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  1. Sin bins being introduced in north west counties next season. Be interesting to see what qualifies to get sent there. Reading the statement doesn't sound like FA know yet
  2. Black Sunday.. I was young and I'd convinced myself.. gutted. Aston villa fa cup semi final. My grandad had been to the first final at Wembley, was convinced I was going to the last Boro cup final, bastards I still can't believe it. I spend a lot of time up there and they mention it all the time, I've heard it in a few wedding speaches.. Sporting Lisbon.. even after the team was announced I thought we'd pull it off somehow. Stoke in the semi, great weekend ruined.
  3. Can't wait to start supporting a football team again. Feels like being doing business studies at night school last couple of years with Bolton.. No idea what's going on
  4. Watched Rammy yesterday, bloody hell colls must be some team because they were class. Murdered Trafford. Nice little ground at Trafford
  5. Fairplay didn't think you'd hit it. Not been for couple of years couldn't remember how big the stand is on same side as the clubhouse.
  6. Guessing they'll have too. Think it's 250 seats in division above and 250 covered terracing. Be surprised if they hit either of those.
  7. Who in their right mind is going to do business with Ken is another worry
  8. Looks like Ken wasn't arsed about the protest then. He's certainly not trying to win hearts and minds. Doesn't seem to be an alternative at the moment though, I'm not sure what people are asking for. He's got no money to contribute and I've not seen anything besides rumour that anyone wants to take over.. my biggest worry in all this is BWFC are a massively shit business that seems to run at s huge loss.
  9. My dad, unfortunately a united fan reckons that Bolton had one of the best teams in the country but by the time they'd got up the team was breaking up and the moment had gone.
  10. Seen them at Rammy and Chorley. They're a lovely mix of the arrogance you'd expect but also act like they're missionary workers for watching non league. Saw em threatening kids at Rammy which was a nice touch. You'll make a bomb but it'll kick off, especially with colls Bolton links. Colls are flying hope you hold onto Clegg.
  11. I'm not that comfortable with a well off privileged kid from north London calling Burnley a shithole. Or anywhere in the north, needs to mind his own. Other then that though fair play quite an achievement to make the club even more of a laughing stock
  12. Said on news it was a patio heater on the roof terrace. Seems bit of a risk on a building full of wood.
  13. Wways having a nominated charity is a good shout.
  14. For what it's worth which isn't much it seems to me Isles has been unprofessional which is a bloody shame because a journalist who could have risen above point scoring or sides. Whojust printed the way he saw it professionally would be priceless at the moment. I've not got much idea what's going on and reading and listening to people I'm not convinced others have either. As a slight aside though it's ironic the club have banned Isles for unprofessional tweets but are happy to pay Lee Anderson who seems to spend most of his time doing nothing else.
  15. I'd certainly ban him if it is racist, if its not that and he's just being a dick shouting at a player then most off here including me would have been banned at some point. Most of east stand lower towards away fans would be gone.
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