Not sure how credible this article is ( printed below ) http://d3d4football.com/wigan-turn-down-second-bid-from-former-port-vale-owner/ If anybody on here subscribes to The Athletic from which it supposedly quotes perhaps they can confirm it ? The administrators at Wigan Athletic have turned down a second bid from former Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite, according to reports. The League One outfit are up for sale with several interested parties reported last week, but the latest offer from the ex-Vale owner has been turned down. Smurthwaite ori
  9. Benny The Ball


    For anyone interested The new phoenix club Bury AFC played their first competitive game yesterday at West Didsbury in the FA Vase in front of a crowd restricted to 300 Good to see them up and running https://wdcfc.co.uk/2020/09/west-2-1-bury-afc/ https://buryafc.uk/2020/09/bury-afc-a-message-to-all-ahead-of-our-first-competitive-game/
  10. 89th - on Goal Difference - that's the only positive I am taking from today
  11. Supporters Club have issued a statement .... not sounding good https://www.wiganathleticsupportersclub.co.uk/update-for-supporters-19-09-2020/ Supporters Update 19/09/20 For the past four weeks Wigan Athletic Supporters Club have been working closely with some of the parties interested in purchasing Wigan Athletic Football Club. On Friday 18th September the Supporters Club agreed to support a bid from one of those interested parties, with the aim of using the monies raised by the supporters via the crowdfunder as planned – in return for an equity stake in the footba
  12. Expecting an improved performance on last week , happily take a draw , but still think a win is beyond us at the present time. Biggest concern I have is If we lose - the Twitterati will be out in force this evening demanding Evatt's head on a plate.
  13. Very sad news - but there will most likely be others this next 12 months https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54177582
  14. EFL are making the rules up as they go along They gave Krasner permission for Wigan to start the season - Verbally That was wrong - should have set out basis for decision in writing for all to see On a separate note Barnsley seem to be having a few off the field issues https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8732425/Barnsley-hold-talks-EFL-clubs-shock-away-Oakwell.html
  15. Back in 1888 - the Leagues very first season Our first game against Derby at home we lost 6-3 We lost the next 2 at home to Burnley 4-3 and then at Preston 3-1 So 3 games in we were bottom of the entire Football League Admittedly only 12 teams in the League and no relegation But bottom we were
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