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  1. anewman


    Ffs how come I’ve only just found out?? top bloke RIP Biff
  2. You back in the UK pal?
  3. Ginda Patel What a top lad he was. RIP mate
  4. anewman


    They got any decent players worth taking?
  5. anewman

    Take Over

    The Anderson's need exterminating. The end
  6. anewman

    Parky Gone

    Respect him immensely as a man with the shit hes put up with but it's at least 2 years to late. Hes not a managers arse
  7. anewman

    Take Over

    We are fucked, relegation a certainty so just void all games and we go again next season. By then football vultures may of emptied their money box and scraped enough to purchase, if not fuck off and let someone else buy us.
  8. anewman

    Take Over

    Football vultures can fuck right off
  9. anewman

    Take Over

    I just do not trust these football vultures
  10. Politic to score Cant lump on him as no goalscorers on skybet
  11. Fuck wheater as well Refused to play so that makes him a cunt as well
  12. anewman


    They mocked us they mocked Blackpool they mocked muamba and lofthouse so fuck em
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