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  1. Bloodstock accomodation booked for the Sunday. Judas Priest Saxon Orange Goblin. It will be good. Not decided which day for Download, Sunday looks good .
  2. Voted to Leave. Will vote conservative. Unfortunately it will be another hung parliament. If Labour win , what will all the moaning LBC presenters have to go on about all day. Its gonna be a rollercoaster . Bring it on !! My Birthday on Friday and the UK is going to go into melt down.
  3. Gran Torino . End of the discusion. Close the thread
  4. Lacking pace at the back, and strength all over. But still enjoyed most of the match. With a very limited playing staff we are doing as well as expected. Onwards and very slowly upwards
  5. I beg to differ , i was 8 when we did a flit
  6. Thats me , handsome chap in the foreground.
  7. Yep , Micky you are . Come down Deane Road past Haslam Park , On your left hand side is the old Jolly Wagoner (now a restaurant) then a pelicon crossing . Bankfield Street is next on the right. First of all there is a memorial plaque on your right to a young lad (Dillon Hill 5 years old that was shot ) a few years ago. The Pikes lane plaque is 150 yrds up on the left hand side. What throws folk ( who have never left Harwood). is that Pikes Lane school was further down Deane Road behind where the medical centre is on the left hand side.
  8. Pikes lane - 72-75 ( buying bottles of Newky Brown and knock a door run on our Asian Friends). Burnden 71-97 REEKBOK 97 till Now . Burnden still 3 times a year when i drop my car at kwick fit , then stroll down manny road with dust in my eyes and a million memorys.
  9. Not there today , family matters down south. 3 pts is all that mattered . The rest is bull crap . COYWM.
  10. Ain’t on this , on a better note , that should mean a belting day out for the rest of you. Hopefully another away win !
  11. For our more delicate members , Wishbone Ash are at Bury Met tonight .
  12. Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, will be rocking Manchester tonight. Music from “Old Lions Roar “ ,PCATB’s, Motörhead and Hawkwind . Will be reet good.
  13. Jumped off at Worksop, Let various not rights clear off. Wandered down to the worst spoons in history. But did find out Worksop’s famous folk are Graham Taylor and Bruce Dickinson. Called into the Unicorn, no ale on !! 0n to Yates , guess what no ale on !! Found the secret bar, result took root , 6 pints later got the train to Sheffield.
  14. Spoons in Worksop. Doing a decent breakfast. Supping Tank Ale
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