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  1. Football manager is out soon so we should wait and see which coaches rate 20 for fitness are free and then sign them up.
  2. It was 10p a journey, he wasn't exactly Richard Branson.
  3. We do have 2000 food banks in the country so it's not that difficult to spin we are struggling to feed ourselves. Edit. Food banks are not necessarily Brexit related. For clarity.
  4. He has admitted it though by saying the judgement was all about frustrating Brexit. Can't be one without the other. This moves quickly. The above was in response to MK saying no evidence prorogued for Brexit.
  5. Clicked at the beginning of this thread by mistake to see us linked with "Liverpool starlet Cameron Branigan". And there he was last night playing for Oxford. I got halfway down the crisp related players before I thought I'd heard them all before.
  6. Toby light. Should bring it back, weak session ales are the future.
  7. It was touted by several MPs but was never really an option. They did consider still having conferences and keeping parliament open but again this was not deemed feasible.
  8. I think a moratorium on this thread today would be useful. All whites together.
  9. Nowack

    Take Over

    Heard that JB was not in the best of health a few months ago. Hoping he is doing well and wishing him a happy birthday. True Bolton Legend and one of the good guys.
  10. The only court other than the judiciary is the ecclesiastical court. Jews and Muslims have courts which have no basis in law and are just interpretations of English law to which both parties agree. All three are bollocks as are the religions they represent.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britannia_Unchained Above is a link to the new manifesto. Make of it what you will I'm guessing some will be delighted and others horrified. As is the way of the world.
  12. I'm not sure Withins exists anymore. I'm sure I remember someone posting photos of it being demolished when I was on Facebook.
  13. Wayne Hobson in Bury will make you a fine suit.
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