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  1. We’ll need to score 4 to get anything out of this. Win.
  2. Fairly confident I had it back in March when it was rife in London. My symptoms were; shortness of breathe, fatigue/exhaustion, persistent cough. My partner had less severe symptoms but she also lost taste and smell. It took around two weeks to start feeling better and it came in waves, one minute I thought I was on the mend the next day I was twice as bad. @jules_darby - your symptoms sound fairly similar to mine, albeit I didn't have a test to confirm it. I'd just suggest getting as much water and rest as possible. All the best!
  3. Bad one to lose this. Expectations are creeping back up and we are playing a team that would appear to have had very little preparation for today's game. Win 3-1, Two for Delfouneso and one for Sarcevic. Pitch forks stay in the shed.
  4. I’m in danger of enjoying this
  5. Just spat my cup of tea out, blasphemy!
  6. Comte and Gruyere both ace with beer. Lancashire on toast. Wallace of the clay variety should be shot for his affinity to Yorkshire cheese.
  7. There was certainty shoots of creativity when we did speed things up and Evatt’s track record at Barrow is evidence that this will work but it will take time. I genuinely buy in to what we are trying to do. I know our game plan is laid bare for all to see, but with time we will get better at it and hopefully we will start to create more chances for Doyle and Delfouneso. Agree that the defence needs to improve but we will get firing at the other end and hopefully these mistakes will not cost us games. This is League Two after all and we need to accept that the standard has dropped.
  8. Another +1 for miles better than last week but I suppose that’s not saying much. 89th in the football league but it’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s going to take time but Evatt will turn this around.
  9. When he inevitably leaves at half time will they let somebody else in?
  10. Can’t see them actually moving to Leigh but having the option is obviously handy when it comes to rent negotiations on the DW.
  11. I’ll never really understand why people think it’s odd that somebody who is 20+ would wear their teams shirt to the match. It’s a football shirt at a football match. I don’t tend to wear shirts these days because it becomes difficult to get in to pubs, especially at away matches. But there’s no finer site than seeing the Reebok crowd completely decked out in white when the weather is warm, like on the first game of the season. I do however draw the line at getting a players name on your shirt, especially if said player is 20 years younger than you. Each to their own and all th
  12. What an away kit that was
  13. Whoever made the decision to discontinue Mars Bar Delight should to go to prison. Terrys Chocolate Orange or Double Deckers also make the podium.
  14. Don’t disagree, I like the ‘your town your team’ approach but it hardly gets the fire in the belly going. There was an end of season goals compilation video years ago that opened with a few clips of the Watford and Ipswich play off losses which set the scene before moving on to us scoring a raft of goals. It really got you going because you knew in the video our fortunes were about to be turned around. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see repeat clips of some of the shambolic matches we’ve been involved in over the last few seasons. However I think for the purpose of flo
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