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  1. Stopped off for a couple of pints mid cycle in a country pub off the beaten track in the Surrey Hills. Really well organised, plenty of space and all drinks ordered online and arrived at the table swiftly. The ale was fantastic, it had to be given it could only have been tapped this morning. That said, passing back through Epsom it was police and ambulances galore, one pub was so busy at 4pm it was on par with the turnout for an England World Cup game. Pick your pubs wisely and it will be fine.
  2. Come on it's easy.... Basement Jaxx 'Where's your Ev-att' when we play Barrow* *an example not a suggestion
  3. I’m early 30’s, run three times a week. I was running up to 12 miles on Saturday’s and then both myself and my partner developed a dry cough. My partner lost all taste and smell, I felt like I had been hit by a truck and it took me weeks to recover. A month later and I couldn’t run down the street, my lung capacity was completely shot. Neither of us have been tested but I commute into London daily and exit via Oxford Circus, one of the busiest stations on the network, my partner teaches and she has contact with hundreds of kids on a daily basis. I’m confident we’ve had it. I rarely, if ever get sick and I’d never taken a day off work through illness. This was something else, more than just a cold or flu. If this was later in life it could well have bowled me over. This isn’t just going to push old frail people over the line, it’s going to rob a sizeable amount of people of their lives. I concur that people will take their own circumstances and let that form their decision making, but I was previously in the ‘I’ve probably had it and not known/better to just get it’ camp. My experience has completely changed all of that..
  4. Augustiner Helles cracked open. 1 down 23 to go.
  5. What are the dimensions of your shed? Asking for a mate...
  6. Beers of Europe. Although unsurprisingly they now have very little stock of anything.
  7. Morrisons sell the big 5l kegs of Budvar. I haven’t tried it but had a keg of the German beer Fruh a few weeks back, head and shoulders above the same beer in bottles, so it seems to travel better in those kegs.
  8. Anybody who decides to stick up for Dortmund or Bayern is as good as a plastic. Up the Paderborn.
  9. Paderborn are never boring to watch, they went 3-0 up in the first half away at Dortmund earlier in the season before clinging on for dear life to get a point. Can’t see them surviving though but maybe the long break and closed doors could change their fortunes. Went to watch them play a few years ago and Paderborn is a good shout for a twin town. Teenagers pushing prams, run down shops and a modern out of town stadium with bugger all pubs around.
  10. They’re saying all the right things. We are bottom of the league and a mile from safety, so they certainly can’t be seen to be doing a Karen Brady and encouraging the season to be over. From a PR perspective they’re playing it well. Stay quiet, behave respectably and wait for the news that will hopefully confirm that we are staying up.
  11. The Sports Direct Arena, the seats are even the right colour.
  12. Another plus one for Cockapoo’s. Although our dogs biggest fear is being left alone, so I guess it depends on how they start out life. Good pub dogs, happy to sit under the chair and watch the world go by without taking on any other dogs.
  13. 1999 Watford play off final - never turned up. 2000 Aston Villa FA Cup Semi Final - heart breaking, will never forgive DH for that miss. 2004 - Boro Carling Cup Final. That was our chance to win a major trophy in our modern history and we even managed to avoid Arsenal in the final. 2008 - Sporting Lisbon away. What an absolute waste of our moment in the sun. 2013 - Blackpool at home to cost us a place in the play-offs in our first season down. Pretty much everything from 2013 on wards with the exception of 2016/2017 season in League One.
  14. Just gone into self-isolation this morning. My partner and I are both coughing, although I am slightly more persistent. She's a teacher at a school in London, so it really wasn't worth the risk. It wasn't a decision taken lightly as her school is massively short staffed and it almost felt like a stitch up. The cough seems to be triggered by warm air or moving around, If I am sat still it's not an issue. The frustration is that there is no real way of knowing either way.
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