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  1. 1 David Marshall Goalkeeper Mar 5, 1985 (35) 30.06.2021 €400Th. 23 Jamie Jones Goalkeeper Feb 18, 1989 (31) 30.06.2021 €200Th. - Owen Evans Goalkeeper Nov 28, 1996 (23) 30.06.2021 €50Th. 21 Cédric Kipré Centre-Back Dec 9, 1996 (23) 30.06.2021 €1.20m 22 Chey Dunkley Centre-Back Feb 13, 1992 (28) 30.06.2020 €1.20m - Emeka Obi Centre-Back Jun 6, 2001 (19) 30.06.2020 €50Th. 3 Antonee Robinson Left-Back Aug 8, 1997 (23) 30.06.2022 €3.50m 6 Danny Fox Left-Back May 29, 1986 (34) 30.06.2021 €400Th. 12 Tom Pearce Left-Back Apr 12, 1998 (22) 30.06.2022 €250Th. 2 Nathan Byrne Right-Back Jun 5, 1992 (28) 30.06.2021 €800Th. 5 Samy Morsy Central Midfield Sep 10, 1991 (28) 30.06.2021 €1.20m 8 Lee Evans Central Midfield Jul 24, 1994 (26) 30.06.2021 €1.20m 20 Joe Williams Central Midfield Dec 8, 1996 (23) 30.06.2022 €725Th. 4 Lewis MacLeod Central Midfield Jun 16, 1994 (26) 30.06.2020 €475Th. - Josh Windass Attacking Midfield Jan 9, 1994 (26) 30.06.2021 €1.60m 17 Michael Jacobs Left Winger Nov 4, 1991 (28) 30.06.2020 €800Th. 7 Anthony Pilkington Left Winger Jun 6, 1988 (32) 30.06.2020 €600Th. 18 Gary Roberts Left Winger Mar 18, 1984 (36) 30.06.2020 €100Th. 9 Jamal Lowe Right Winger Jul 21, 1994 (26) 30.06.2022 €1.40m 33 Kal Naismith Right Winger Feb 18, 1992 (28) 30.06.2021 €600Th. 11 Gavin Massey Right Winger Oct 14, 1992 (27) 30.06.2021 €475Th. 19 Kieffer Moore Centre-Forward Aug 8, 1992 (28) 30.06.2022 €2.00m 38 Joe Gelhardt Centre-Forward May 4, 2002 (18) 30.06.2021 €1.30m 14 Joe Garner Centre-Forward Apr 12, 1988 (32) 30.06.2021 €600Th. - Kyle Joseph Centre-Forward Sep 10, 2001 (18) 30.06.2021 €100Th. 32 Charlie Jolley Centre-Forward Jan 13, 2001 (19) 30.06.2021 €100Th. Above taken from website https://www.transfermarkt.com/wigan-athletic/kader/verein/1071 Date of contract expiry and some sort of market value are shown Probably slightly out of date
  2. Not sure If this has been posted elsewhere on here ? Proves there is very little new in this world Picture taken at at American Football game in 1918 ( Spanish Flu epidemic )
  3. Agree 100% with everything you have said Whilst I dont think we will ever be thanking "uncle" Ken for having the foresight to put us into admin when he did , I do think the timing of our administration may well give us a massive competitive advantage going forward, providing we can start to get it right on the pitch.
  4. Rugby cant afford it when its valued at £25 million or whatever it's on the books at Don't know the exact figures but lets suppose they ( Wigan Warriors ) pay £600k per annum as rent to the football club Put in a silly offer of say £3 million ( 5 years rent ) to the administrator and they have potentially got a rent free home for life - just got to repay the borrowings to purchase it Wigan council own the freehold and have covenants in place saying site cannot be used for retail / residential development - am sure no wigan council would politically ever want to overturn that There's not many people in the market for a Sports stadium in Wigan so its very much buyers market Am sure between Rugby club and Council they'll cobble a deal together - assuming no one comes in shortly to save the football club
  5. Administrator can dispose of it as it has no charges registered against it such as a mortgage Its losing money when its hosting football and rugby , and will be costing money to maintain Being in a separate company is of little consequence at this point in time - its in administration with the other group companies
  6. The longer it goes on with no bids the more likely the Rugby club and the council step in to secure the Stadium Stadium is the only thing worth salvaging Accounts for the stadium which is in a separate company shows it is 15% owned by the Council already and has no charges against it https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03477413/more
  7. Apparently the poultry Industry in India is in dire straits https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-08-03/poultry-farmers-in-india-seeking-2-7-billion-after-virus-scare Could have an impact on Venkys continued funding of Rovers in the not too distant future. `
  8. I cant see it being anything other than -12 Opening a real can of worms if its reduced or zero
  9. From what I have read they owe about £6 million to unsecured creditors ( largest being Inland Revenue due about £2.5 million ) and potentially a further £25 million "loaned" via the Far Eastern owners which the administrators are investigating If the £25 million far eastern loans are payable then non football creditors would total about £32 million and someone would have to come up with about £8 million just to satisfy the football leagues 25 % ruling otherwise they get a 15 point deduction next season. If its not payable then a buyer only has to find 25% of £6 million ie £1.5 million - that seems to be the basis on which they are working as the offer they accepted from the bidder who walked away last week paid all football creditors and the £1.5 million to non football creditors Not sure what football creditors are - someone else may know ( Guess £6-£8 million ) ?
  10. Lad called Zac Brown on Twitter coming out with some belters in response to Nixon ... So WHY are we selling the kids for nothing who are on cheap contracts and keeping the most valuable ones on the most money? It’s like we’re trying to implode But don’t they understand once they buy the club they can slash the payroll themselves? At better rates than what we’re getting now?!
  11. It has the potential to turn into a proper soap opera Rather than a quick Liquidation , which to be honest I would not wish on any club , this has some entertainment value Ideal scenario - 12 point deduction is applied and they are relegated Someone scrapes together just enough money to save them from immediate Liquidation , but not enough to either buy the ground which is sold to Wigan RL who put in a better offer , and not enough money to pay the non football creditors 25p in the pound which would mean they start next season with a further 15 point deduction End of next season we get promoted , they get relegated and we never play them again .
  12. This QC Wigan have got representing them ( David Phillips ) , has , in a distinguished career got some highly relevant experience .. He chaired the regulatory commission at the disciplinary hearing against Wayne Shaw the Sutton United Keeper who ate a pie live during an FA Cup tie against Arsenal in february 2017 , to promote a betting company .
  13. I cant see it lasting all day I still cant get my head around how the administrator can justify taking a punt on £500k legal fees in the hope of overturning established EFL rules. - If you go into Administration its an automatic deduction - end of. If after the 12 point deduction Wigan had finished 4th bottom none of this would be happening Am surprised the Inland Revenue as largest non football creditor at about £2.5 million have not challenged the administrator on spending money that could go to pay both his own fees and in part the creditors - it might be that nothing is actually substantially in arrears thus far, as far as HMRC are concerned
  14. Anybody heard anything about Stadium Naming rights being renewed or not ? Not sure how long University of Bolton are contracted for ? Be a good time to see a rebranding - hardly been the best of relationships for either party Though 8 wins in 40 is probably on a par with their academic record.
  15. I dont think the BN will ever be the go to site for information for large swathes of our support - the world has moved on It does however remain the go to for a fair percentage of our support Without going over PG and ancient history , and focusing on the recent past , I dont see anything wrong with having a pop at FV whilst the takeover was ongoing. I would rather we have a journalist asking challenging and difficult questions of our owners on a regular basis - it ought to go with the territory . Maybe the relationship FV are perceived to currently have had with Iles is as much to do with circumstance - in that the way the takeover happened and events unravelled quickly thereafter , as it has with personality. There has been little positive news to put in the public domain for a long time. its easy to say that must be down to a poor relationship - it might be mainly down to FV simply wanting to sit tight and say as little as possible until this season is over. I reckon with "Brand Evatt" being pushed in the next few months you will see as part and parcel of that a re-engaging with local media , whether it be Iles , the next Frank Booth or the next Gordon Sharrock , and I remain hopeful young Gartside is man enough to form his own views.
  16. Well said Like most Iles has had a tough time of it in recent seasons in extremely trying circumstances Am sure he has still got a couple of good contacts within the club , and am sure as the good times return the club will look to rebuild the relationship Folks forget the Bolton News still represents the main source of Information for a fair percentage of our fan base whether they like it or not Some of the comments the very mention of his name on this board generate are frankly pathetic - talk about playing to an audience
  17. I think Marc Iles is quietly acknowledging your literary contribution to this board In his article today - https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18561267.inside-wanderers-bolton-just-get-times/ I quote And then, a ray of sunshine peaked over Winter Hill.
  18. No they dont They get the same entitlement as every other season ticket holder. One per ticket There are not that many that travel on a regular basis Girls in the corporate look after the few regulars If anyone thinks that if 100 people in the platinum suite for example all decided one week they wanted to go to Barrow - it would not happen . Unless other fans requirements had been met first. Where they are useful is late on, when for example players return tickets for sell out games , is in helping get those tickets into the hands of genuine fans who have missed out - I have asked on many occasions , phone call on a friday , for lads i know who have missed out and sometimes, not always , at the eleventh hour it works. That informal side of it should not be knocked as many people over the years have benefitted from it
  19. A very famous one - who remembers this !
  20. Would put money on Whelan buying them back for next to nothing
  21. Send for the Jewish Chronicle - they have just the man to save them.
  22. "Apart from" in the sense of Peter Atherton who was already confirmed I should have perhaps said Sounds like we are getting his entire backroom team , apart from Peter Atherton , We are also getting a physio Callum Walters and an analyst Lewis Duckmanton .
  23. I said it sounds like we are getting his entire backroom team ... it says However, assistant manager Peter Atherton will be following Evatt to the University of Bolton Stadium and it is expected analyst Lewis Duckmanton and physio Callum Walters, who both came with him from Chesterfield in 2018, will do likewise. Does that not sound like they are coming ?
  24. Am only going off what local press are saying https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/18552732.ian-evatt-cant-sign-barrow-afcs-star-men-bolton-wanderers/
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