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  1. Can’t believe the amount of selfish cunts whinging about pubs being shut. They’d rather have a day on the piss than try and save a life. Now it’s the governments fault, how come China seem to be walking away from all this Scot free??
  2. Have Sheffield United got rid of their team from last season?
  3. Changed tact. Instead of a couple of quid on loads of games I’m upping the stake a bit and having 3 or 4. Seems to be better
  4. Think White has watched too many David Batty videos
  5. Made £50 off a tenner. Blackburn Watford Pompey and us
  6. We all called it for weeks but Evatt stuck with him. Speaks volumes what a change of keeper has had, the whole team are filled with confidence
  7. Haha. I can just imagine some folk switching off 😂
  8. Similar to us not too long ago. Pass decent ball about but fk all in the box
  9. Baptiste proper upped his game
  10. I’m referring to players. Going with the times mate with all the gender equality. It’s the way I roll
  11. Should be beating shit like that more than one nil
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