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  1. Those of you raising a glass to Frankie this afternoon - please have a read of this that I saw on twitter earlier Very sad situation his wife now finds herself in https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/frank-worthingtons-widow-carol-facing-20396900 Something worth supporting
  2. What year was this ? Fascinating picture Some of the crowd on the roof look like they have turned round to wave at the UFO hovering behind them .
  3. Excellent idea - am sure with a bit of time someone could set up a just giving page buy a suitable award(s) and donate the leftovers to that BWFC remembrance group. And organise a poll And while we are at lets have two other categories (1) A lifetime achievement award ( all decent awards ceremonies have one ) - to show these ex players we still remember them while they are still with us and (2) A current season award for contributions to BWFC off the pitch - by way of example I would nominate that Ifollow commentator Derek Clark - was not keen at first but he's gro
  4. Would be most interested to see the order of service on here at some time If you come by a copy ... just cant begin to think as to what songs they will send Frankie off with ...
  5. Yes - projectors are great - done it all season - watch it on a 4.5m x 2m screen linked to a laptop at my mates - he has a cinema room - no trouble at all - unless a problem with Internet
  6. Have you tried "One Nil to the Wanderers ... One Nil to the Wanderers ... " Flows so much better if you are singing it - reckon the Missus might appreciate it
  7. Not at all ..... tonight I am celebrating being mathematically safe from falling into the National League ☺️
  8. Some decent goals on here from his Leicester days ...
  9. Here is the best obituary you will read about Frank written by the best Football Journalist in the business ( in my opinion ) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b351a1f0-8bcc-11eb-8f69-0367b6f4fca7?shareToken=0ebabbbe700952ae8aeb41180546b947
  10. Gary Bowyer Appointed https://salfordcityfc.co.uk/gary-bowyer-appointed-manager-23032021/
  11. So Sad, So very , very sad My all time favourite Bolton Player Absolute Legend And he was a real maverick
  12. Sounds like replacement lined up looking at the odds - Gary Bowyer straight in at 1/2
  13. After Paul Stanley the Wigan Admin chap said in an interview that fans ought to put a statue up of him as a thank you for saving the club - despite charging them £2 million in the process - someone did Thought it was rather good myself
  14. In more recent times Mike Walsh ran a Pizza Restaurant on the Costa Blanca - saw him a few times - kept very quiet about his football career - none of his staff I met at the time new anything of it - sold up a couple of years ago and back in the UK
  15. Sky in the UK i believe - Ifollow is only available to those living outside the UK in countries that are not taking the match live
  16. We probably have a few more than them poor victims of torture over in Bahrain WIGAN ATHLETIC - GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION http://www.odvv.org/resources/attachment/LG_1535542199_f417dc4167c9f000b6bf086a3e0d35d6.jpg
  17. Could be in our own hands come 5pm saturday Need Cheltenham to lose , Tranmere to lose 1 of next two or draw both and FGR v Cambridge to draw All we need to do then is keep winning !
  18. On the subject of Walsall thought this was a class move by the club They have brought out a kit for next season incorporating the names of the supporters who chose not to claim a refund on their season tickets Should guarantee a few shirt sales https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2021/03/10/walsall-unveil-commemorative-third-kit-for-202122-season/
  19. There is actually a connection between Murray Walker and sweets He also worked as an advertising executive and came up with the classic "made to make your mouth water" slogan
  20. The answer to the question I raised on opening this thread has popped up in the Bolton News - with a spin that I never expected to see in the Bolton News - Under the Headline Alan Ball: Birthplace of Bolton's most famous footballer up for auction But here it is - complete with its very own Blue Plaque ! https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/19146328.alan-ball-birthplace-boltons-famous-footballer-auction/
  21. Correct If we win all our games we can get a maximum of 90 points , whereas for example If they win all their games Cheltenham can get 101 Forest Green 99 Tranmere 96 etc 10 clubs who feasibly can get more points than us. BUT With 35 fixtures to be played between those clubs ( 11 clubs including ourselves ) points will be dropped which is why its vital we win tonight as we can afford to drop far fewer points than our rivals I was looking at your forecast on the "Are we going up thread " earlier and cannot see Cheltenham dropping 20 points or FGR 19 over the remaining
  22. We cannot afford to lose this tonight - still 10 clubs who theoretically can get more points than us this season Forest Green v Morecambe & Newport v Bradford means at least 2 of our rivals will drop points tonight Go 3-1 win
  23. Trevor Peacock AKA Jim Trott (Vicar of Dibley) 89
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