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  1. I rarely post on this forum but felt compelled to call jayjay a idiot
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMO7nOCnLiA
  3. Vela looks decent, still early in his career but I can see him having a big part to play this season and in a couple of years he'll be playing on the International stage, unfortunately a top 4 side will probably come in for him soon and we are a selling club.
  4. Nixon on twitter is saying Chungy is contracted for another 3 years, apparently he signed a new contract last season. Also says there is no interest from Turkey and he is staying. Not sure how reliable Nixon is though.
  5. Apparantly signed for West Ham. Bet their fans are loving Big Sam!
  6. Think we'll win 2-1 N'Gog, Klasnic Seb Larsson is suspended for them aswell.
  7. Liverpool have spent around 110 million in last 12 months we lost 3-1 City have spent over 250 million in the last 12 months we lost 3-2 We have spent around 5 million in the last 12 months. We can't compete with the big clubs FACT, there is no point loosing sleep over it. Our big games are with the other 14 teams in the league. You can have two options this evening. 1) sit at home and moan about the state of the club blah blah blah or 2) go out and get pissed, get a kebab at 3am and smash the other halfs back door in when you get in. I'm going for the second op
  8. Gartside has tweeted Tony Fernandes to ask if the Bolton fans who went to QPR get a refund fair play to Gartside.
  9. Update....He has apparently pleaded guilty but claimed his drink was spiked. Throw the book at him
  10. I work up in London, albeit in lovely Chelsea, West London so havn't seen any looting/violence but their are rumours knocking about that all football matches in London this weekend may be cancelled. Only whispers at the minute so most likely its rubbish but thought I would share it.
  11. I've got Boro, Preston, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Northampton ?10 Pays ?205.
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