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  1. Think I'm going to take a break from things for a while. Cheers ladies and gents. COYWM
  2. Uncomfortable innit? And embarrassing if it's you. I've spent most of today with my eyes inexplicably welled up, trying to force the tears back in. My son turned 9 yesterday so it's probably something to do with that. Working from home thankfully, so no witnesses.
  3. I'm a bit emotional at the moment, but I fucking LOVE Ian Evatt.
  4. Which insult has offended you?
  5. Imagine thinking a 1-0 win wasn't good enough. As though you'd rather lose or draw than win 1-0. Madness.
  6. We're in League 2. And if we were in League 1 and won every game 1-0, we'd win the league and break every record going.
  7. 😁 Got to be the biggest over-reaction ever on here.
  8. It's a fucking disgrace. SIck of winning 1-0.
  9. 1-0 is just not enough is it
  10. Nobody seems to give a fuck. They can do what they want as long as they sit infront of a Union Jack on GMB every other morning and annoy the "leftards" on twitter.
  11. Why do your mates have to be "on guard" ? Are they coppers?
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