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  1. Yep watched prestwich heys quite a bit chairman was a really good bloke and desperate to push them on. Was going round bars, shops and businesses getting nowhere, they couldn't even get the shirts sponsored. They were great down there as well really proactive board but struggling to get outside sponsorship in north west counties.
  2. Harry seems to periodically fall out with sponsors. I'll say this is allegedly because I've heard it from the sponsor and not Harry's side of events but they sponsored a stand on something like a 3 year contract, they arrived for a match to find that the stand had been renamed after an ex player or board member. They weren't impressed and go watching Lancaster now after being home and awayers for a few years at rammy. I organised a day out in the sponsors lounge with a few mates couple of years back only to be told few days before it was cancelled, that was due to the manager at the time but it gives you an idea of how amateur it is down there. It's a shame because there's some really good people who go watching them and the ground is brilliant. With a bit if effort theyve got a good catchment area and could do well but I think harry is reluctant to give others control besides the ex manager (which was a massive misjudgment of character he pissed off a lot of fans). If I compare Rammy to team I watch since I've moved and it's like comparing chorley to a prem club, yet rammy are higher up. It's a great day out Rammy though, cricket club bar is nice and steam train on the beer is a great way to get there.
  3. Rammy chairman has been pretty open about how much easier life is in the north west counties if they go down. Fans seem to periodically fall out with him over that and other stuff, lost loads of sponsors and fans. I always found him a bit of a character and a decent bloke though to be honest
  4. I need to add this is north west and north east, I've no idea what's happening else where.. couple of community nurses I know are having an awful time, sounds grim for them at the moment
  5. I know a few people who work in different a and e's and they're deserted. Kids wards are quiet too, the only problem is that parents are tending to hold off taking kids in so the ones on the wards tend to be in a bad way. Theyve moved loads of staff around in nhs and at the moment seem to be coping. How long they can keep it like that is the question I suppose. Seen a few criticising nightengale hospitals but seems harsh to me, they threw them up and were for worst case scenario, going to be teething problems. My mates a doctor at MRI intensive care, she says it's not as busy as they expected but it's full of middle aged over weight blokes, I've been exercising everyday since she told me that.
  6. Dont know if it's been on here but Danish government refusing tax relief to businesses based in tax havens is a move I can get behind. Felt sorry for the government theyve put in policy to help keep economy going and it's been taken advantage of.
  7. I accept all that but evidence from history and America during the Spanish flu and from contemporary events showed that large scale meetings would be a terrible idea, the government seemed convinced that the british wouldn't lockdown until they actually did, then they introduced it. We followed herd immunity until the full horror of the plan occured to them. Johnson actively went out to catch coronavirus and advised others to do the same, some of whom will be dead today. We were privy to information regarding PPE and ventilators but turned our backs on it for ideological reasons. I can see what your saying that in time before a vaccine (if there is one) it may be of some use that we have a population with higher numbers of immunity (if that exists) so as to temper the second wave but I'm troubled by a lot of the decisions and more importantly non decisions the government has made.
  8. It seems to me that the government dithered and was pushed into quarantine when businesses and people in general started to do it. Thousands of deaths could have been avoided. I've been really disappointed with their reaction to this on a health front, history will be the judge.. I'm no expert but economically I feel quite confident and I've been impressed, it's a world shitstorm but they're pushing on.
  9. Lower Breck have released a statement today, 2 of the step 3 leagues leaned towards PPG but the FA said that steps 5-7 were backing null and void so they decided to go null and void.. steps 5-7 hadn't been consulted by that point, be interesting to see what else comes out
  10. Are Colls well placed to survive this? Always seemed really well run club.. Up here I've been watching stockton and theyve put early bird season tickets on sale this week..they're big success story at the moment but as it drags on theyll have to sell alot of season tickets or merchandise to survive. I agree with carlos I'm not sure theres going to be a season, can see it starting 21-22 season.. god knows what football will be left by then
  11. If the homeless bloke with the beard is who I'm thinking of he worked with my mum at the civil service in the 60s, said he was lovely bloke, she couldn't believe he was a homeless when she saw him as when she'd known him he was doing fine. Really sad, pretty sure he is the one who died few years back
  12. I can see for colls but teams like south shields, jersey bulls, stockton have been screwed over. Clubs were told by the fa to spend money on ground improvements so they could be promoted then FA just say were not promoting you or consulting you about it at any point. Feels like the FA just said PPG or anything like that sounds time consuming and hard work, we'll just finish all this now and we can concentrate on the league and prem
  13. Some clubs talking about legal action but seems pointless waste of money, just move on now, think it might stop a few going or volunteering, FA seem to have washed their hands of non league with this. I would have gone PPG to be honest but I can say why others wouldn't
  14. Everton 4 nil at Goodson, QPR 4 nil to go top, beating liverpool at home, beating united at home and the two aways, could pick any of riochs cup wins, wolves play off semi and reading. When we beat Blackburn 1 nil, they missed two penaltys and we took 7000, that was some day. Port Vale away couple of years back was great as well. Thankfully theres loads
  15. Haven't the NRL proposed some nuts idea of getting all the teams to an isolated resort to play the season.. let's stick all prem teams on isles of scily.
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