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  1. embankment

    Taken over

    Bassini in Spoons Westhoughton. 4 minders 1 with a Forest Green lapel badge , guy next to him has a WHU tattoo on his neck. Bassini has a small suitcase handcuffed to his wrist . Got £25 million written in green crayon on the side.
  2. embankment

    Taken over

    The Forest Green 5 will be there. Faces only a mother could love.
  3. embankment

    Taken over

    Speaking to Zico earlier, alot needs to happen by thursday. If it does " i will see you at Wycombe "
  4. embankment

    Taken over

    Well apathy and fear is setting in big time. But . Where is the ST ? Where are the Ken out muppets ? ( yep he is a two faced lying tosser ). Where are the Forest Green 5 ? ( faces only a mother could love ) They all said they knew best. In truth like the rest of us they knew f all !! The silence from the club and the above is unbelievable !! Ps. Still on the buzz to Wycombe or The Sabbath exhibition in Birmingham.
  5. embankment

    Taken over

    Bet Chris gets a ticket though for the 2019/20 playoff final.
  6. Warning it is run by a Cult. You may never get out.
  7. embankment

    Taken over

    Back to BWFC. Less than 3 weeks till kickoff. No season tickets onsale. No Wycombe tickets on sale. No wonder i can't bloody sleep. Mini Buzz booked though !! We must be bloody mental.
  8. embankment

    Taken over

    Elizabeth Taylor , witnessed her cracking a lad with a hockey stick. Guy was taking the piss , one swipe straight to his head . Game over , blood n snott everywhere.
  9. 1970 to 1975. Our paths will have crossed.
  10. embankment

    Taken over

    Woah , don't involve Ash. The Bat sorts all our finacial transactions .
  11. embankment

    Taken over

    Flying back on Friday. Club holding back till Thursday pm. Parky staying on. ( stay of execution). Raft of playerzzz unveiled on friday.
  12. Was doing but Bassini has put a better offer in. 16 of last seasons home shirts , a crate of flat cap and 4 multi bags of pom bears.
  13. Updated 16 ont buzz. Plus the best driver in Bolton
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