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  1. Anybody giving up after 3 League games needs to give their head a wobble, or think back to this time last season. If you're writing us off with 43 games to go, I think you need to find a more fulfilling hobby. Maybe you just aren't cut out for lower League football. It's shite.
  2. I suspect you might be slightly biased in your evaluation of (your friend) Dean's opinion.
  3. He's only used one, hasn't he? The "bag of Revels" thing, which actually made sense. Other than that, he's said it how it is.
  4. They are literally the same things. I have no idea what you're getting at. What would you rather he said?
  5. Surely that's what we need? I'd rather see him telling it like it is than talking bollocks and trying to gloss over a shit result.
  6. Can't argue with anything he said in that. I've still got every confidence he'll sort it. And there's no fucking way that was the "worst ever Bolton team performance". Think a few people got carried away with all the "we're gonna piss the league" nonsense. We'll be reet.
  7. All 4 of them at once?
  8. Biden is a senile old paedo who drinks the blood of newborn babies - if you wear certain blinkers and only watch certain videos circulated by certain people whilst believing the "MSM" is a front for a global Satanic cult.
  9. Slightly off-topic, but I've always thought it's a fucking disgrace that Led Zeppelin still have writing credits on Whole Lotta Love (probably "their" most famous song). It was a fucking cover of a cover!
  10. I wonder what it is that makes Nationalist nutters promote massive conspiracy theories, even though the Political Parties they support are winning elections? Ah, it's a chicken and egg thing innit.
  11. Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt' was a great sign off.
  12. Apologies for bombarding the topic with Radiohead videos, but they're the best band in the world in my opinion. This is how to cover a Smiths song.
  13. They did the same with Nobody Does It Better.
  14. Radiohead have been mentioned a few times recently. This is one of my favourite covers.
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