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  1. Sounds like scum him, I wouldn't give him time of day
  2. Been impressed with the conservative MPs in GM, taking on the party for something they believe will help their constituents, pretty brave in the current climate.
  3. Mates husband is a vegan never stops talking about it, got his own business doing Caribbean vegan food.. used to work in a slaughterhouse when he was younger, never talks about it.... worries me a little a bit
  4. Yeah it's the first time I've really started to think about where the food I eat has come from, especially meat so some good has come from this, i definitely agree about trump
  5. Lower Brek is in Anfield but I take your point be interesting to see what happens. I can't remember the full story but olly baylis said that In the fa cup a team said they couldn't play due to covid but then changed their mind so the hosting team said hang on I thought your squad had covid so refused to play, not sure how that panned out.
  6. Yeah it would be a massive own goal, I'm worried they might not have a choice if its leverage with the Americans but like you say wait and see what happens.. I was really pleased with wind power announced as well be a great move.
  7. I'm not sure? Is it law or is it public health advice not to leave the area? I think its advised not to attend sporting events so they could do it I suppose. Woild look terrible if an outbreak came from a match were they had done that though
  8. I really hope you're right, I've lost all faith at the moment
  9. MPs voting for a drop in food standards due to brexit.. despite multiple promises that would never happen. I know in these times the government lying isnt big news but been amazed this hasn't been made more of.
  10. North west counties talking about suspending the league of carrying on then letting clubs who cant play due to covid catch up.. hope season gets finished
  11. What's happened has there been a punch up or something? They were pretty cut throat with Johnson and Morley to be fair as well.. hopefully messes them up, was home couple of months back and saw a kid in westhoughton park with a Salford shirt on.... dark day
  12. Its still not really been explained who is going to staff the nightingales? I reckon you're right
  13. Sounds brilliant that, I dont think I've seen a fair reflection of how a lot of this is playing out
  14. Forgot to mention loads of people hate injections and will just say they gave it themselves
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