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  1. Ghana White


    I'm not that comfortable with a well off privileged kid from north London calling Burnley a shithole. Or anywhere in the north, needs to mind his own. Other then that though fair play quite an achievement to make the club even more of a laughing stock
  2. Ghana White

    The Ivy, Manchester

    Said on news it was a patio heater on the roof terrace. Seems bit of a risk on a building full of wood.
  3. Ghana White

    Stuff you’ve done for charity over the years

    Wways having a nominated charity is a good shout.
  4. Ghana White

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    For what it's worth which isn't much it seems to me Isles has been unprofessional which is a bloody shame because a journalist who could have risen above point scoring or sides. Whojust printed the way he saw it professionally would be priceless at the moment. I've not got much idea what's going on and reading and listening to people I'm not convinced others have either. As a slight aside though it's ironic the club have banned Isles for unprofessional tweets but are happy to pay Lee Anderson who seems to spend most of his time doing nothing else.
  5. Ghana White

    Chelsea Race Row

    I'd certainly ban him if it is racist, if its not that and he's just being a dick shouting at a player then most off here including me would have been banned at some point. Most of east stand lower towards away fans would be gone.
  6. Ghana White

    Non League Chatter

    Yeah must admit a lot of the stuff that's come up I've thought all non league clubs should have that but hardly any do though. Beers a great idea, been to a few clubs with their own beer on tap. Not many though, don't think there's much innovation In non league unfortunately fair play
  7. Ghana White

    Non League Chatter

    Carlos are you the push behind all the colls gear coming out? What's the deal with the beer did you have to buy the whole lot and hope you sell it?
  8. Ghana White

    Chelsea Race Row

    I honestly can't tell what he's saying, get a professional in though they'll be able to tell in 5 seconds. Life ban if he is.. I'm not a big fan of trial by media.
  9. Ghana White

    norwich away

    Feel sorry for those that travelled. Must have gone thinking they're immune from heartbreak as expecting to lose anyway. Typical Bolton to work out a way to still leave them gutted at the end. Some going to comeback.
  10. Ghana White

    Sweaty Ken

    So are people saying no deal is better then a bad deal?
  11. Ghana White

    Has anyone......

    Youth team beat Newcastle in the youth cup. Pretty impressive against a team from the alleged hot bed of football with a massive unchallenged catchment area.
  12. Ghana White

    Non League Chatter

    What's happened with radcliffe? They've been reassuringly shit with rubbish crowds for the last few years. Last I heard fans were taking over and club was on its knees. Suddenly their battling for top of the league with great crowds taking more to away games then they used to get at home.
  13. Ghana White

    Good read - Allardyce years

    In fact I've just looked at the table. There was some cracking teams then incredible we were up there.
  14. Ghana White

    Good read - Allardyce years

    And Chelsea thinking about it
  15. Ghana White

    Good read - Allardyce years

    We were unlucky that it coincided with two very good teams at united and arsenal. Could have pulled off a Leicester. Doesn't seem real looking back.

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