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  1. Brian Glover . Gym teacher in KES . No1 Bobby Charlton fan. Check out the football lesson scene on you tube.
  2. And i thought i could write a good yarn.
  3. Genesis in their formative years were a brilliant band. Foxtrot , Selling England , Nursery Cryme , Wind n Wuthering and Seconds out are all great albums. Phil Collins went all soul and main stream and yes did take genesis on a differant path. But last weeks ticket sales were bloody amazing ( hope the shows go ahead). But i aint paying those prices.
  4. Of the 3 we saw in London on Saturday. All 3 were chinky women, Sweden Al reckoned if they didnt have the virus , they were wearing it because they are ugly . Not a bad call.
  5. Barrow , Orient, Salford , Bradford , Carlisle . Barrow the high light
  6. embankment


    Along with John Thomas and JM , Mr Kelly is a credit to BWFC. He always has time to say hello and have a chat with supporters. He tells some fantastic tales.
  7. He was absolutly fine and a credit to you when i was speaking to him in New Malden. ( Bar Malden) Now the older gentlemen that were escourting him , i would definitely question. At least 1 needs registering with care in the community.
  8. Fantstic day out . Breakfast in The Shakespere Holborn. Wellington at Waterloo New Malden , Bar Malden & The Watchman. Ran into numerous folk of here . And Noah ( Picardy Sheepdog). Swedish Al won the itinery toss off and still didn't get his way. Grumpy Bat pulled Rank. Used the buses for a change to navigate London . Only seen 4 face masks , explained to Ash that only ugly people have to wear them. Mr Smith went walkabout but was returned safely to us. Usual dire performance on't pitch. Free Sauna on the train. Match ticket( unused ) available for framing. See you all at Fleetwood. Ps. Great beer in the Euston Tap. Ps. Why are all England Rugby fans pretentious twats !!
  9. How hot !! Is this bloody train ? And its late
  10. Any takers for the ticket ?
  11. Cash to be handed over before photo. No timewasters
  12. Ticket Available if anyone needs one. Ticket will arrive in London at 10.21 am. Reason for sale , Early Darts not turned up. Cash offers acceptable. Photo opportunity with Ash included with price. 1 per device.
  13. That 7.01 best be on time Almost ready to Knock a Door run on Jeeps !!
  14. When you have made your mind up , let me know👍
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