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  1. Nowack

    British Transport Police

    He’s homosexual.
  2. Nowack

    Baronesses coments

    This thread was made for me. I was one of the lads who built that and I’ve met Tony Knowles. I believe he has a B&B in the lakes that’s supposed to be nice. Never met the baronesses though.
  3. Nowack

    In Or Out Again

    Doesn’t this all stem from the Labour support for Palestine and objecting to the view that criticism of Isreal, be it humanitarian or political, is automatically deemed Anti Semitic.
  4. Nowack

    Town Centre Latest

    https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/11491/319798.pdf Bedtime reading if anyone’s interested. You can also quote it to your local councillors and Local Authority when making your complaint.
  5. Nowack

    Town Centre Latest

    Section 215 notice can be served on buildings adversely affecting the amenity of the surrounding area. Very rare to see it used though.
  6. Nowack

    In Or Out Again

    https://www.euractiv.com/section/economy-jobs/news/commission-scraps-tariffs-on-chinese-solar-panels/ Always two sides to a story. Tariffs now dropped and brought in temporarily to protect eu (including uk) manufacturers according to this.
  7. Nowack

    Our next manager

    Regardless of the football served up by the man I cannot help but be impressed by him as a person. All kinds of nonsense at the club with him and colleagues not being paid. A club he is highly thought of are looking for a manager and he has maintained a professional approach. I have even heard stories that he doesn’t think bailing on The Wanderers and the staff at this time would be appropriate. All conjecture I know but whatever happens when he eventually leaves this club, unless something ridiculous happens, I will be proud he was once our manager.
  8. Nowack

    Our next manager

    He has allegedly said I’m your man.
  9. Nowack

    Car sounding footballers

    Mikel Ateca.
  10. Nowack


    5 points from playoffs 6 from relegation. Hardly end of the world.
  11. Nowack

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    I really don’t know what I’m talking about but a quick search shows that the 125 broke the world record for a diesel and was faster than any steam powered engine. One thing I read was they toughened the drivers window as youth thought it fun to hang bricks from a bridge to smash them. Happy days.
  12. Either that or the earth really is flat.
  13. The horizon is about 27 miles away from the top of the tower.
  14. Nowack

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    Mid 70s intercity125. I am not a train buff I just watched a documentary on it yesterday, Time watch on iPlayer,
  15. Nowack

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    Not true. The system was as good as any in Europe and intercity the fastest way to travel outside of Japan. This is why it was privatised as it was a good investment not because private companies were going to be its saviour.

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