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  1. "Brexit means Brexit" is far easier to comprehend than the actual reality.
  2. I am not an MP, you absolute cockwaffle. You asked me for my opinion. Don't worry, you've "won". Enjoy it.
  3. Yes, that's what I've just said. Because what was promised has turned out to be entirely false, so until those who made those promises can explain how they can be fulfilled, we shouldn't proceed with it. How would you resolve it?
  4. I've just told you mate. Which bit are you struggling with?
  5. You asked me what I'D do, and I told you. It's irrelevant, but you asked the question, and I answered. What would YOU do then?
  6. Revoke Article 50 and tell the Brexiter's to come back when they have a clear idea of exactly what they want, and a feasible plan to achieve it. A common sense approach. Unfortunately we are well beyond that point.
  7. Not struggling to follow. Just bored of you never giving a single straight answer over the last few years.
  8. No idea what you're taking about now. Let's simplify it a bit - which Tory Brexiteer do you admire the most? Who do you think talks the most sense? p. s I know I'm wasting my time as you haven't answered a simple question in years
  9. I know. Which of them do you think should have been the negotiators?
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