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  1. Ordered one from the club 2 weeks ago. Hopefully arrives with a free first team ×××l shirt.
  2. Market St is great . Wheatsheaf ( howfens Hogarths ) Koo ( posh bints, 38c's) The Beer School ( variety , great staff) Secret beer garden. The Bank ( flat cap) The Brewery Tap ( tasty beers) Spoons ( beer garden wiv lift) in place for 20yr olds. The Vic ( not rights) The White Lion ( historic) Reform Club.( bowling green , fosters ).
  3. Nothing to do with Wigan. Yes i know i have bitten !!
  4. The Red Lion , Whitworth Square. Park up , visit the very old church yard . Then up the hill past Lobden golf club. Must be the highest clubhouse in Lancashire. Up towards the windmills. Then back to the pub. Good variety of ales . Plus the best battered onions rings and chicken wings ive had. The church yard is proper old school . Only small but some big crypts.
  5. Is that on the left at the bottom of the hill after you go over the canal ?
  6. The rose hill is The Bug !!! Dont ask why , I have not got a clue
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