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  1. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Clear story based on just facts available for the BEN / iles to run with if they wished... The story can be writern just based on facts that are available in the public domain without any real investigation... The 2nd story can be a follow up on the ST statement
  2. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Has anyone contacted him about this for his personal (non BEN related, obviously) opinion?
  3. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Ha ha maybe That was it... Remember the moans and someone trying to rally then on the day recall how pitiful it ended being
  4. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    What was the protest about back in the Premier days with the paper planes being thrown on the pitch at a set time? Memories although hazy was it totalled about 4 or 5, none actually reaching the playing surface
  5. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Ken has just run into someone with as much Bravado as him (I can confirm your Yeovil comments as family are YTFC fans - STHs). If the FGR guy wanted his money, he could have waited 1 week and got it paid directly by the EFL (secured football debt) as confirmed by a couple of L1 chairmen.. Then the same in summer if the next clause was triggered (surely payments were based on avoiding relegation - doubtful and x-number of goals - doubtful).
  6. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    This isnt in defence of KA, but maybe a view into it... He may have thought the magical 20,000 average attendance figure was more than achievable which would have kept his head above the water and covered the loans... I am sure this will be where the blame gets given once this gets settled one way or another (its a reasonable justification in some parts)
  7. SalfordOriginal

    Transfer Gossip

    I always thought it was a percentage of the monthly wage (0-100%) then if the player was good enough you could ask for a loan fee also... So for certain clubs they accepted loan deals just to get the players of the books... But as these cases show, your explanation is correct
  8. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    I doubt he will mind losing the club at this stage and his silence could well be him looking at ways to pay himself as much as possible for consultation fees before he does
  9. SalfordOriginal

    Transfer Gossip

    If you ask me.....What a Owner/Chairman Although imagine where we would have been if he did it with some decent players. We should have been shopping lifting in Harrods not Aldi
  10. SalfordOriginal

    Transfer Gossip

    You have to question how we have managed to get away with other clubs paying the loaned players wages for so long!!
  11. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Sorry yes... Basically saying if what KA has said is true, it's enough for the EFL to fail KA as fit and proper then send in an Administrator to take over Well that's how I read it anyway
  12. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Interesting tweets from Andy Holt, Accrington's chairman on the matter
  13. SalfordOriginal

    Sweaty Ken

    Done a Maxwell and fell out of his Yacht
  14. SalfordOriginal

    Transfer Gossip

    Correct. No worse than those clubs who have gone into Admin and come out the other side bigger and stronger in some cases

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