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  1. I would have to agree on Crellin, should have caught the loose ball on the 2nd goal and gave far to much space to hit for the 3rd. He is gifting goals every other game at present and while we are not scoring, that means a defeat.
  2. Hearing a whisper that we have signed a highly rated wing back, from a Championship club, on season long loan. Hopefully gives us a cutting edge and Doyle some service. No name until it’s confirmed.
  3. He is a young lad but it is a key position when you are trying to play out from the back and receive pressure passes from your defenders who are getting closed down. Have to be good on the ball and distribute well. Time will tell but so far, I’m not convinced.
  4. 1-7 and now normal service is resumed 3-0
  5. This is a better Indication if where we are now.
  6. Finished 3-0 trialist got 3rd
  7. Can’t say but it’s right 100%
  8. 2-0 up V Accy Delfonseau and Doyle. Step up in class, new style still looking positive.
  9. In other news Bolton 2Accrington 0 -Half time Delfonseau and Doyle
  10. Heard a little rumour that Bunney was not as fit as the others and wasn’t enjoying being pushed by Evatt, so no loss there then. He would have been a disaster in high back line, we need athletic wing backs.
  11. It would be nice to see a little bit of shithousery. It’s been sadly lacking and we have played the nice guys whilst our opponents have taken full advantage.
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