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  1. My mate was so addicted that when he was out and about in his car, he would have his laptop on the passenger seat so he could still play matches!
  2. Howard - What is your favorite way to kill an elephant?
  3. So Harvey who is about to leave his position in one month, and is a friend of Anderson is going to meet Bassini to decided if he is fit and proper later on tonight? They are meeting at 7pm and by the time Bassini leaves he will know if he has been passed? If the above is not an indictment of the whole fit of proper testing then I dont know what is!!
  4. So Parkinson from Bolton?
  5. Only Wanderers would get rid of a manager made for, and has a successful history of getting out of League one! There would be celebrating in the streets replacing him with Nolan/Lee Pot him on promotion!
  6. Controversial, but given his record in league one on a limited budget should we be looking to pot Parky?
  7. I know it was a money thing but wasn't there enough room to build Normid and still keep part of the embankment by moving the build 10-20 yards further back? Why did it have to come so close to the pitch at the time? What did we make off the land at the time?
  8. I think he went down from heat exhaustion rather than a punch due to his hat ware!
  9. Awful match up that doesn't do anything for the sport. I know it's a payday, and Hearns not going to try and put him off but Gallagher should be stepping in. Crolla's style which got him a belt is exactly the style that would make Loma shine (even though he doesn't need anyone to help do that). It's not as if Crolla had a punchers chance.
  10. Like a phoenix from the flames, Wanderersways is back!
  11. But what percentage are you confident that this is actually true?
  12. I think we beat Spurs at home to take us into the top 6 playing the type of football the fans had cried out for post JJ and Youri... My biggest fear then was losing Coyle to Arsenal!!
  13. Is he the Leeds fan who used to be on talksport?
  14. Is he the Leeds fan who uses to be on talksport?
  15. Wembley trip in the FA trophy only in 2015 as well. Bet walking up Wembley way that day some of their fans thought they were on a crest! Shows how difficult it can be if you don't live within your means at all times (or have someone to fund the excesses)
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