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  1. Love the Tranmere video, more of that shows we matter. I've enjoyed united fans revelling in it on Twitter as well. Better then being patted on the head by other fans.
  2. I love the lack of self awareness, like Andrews commenting on big wages for crap players. Dead right on Muamba, there was stuff on here about why aren't we playing him and showing our record with him in and out of the team. After Spurs the rift was at the time understandably forgotten.
  3. Gary Martindale was top scorer in reserves when the won the league, thought he'd make it but never happened. Macanespie was shagging a girl I went to school with when he played for us. Heard he was a tool sounds like they were right reading stories on here. Stuart Whitaker was a good shout. I thought delroy facey was going to be class, shows what I know.
  4. I'm worried there's a chance of them being higher then us in a years time. Piss poor attendance from them. Stockton town took more then double to Wembley when they got there for the vase.
  5. I don't think Baker is a racist. It was stupid to post it but to suggest he genuinely put it down as a racist statement seems a bit out there. It was stupid though. Sugar was racist about the African football team on Twitter but BBC never sacked him.. having said all that Baker killed Bob Marley so he's got form.
  6. A few go down to watch prestwich heys saying they don't enjoy it anymore. I walked down to a pre season game last year and noticed a lot of united gear around. My mate was furious when they changed the kit. Said they'd lost their identity. Think he was right to be honest, like someone else just said you alienate half your potential customers.
  7. If they're not insured I don't blame them for not playing. They've hardly been treated great this year and it's not worth risking your livelihood. Especially if they've got wife and kids. Im more pissed off with the likes of Andrews or Mears who stole a living.
  8. Prestwich is getting a few Salford shirts about now, my mates long term Salford fan so pleased for him, some of the stories he's told me about the new Salford fans who you see giving it the bigun on Twitter are bizarre.
  9. My mate lives in Hong Kong. They advertise the apartments over there as an investment for your pension years. Seems a bit fucked up when there's so many homeless families in Manc but it's foreign investment at least
  10. Incredible achievement by Colls. Hope it continues next season. Feel for Chorley that's a roller coaster of a weekend
  11. When they played Heys it was a bit like that, Radcliffe reffed the game, kicked Heys best player till he had to be taken off and got no cards for it. Saw the Twitter post by radcliffe at final whistle, they can't buy class..
  12. Good win for Radcliffe, sounds like they rubbed people up the wrong way again. Saw them earlier in the season against prestwich heys and wasn't that impressed.. shows what I know
  13. Sin bins being introduced in north west counties next season. Be interesting to see what qualifies to get sent there. Reading the statement doesn't sound like FA know yet
  14. Black Sunday.. I was young and I'd convinced myself.. gutted. Aston villa fa cup semi final. My grandad had been to the first final at Wembley, was convinced I was going to the last Boro cup final, bastards I still can't believe it. I spend a lot of time up there and they mention it all the time, I've heard it in a few wedding speaches.. Sporting Lisbon.. even after the team was announced I thought we'd pull it off somehow. Stoke in the semi, great weekend ruined.
  15. Can't wait to start supporting a football team again. Feels like being doing business studies at night school last couple of years with Bolton.. No idea what's going on
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