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  1. 1999 Watford play off final - never turned up. 2000 Aston Villa FA Cup Semi Final - heart breaking, will never forgive DH for that miss. 2004 - Boro Carling Cup Final. That was our chance to win a major trophy in our modern history and we even managed to avoid Arsenal in the final. 2008 - Sporting Lisbon away. What an absolute waste of our moment in the sun. 2013 - Blackpool at home to cost us a place in the play-offs in our first season down. Pretty much everything from 2013 on wards with the exception of 2016/2017 season in League One.
  2. Just gone into self-isolation this morning. My partner and I are both coughing, although I am slightly more persistent. She's a teacher at a school in London, so it really wasn't worth the risk. It wasn't a decision taken lightly as her school is massively short staffed and it almost felt like a stitch up. The cough seems to be triggered by warm air or moving around, If I am sat still it's not an issue. The frustration is that there is no real way of knowing either way.
  3. Seemed like an unbelievable time to be a football fan in England. Old Wembley bouncing to the Lightning Seeds, cheap continental lager and penalty shootout ecstasy and agony. I was just turning 7 years old at the time, so I have very limited memories but I did make it to Czechs v Italy in the group stages and France v Netherlands in the Quarters, both at Anfield (thanks Dad).
  4. Perth Glory v Wellington - bit of an away day for Wellington, 5,225km between them. Paderborn v Bochum - Nobody cared that we are twinned with them and no decent pubs in the town. Frankfurt v Nuremberg - Frankfurt have the best home fans I've experienced. However, I went to watch them against Stuttgart away and their fans didn't sing until the 70th minute as their 'top boys' were held outside the ground. As soon as they were let in the singing commenced. All very odd. Mainz v Wolfsburg - Friday night game last season, coldest I've ever been at any football match ever. Various Euro 2016 matches - the pick being Hungary 3 - 3 Portugal in Lyon. Toronto FC v Columbus Crew - Good nachos Spurs v Citeh - the week before last. What a stadium and they serve really good beer brewed on site.
  5. Tried to engage with the London Whites but never got a response. Massive shame as there are around 10 of us that go regularly from London but I think most of us are now happy to organise trains/tickets over whatsapp rather than bother joining it. I think a few are going up for Lincoln but as a few posters have pointed out already; avoid Garrp, he’s usually found lurking at the bar waiting for his next victim.
  6. Agree that Carlton Draught is a decent beer compared to the other mass produced beer in that market, miles better than the Carling’s and Fosters over here. Also wish we could get James Squire beer in the UK, especially the golden ale.
  7. There’s a tiny Portuguese bar in Tooting that has Super Bock lager and their stout on draft. Every now and then I go in for a pint of nostalgia.
  8. Super Bock

    Take Over

    How are we getting on this morning? 😂
  9. Walking up the stairs of my local underground station. Quite literally out of the dark and into the light.
  10. Super Bock


    It's the full time Bury FC supporters that I feel for. Not the part time, half Man United half Bury fans. They will be over it by lunch time tomorrow.
  11. Proof that football without the fans is nothing.
  12. Super Bock

    Take Over

    Travelodge have a long standing requirement for a hotel at Middlebrook, however they very rarely buy hotels since they refinanced, instead they prefer the leasehold model with terms of between 25-30 years with the landlord paying all fitout related costs. I imagine it would be fairly simple for a developer/fund to acquire the hotel with a pre-let in place to Travelodge and then sell it on for a reasonable profit. Travelodge will typically pay around 5k-7k per room per annum in rent, but this varies depending on the demographics, local competition, parking and overall quality of the hotel. The more rooms they acquire the more they can pay in rent as they benefit from economies of scale on their day to day running costs. The only other hotel operator that accepts leasehold terms is Premier Inn (Whitbread) and they are already on Middlebrook. So I actually think the hotel could become a Travelodge.
  13. No but I'm going on my young persons rail card 😎
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