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  1. There is some doubt about his links to trifle. But he was knocking about when it first appeared in a recipe book.
  2. I am bricking it already. A long time since I was as this apprehensive before a game. Hope we have a replacement keeper on the bench . If its going to be a draw , let's hope its us that scores an injury time equaliser. Too close to call this one.
  3. Blackburn ( Frank's night ) Without a doubt .
  4. Correct . It has been along month but finally its here. Hope every English man /woman has a good day . And remember your home is your castle . Hopefully each and everyone of you is flying the flag and at some point will be raising a pint of old style bitter to our dragon slaying hero .
  5. That's the slag heap from the debri from when the victorian railway was built.
  6. No - bottled it every time. Did swim in it though.
  7. According to tinterweb , its boundaries are Deane & Markland Hill . So it must be. Keep meaning to park up and have look what remains of it. Was it completely drained ?
  8. Beaumont Rd , Bridge. Chorley New Road side . Is that Lostock ?
  9. Every credit to you. Ducks n Lard !! , you can understand why I asked the question. Must admit I have yet to Google the subject
  10. Our thermostat has his and hers settlings marked on the wall in pink crayon .
  11. Strange how 1 bloke who lived in a big house in London throws a double six and virus deaths move off the front page. 16 articles on a funeral in Daily Mail tonight.
  12. Had a very civilised 2 pints of "Fog" at Rivington Brewery this dinner time with Ashburner Street . Also grabbed a cheeky overpriced burger n chips.( served by a very fine 36c) Sat in the spring sunshine looking at the Pike. Totally recommend. It will.be rammed at the weekend. If weather holds out.
  13. Only one of these is a Myth. Student Girls outnumber guys in Nottingham 3-1 Farmer cut of a cows head to avoid cutting a 5 bar gate There was a tank at the bottom of the hundred foot. Frank Worthington was 10yrds inside Boltons half when he scored at QPR. If a new model motorcycle is put on sale midweek , on Sunday morning one will be at Rivington Barn There is a underground tunnel from Deane Clough leading into the church . Plus another that ran from the Church into the Stags Head cellar . There were over 25000 Bolton fans at Ewood when Frank Worthington s
  14. One of my locals - is a working lads pub. Yes they do rock up in their work vans . 98% of which are left on the carpark overnight if the driver has too much. These guys spend some serious cash on a Friday teatime. ( normal times). The place is noisy - everyone shouts . But by 7 19.30 normality returns. There are plenty of other pubs where little Sophie and Oliver can go for Friday tea
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