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  1. Don't believe a word of it. Lying cheating scum. ABH
  2. I know. You don't want to learn or consider anything any more. You've found your place, and you're staying there regardless. I find it a bit sad, but I respect it.
  3. Couldn't give a flying fuck what people think about art or how much any particular piece is worth. Each to their own innit.
  4. If you innocently attended a rally for some reason, then you looked around and noticed there were hundreds of Neo-Nazi's, White Supremacists and Holocaust-Deniers in attendance, and then they said "Follow us!", would you follow them?
  5. Much like his supporters being portrayed as having "economic anxiety" and being the "forgotten classes" who've been "left behind". Most of the twats arrested after the storming of The Capitol are middle-class extremists. Off-Duty Cops, firefighters, bankers, lawyers, rich kids. The only thing they have in common is their White Supremacist beliefs.
  6. Self-education. If you're not interested, you won't feel any need to know about these things. If you are interested for whatever reason, you just look them up and take notice. Either position is perfectly reasonable.
  7. You almost hear Bolty salivating at the thought of Neo-Nazi's murdering and maiming their fellow citizens because daddy Trump told them to...
  8. Yeah, that's usually what terrorists say about their leaders.
  9. Fuck all will happen. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/national-guard-us-capitol-high-threat-level/
  10. This whopper actually believes this stuff....
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