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  1. Is he the Leeds fan who used to be on talksport?
  2. Is he the Leeds fan who uses to be on talksport?
  3. Wembley trip in the FA trophy only in 2015 as well. Bet walking up Wembley way that day some of their fans thought they were on a crest! Shows how difficult it can be if you don't live within your means at all times (or have someone to fund the excesses)
  4. North Ferriby United wound up today!
  5. Are we sure that Chris Custodiet and Howardroak are not just 2 Russian bots trying to disrupt the peaceful and tranquil world of Wanderersways?
  6. This thread has given me one thing.. I certainly will be avoiding Ayn Rand novels on the beach this summer! Interesting subplot is that all the posts by John Galt have been deleted by the user once the breach in NDA was called out
  7. If we finish on 48 points and get relegated where does the team stand compared to the one last year? Better?
  8. Why isn't gardening leave an option? Just get him away from the 1st team... Lee can step up on the same money until the end of the season as a "prove it before we pay it deal"... Cost = neutral
  9. Can I count the catch if... I take it out of your keep net and put it in mine?
  10. Clear story based on just facts available for the BEN / iles to run with if they wished... The story can be writern just based on facts that are available in the public domain without any real investigation... The 2nd story can be a follow up on the ST statement
  11. Has anyone contacted him about this for his personal (non BEN related, obviously) opinion?
  12. Ha ha maybe That was it... Remember the moans and someone trying to rally then on the day recall how pitiful it ended being
  13. What was the protest about back in the Premier days with the paper planes being thrown on the pitch at a set time? Memories although hazy was it totalled about 4 or 5, none actually reaching the playing surface
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