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  1. CJG

    Next Manager

    This is a concern. Evatt only won 3 of first 10 games. in both his seasons. 5 defeats on the bounce in first season.
  2. CJG

    Next Manager

    Try listening to tifo podcast as they interview Ian Evatt.
  3. CJG

    Keith Hill

    Sam did not get wet ham into Europe
  4. CJG


    No one seems to have mentioned what Rochdale went through recently: Due to a temporary staffing issue at the Crown Oil Arena, the stadium company failed to complete all their inspections and testing of safety related systems and provisions during 2018. As a precautionary measure during that period, the council temporarily downgraded the safety factors used to determine permitted spectator numbers, meaning that the maximum crowd capacity of the stadium was reduced from 9309 to 7447. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rochdales-spotland-ground-capacity-cut-15830049
  5. Last year the 2nd round draw wasn't regional as if we had beat Blackpool we'd have been heading to Palace. Apparently they've done it to prevent a draw of Newport and West Ham who both can't play at home in August. That's why Newport are in the North pot playing at Leeds.
  6. We're not seeded for the 2nd round draw tomorrow evening so no trips to Accrington Stanley. This is who we could play: Southampton AFC Bournemouth West Bromwich Albion West Ham United (not at their stadium) Leicester City Stoke City Crystal Palace Swansea City Burnley Watford Hull City Middlesbrough Newcastle Brighton Reading Sheffield Wednesday Huddersfield Town Fulham Norwich City Brentford Cardiff City Aston Villa Leeds United Sunderland (if they beat Bury) Derby County/Grimsby Town
  7. Sent a DM. ANYTHING please
  8. This week these articles appeared on the websites of 8 teams - Exeter | Chesterfield | Notts County | Portsmouth | Plymouth | Walsall | Wimbledon | Yeovil These teams each created their own online survey of about 10 similar questions Chesterfield | Notts County | Portsmouth | Walsall | Yeovil Seems to be a response to a letter sent to all Football League clubs on 17th August Questions from Walsall Survey EFL = English Football League 1. Do you believe there should be a restructuring of the EFL? YES, changes need to be made (please comment below if you wish) NO, the EFL does not need restructuring 2. The EFL propose increasing the number of teams across the professional game to either 100 or 108. Would you support this? YES, five divisions of either 20 or 22 teams is a good idea NO, it should remain in the same format as it is currently 3. Do you believe there are too many fixtures in a season for EFL clubs? YES, a reduction in fixtures should be considered NO, the number of fixtures don't need altering 4. If the changes meant fewer mid-week fixtures, would you support the proposals? YES, fewer mid-week fixtures would be good a thing NO, the number of mid-week fixtures should remain 5. Do you think regionalisation should be considered to create a North/South competition? Yes No 6. Should a winter break be introduced? YES, a winter break would be a good idea NO, a winter break shouldn't be considered 7. Do you believe FA Cup fixtures (excluding replays) should be played mid-week or at weekends? Weekends Mid-week 8. If the introduction of an additional division excluded Premier League 'B teams' and Premier League U23 Teams, would you support the idea? YES (please comment on what teams you would accept in a new fifth division) NO 9. How would you like Walsall Football Club to vote at the forthcoming EFL meetings? FOR the proposed changes AGAINST the proposed changes
  9. Great answer Malcolm. Here's the page http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/14196824.LIVE_Q_A__Bolton_Wanderers_Supporters__Trust_answer_your_questions/
  10. https://twitter.com/BWFCST We're doing a live Q&A with @MarcIles tonight at 8:30pm. Got a question about the Trust? Use #BWFCST and we'll answer as many as we can.
  11. Somewhat related. Marc Iles is doing a Q&A about the Supporters Trust on the Bolton News page at 8:30 tonight.
  12. Unable to fully answer your questions because of a lot of unknowns. This is what Ian who appeared on BBC Manchester has told the group this evening. We need to have an ordered process for all this until we have a Steering Group in place. By all means have a proactive approach when someone expresses an interest in helping. I would suggest that we point them to the Expression of Interest forms as on Twitter. This is a team effort and the word "team" is important here. There are so many things to sort in getting this up and running, but it will take time. We are trying to build something here that will last as long as the club does (however long that may or may not be). There are matters that need urgent attention to try and help our club. After last night's unanimous mandate to proceed with establishing the Trust, the main one is establishing a functional Steering Group to attempt to raise some investment to assist now or for the Trust to be in a position to act in the future. Exactly as the guys from Pompey so wonderfully demonstrated last night.
  13. Thank you & any other posters who've submitted a form. We've received about 250 forms so please be patient while we work through them all.
  14. Please use BBC Manchester Periscope https://t.co/e7OvyMqp55
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