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  1. I was in corporate yesterday and I also over-celebrated the goal in front of the MK directors, their faces were a picture when we were jumping around after the goal. Even better was Sharon Britten’s reaction, she was almost dancing when we scored, great to see!
  2. Victoria Derbyshire is a Wanderer.
  3. Is he a Horwich Casual or a Cuckoo Boy?
  4. See the new House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is a Wanderers fan!
  5. In +1, terrace only option but a better experience for the lad.
  6. What about Politic playing central as creative midfield or even Verlinden? Could be the Mark Davies type?
  7. Or release Weir and Luke Murphy on loan and create more space
  8. How many penalties has Remy faced and none saved? Needs to be more of a shithouse a la Jussi and even Bogdan.
  9. white noise


    12.20 man-Southampton then fast car to Pompey👍
  10. Think you are bang on, reading a thread in Reebok roar the other day and couldn’t believe the whinging excuses. ‘What about the Brentford match”, etc etc. Many that cancelled their dd’s probably not renewed. I agree that the atmosphere is no worse either, which supports the theory that the whingers haven’t renewed. When we start winning they will be scrapping for tickets.
  11. white noise


    Mcr to Southampton Flybe 12.20pm, arrives 1.15pm, just had a quote for a pick up from Soton airport to Fratton £450, don’t think so 😂
  12. Free U18s ticket NSL if anyone wants it?
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