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  1. You should go on Dragons Den with your device that can detect when an anonymous user on an Internet forum has "had a beer". Silly old bellend.
  2. No. You clearly don't know how Government works. The Civil Service doesn't "advise". Even though I asked earlier, and correctly predicted that you wouldn't answer, I'll ask again. Where do you get this shite from?
  3. So you don't want someone who knows what they're doing - just someone who'll ignore their advisors/reality, and tell you Brexit is going to be great? Sounds about right. As I keep saying - it's become a cult. "I don't care, as long as they share my beliefs".
  4. Conspiratorial shite. The Civil Service do as they're told. They're pen pushers and administrators. They have zero influence whatsoever in politics. And if you think otherwise, who do you think is influencing them? Where do you get this shit from? I know you won't answer any of the above, so go on - who do you think should be Chancellor?
  5. Cheese

    Taken over?

    Fuck off, you meaty hero.
  6. No. Go on. Who would you like as Chancellor instead of Hammond? I'm 100% sure he's privvy to more information than you as to how Brexit will affect our economy, so I can only assume you want somebody who ignores that information and lies to you.
  7. I'm presuming you want someone in as Chancellor who'll lie and tell you Brexit isn't going to fuck the economy? Another cultist.
  8. And......saying you voted for a candidate because they're not as scary as someone who isn't even standing makes no fucking sense.
  9. Corbyn wasn't an MEP candidate.
  10. From Monday, this will be one of the MEP's representing the North West. Nice one lads. Good work.
  11. I don't vote Conservative. If I was forced to choose a Tory PM, it would be Ken Clarke. Certainly wouldn't be any of the shithouses that are throwing their hats in the ring at the moment.
  12. No. He's a lying opportunist cunt. As Heseltine said of him recently "He waits to see which way the crowd are running, then dashes to the front and says 'Follow Me'."
  13. £1000. Let me know when Jacob makes the request. And it was my ex-missus that had the rape fantasy, about 10 years ago. Good try though.
  14. Look at this serf getting angry because someone insulted his tophat-wearing monacled Master. I bet you'd lick Rees-Mogg's arse clean if he asked you.
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