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  1. Mine worked , but then again i never cancelled it.
  2. Last summer i thought BWFC would cease to exist. Yesterday i thought we had a chance to get a win. Unfortunately due to injuries it did not happen. Relegation will happen this season. Next year BWFC will stay in the league ( just ) Then we wiĺl recover !!
  3. Forest Green , away ! Would do .
  4. January 2020. Blackpool , Rochdale and Shrewsbury . Away day heaven , going to be legendary !
  5. Its a Bloody Shirt , not a take over !!!
  6. To late. He was at the match last night. Sharron flew him over , photo on the pitch , in the new shirt. Two night stay in the hotel . Centre page spread in todays Bolton News.
  7. Got mine , looks loads better on. Had to queue up for 30 mins. Glad they have reverted to loose fit style, XL fits spot on . Last season had to squeeze into xxxl. Game on !!
  8. Anyone else see him at the Aquarius Club in the 80's ?. Beltin night.
  9. Always a great night. Plus now the Burton games off , theres nowt else to do.
  10. Stay strong. In time the good memories will come through .
  11. Well £30 shirt voucher arrived with season ticket. Will be a queue up the steps to TK max on Saturday morning.
  12. Samsung Galaxy A5 . Works. Only done it to wind up Pinocheo's Dad up.
  13. More a paradox i would have said. Nope still went in my black fringed leather.
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