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  1. I'm not sure Withins exists anymore. I'm sure I remember someone posting photos of it being demolished when I was on Facebook.
  2. Wayne Hobson in Bury will make you a fine suit.
  3. I'm not sure kids sexualise it though, they just see men and women dressed up acting funny. Granted if public decency laws are being broken something should be done but just jumping around scantily clad is fine. My 6 year old would live in his pants if he had a chance.
  4. It was more a reference to men parading in thongs and chaps as opposed to women doing it.
  5. If you went to a parade and part of it was women in bikinis jiggling about would you think that was decent??
  6. I thought everyone had a job now, in fact some have three.
  7. Nowack

    Taken over

    I would not be surprised if Brett Warburton was involved, very much in the background but he will be around.
  8. Nowack

    Taken over

    No way on earth is Allardyce coming back to manage Bolton, I think we all know that. Hon. President would maybe appeal to him but not in any other capacity.
  9. You could make a strong argument that Hitler was the most influential and successful politician of the 20th century. He was still a cunt. Or Stalin for any Corbanittes our there.
  10. Nowack

    Taken over

    . I doubt an auditor of that calibre wouldn’t find any serious malpractice Carillion?
  11. Can someone explain why they drive around with fog lights on when it’s not even misty? Someone must know as it’s every other car doing it.
  12. This thread was made for me. I was one of the lads who built that and I’ve met Tony Knowles. I believe he has a B&B in the lakes that’s supposed to be nice. Never met the baronesses though.
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