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  1. So how is the UK leaving the EU going to change anything for them? The Isle of Man is entirely unaffected.
  2. Can you point out the post in this thread which made you think I follow the bloke on twitter?
  3. Of course. What made you think I follow the cunt on twitter then?
  4. Our new PM ladies and gentlemen. The Isle of Man isn't even in the EU.
  5. I don't have a photographic memory unfortunately. After I googled the name, I realised who miami was referring to. You seem a tad obsessed.
  6. Feel free to say on here. I can't send PM's due to wanderersways crimes I committed many years ago.
  7. No I don't. I just didn't know who miami meant by "fat Mike", because I'm not obsessed with random blokes like you and he are. So more royalwhite bullshit. I'm assuming you're the one who sends photos of me to miami?
  8. Must admit, I have often been told I look like Adil Rashid after I've let the beard grow for a couple of months.
  9. Seriously, go on. If it isn't you, who is stalking me on twitter and sending you photos of me? Whoever it is, they're obviously a deranged coward. Name and shame the culprit of this weird behaviour.
  10. So someone else is stalking me, and sending you screenshots of my face and twitter posts? Even if that's true, do you not think that's a bit weird? I certainly would if it was the other way round.
  11. Yes, saving pictures of another mans' face (who've you've never met) is basically stalking mate. Very odd behaviour for a middle-aged man. I would gladly buy you a beer too. You seem to take all of this far too seriously though, judging by your efforts to track me down on other websites so you can insult my appearance. As for Mike Stuchbery - another man you seem to be obsessed with (and I'm presuming you haven't met him either) - personally, I couldn't give a shiney shite, and I've certainly not "funded his holidays" as you claimed earlier.
  12. You brought him up. I only remembered who he was after googling his name. No need to get so worked up mate. You prefer to meet people in real life, but you're stalking me on twitter and commenting on my appearance? Gay.
  13. I didn't look that deeply into it to be honest. Instead of anonymously stalking me on twitter like a sad old cunt, why don't you just follow me? And again, how have I funded some random blokes' holidays?
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