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  1. Aye lad , save it for later in the season.
  2. Was thinking of getting a couple of tickets. Not at these prices tho.
  3. That bottle just missed me and my mate by inches, whoever threw that is a fucking first class weapon with a Complete disregard for anyone. Failed to spoil a great day out following the wanderers tho.
  4. Argy ? Anyway what will today bring us ? A surprise and very welcome win with Steve f*****g Bruce going bananas about being robbed blind by shitty Bolton. Or another drubbing the more likely out come with parky facing the sack. Let's hope it's the former and parky Hangs on. We live in hope. NTT , COYWM.
  5. What ever can go wrong? I'll see you for a celebratory later.
  6. ricktrotter


    What time does today's match kick off?
  7. Don't fucking do it mate. Just enjoy your holiday, relax,there's still six weeks to go yet.
  8. Yes. Did you forget, we all met at the reunion?
  9. He came mithering me to buy him one to. Not only that he wanted me to go and get it for him.i gave him a couple of quid and told him to go to the bar himself the lazy sod. He had a grin like a Cheshire Cat , pocketed the money and left.legend.
  10. Good lad. Thro thick and thin.thats the spirit. Once in never out!
  11. In our captain we have faith,amazing Jim will give us grace,we'll give more and more when we hear the Burnden roar....
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