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  1. Wigan can’t say , founder members ,they can’t say first ever goal scored, they can’t say first ever Wembley winners ,with a record crowd ,famous white horse final to boot . They can’t say top flight football for seventy five years, they’ve had eight ,they can’t say they opened Barcelona stadium ,they can’t say four times f a cup winners , they can’t say nearly 70, 000 fans packed into burnden to watch the whites ,and unfortunately people died trying . They can only say ,peg leg won us the cup . O and dad and me were there in 58. . Irlam o the heights after ... eggs all over us ..United scum .
  2. Wigan going into administration, will they now get a two year embargo? If not why not ? Tic tic
  3. Don’t forget we are still under embargo,which is holding us back. We’ve had to scrape together a side again best we can . Let’s hope we manage to get promotion this season ,then hopefully next season we can compete properly in the market and build with better quality players .
  4. I agree with most of that and hope we can get a good young manager in that will galvanise the fans ..cos it’s the fans sticking with us that will be the difference . Just came up with greyson ,cos of a mate of mine from longridge.big Preston fan, he say they were in the shit before he came ...similar to us ,and said he’s the best thing that’s happened to them for years, got them promotion and left them in great shape for the next manager.
  5. He was only there 4 month, and at Bradford and Blackpool for a few month. Think Allardyce was only at Newcastle for a few month. Sometimes it’s a case of wrong place at the wrong time...for me Lowe looks a great prospect, but very unlikely we get him . Thought of Grayson cos he’s got the best record of all that have been mentioned, .
  6. If Lowe is out of reach for us, there is not one name mentioned better than Simon greyson. He took Leeds , Huddersfield and Preston to the championship,also when he arrived saved Preston from certain relegation. Went to Sunderland for 4 month !, Bradford and Blackpool for a few month ,all these clubs were in the shit . He is only 50 year old...in his prime as manager.
  7. If I had to choose from the people mentioned in the bolton news , I would have to go for someone who’s had experience..not a gamble on a novice. Simon Grayson has lots of experience, with some success and left Preston in a great position..and won’t cost a fee. For someone that we would have to pay a fee for I would go for Ryan Lowe , he’s had immediate success at bury and now Plymouth.
  8. We’ve got Sharon at the wheel , we’ve got mike James in midfield , we’ve got pink floyd playing at the back, we’ve got Keith hill telling us attack .... were coming back ......
  9. You can spot all the bolton fans with the flat caps ,trying to get in the ammers end
  10. A few of us used to go to quiggers pub before Blackburn games,, rum lad he was, happy days
  11. Wrexham was a great standout game for me, also the Blackburn away when franky worthy got us promotion. Got there at 10 in the morning and place was full of bolton, set up a massive game of football on some derelict land ,about twenty a side, before the pubs opened, I remember it well cos I scored the winner ! . The day stevie Witt sang ( many years we’ve hated Blackburn rovers) . It’s what it’s all about ,good times bad times. Thing is now more than ever we need the fans to stay loyal.dont let that bstrd Anderson win ,!
  12. Our only hope for the fans is the supporters trust, get joining in .we all want some decent wealthy person to take over, it’s not happening ,or Anderson’s not letting it happen . So in a short space of time we could be in admin or liquidation.what are the fans going to do about it ? Some people on here just slag the st as dickheads , old bastards ,coffin doggers , what is wrong with people .? We should all be pulling together..
  13. It could end up that the fans are our last hope..if say 10 k fans were to invest 5 k, that £ 50 million ... local businesses and millionaires could top that up ,club owned buy the supporters would want it to work, maybe volunteers to help with day to day maintenance , match days etc... Portsmouth after years of decline after terrible owners ,took control of their club, and now are on their way back.
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