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  1. In a very similar place. https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/news/mayor-of-greater-manchester-calls-for-footballing-authorities-to-grant-bury-fc-a-stay-of-execution/
  2. Cheese


    Never mind. Have a good night.
  3. Cheese


    Is your real name ZicoKelly?
  4. Fucking loads of very good sausages available at farm shops. Fucking loads. I'm sick to fucking death of going to fucking farm shops over the last few months. 3 times a fucking week.
  5. Well it would be fucking boring if we were all the same. 👍
  6. You rightly call them wankers, and you obviously thought their behaviour was obnoxious - yet you're making a conscious decision to behave exactly as they did. Doesn't make sense to me, but each to their own.
  7. Pas de problème, patron.
  8. As Bolton fans - if we've learned any lessons over the last few years, one of the big ones should be "Don't rejoice in the misfortune of others, because you never know what's round the corner". Particularly when peoples' livelihoods are at stake. Little more than a year ago, PNE were sending OUR staff food vouchers because they weren't being paid by their own club. OUR club. A bit of humility wouldn't go amiss, regardless of rivalries. If things don't go to plan we could easily be in the same situation again. And if some Wigan fans revelled in our demise at the time, so what? - be the bigger man. Have some class.
  9. Some proper dodgy shit going on in the background while everyone talks about Trump's racist tweets.
  10. Jesus Christ. He's only been here for a couple of hours.
  11. Yes, but you said they weren't an hour ago.
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