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  1. You must have spent years stalking me. Bloody uncanny
  2. Bon - at free trade hall mc/r 1978/79. Fantastic gig. Our kid still has his ticket
  3. Went to Burnley , 2 weeks ago. Had a wander round for 2 hrs . Market - roughly 10% occupancy. ( did buy a Disturbed woolly hat) Visited 2 record shops absolute shite ( we are so lucky to have Xrecords). Did pick up a copy of Going for The One . £5.50 . Big Primarni - was 100% better than our Muslim sweat shop. Rest of the town centre reminded me of Harwood Shopping Centre before it was levelled, or Walkden which needs levelling. Worst town centre ever is of course Worksop . Those who were there now. Beltin Trackside Bar though. Best social town centre r
  4. Due to its complexity , so far it has not been performed at a gig. Hopefully one day. God i am missing gigs.
  5. Arm chair - led football clubs. And if nothing else comes of this current shit storm . I cannot stand watching BWFC on ifollow. Would rather spend £150 on a 18hr day out to London , Birmingham or Rochdale to witness the Wanderers lose . Than spend a tenner and watch them win away on tele.
  6. " empire of the clouds " Sums it up perfectly. Listen and learn. Nowt to do with Wigan . But a fantastic description of the worlds biggest airship. And its all true. Checks out historically.
  7. One of the faces from the 70's , 80,s . Always a loner . 100% Bolton though , home and away. Some bottle though never went under the radar.
  8. What pisses me right off is the downright number fiddling going on. Theres no way London Boroughs can have such low figures. Loads of places now have long since passed the point where Bolton hospitality was locked down. Another one will kill off numerous small bars and restaurants. All i ask is for a level playing field. Yes i know , its a bloody impossible job at the moment and Labour are so pleased they lost last year But all this smoke n mirrors and hindsight bollocks is doing my box in.
  9. Ran into our Shazza , Emma and Ian Evatt at tea time yesterday. Shazza - said she now realises how small her tele is in her front room , compared to everones on Wanderers Ways. Emma said things will work out Reet. Ian said " 35 thousand people on a Saturday but no one allowed in the stadium is so wrong" Plus he will get it right on the pitch. At 7pm KD turned up ,had a photo with Ashburner St and then went to meet Jussi in Fannys. Had a meeting booked today with Stellios.!!! All the above is 100% true. Photo evidence available on tw$ter
  10. You have enough on ya plate. There is a local firm that will fit a ladder and board it out for you. May be called loft n ladders. Did mine whilst i was at work. Neat job . No mess. Reasonable
  11. Whats in ya morning brew ? Vodka !!
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