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  1. gazza

    Taken over

    Would it be because Big Sam lost against the rest of the world, is sulking and doesn't want to come to us anymore ??
  2. gazza

    Taken over

    i hope one isn't the last one !
  3. gazza

    Taken over

    Looks like Mr Bond is back
  4. sssshhhhhh Reminds me of the famous Wanderersways night with Franky Worthy who spent most of the night uttering these words as well as talking mainly about Leicester shitty
  5. gazza

    Taken over

    Busters all the way from me !!!!
  6. gazza

    Taken over

    i knew he had a hand in it !!!
  7. Anyone hear one of the commentators on the villa match last night say that another interested party had shown interest in buying the club.A local consortium it said
  8. can't believe no one has mentioned "Pom Bears" yet can't eat just one pack at a time
  9. fookin hell don't do that !!!
  10. townsends slippering room was at the back of my form room 12A . Had mr Richardson as my form teacher and for maths.my daughter went to withins later and Richardson was her form teacher and he remembered me and still scared the life out of me. Anyone remember a biology teacher called Miss Powell cracking body on her as i remember
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