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  1. Niki Lauda rip, for anyone who's not seen the film Rush, watch it, brilliant film even if you're not a racing fan like me.
  2. Blondi

    Taken over?

    No way! Brown on bacon & sausage, you must be a southerner.
  3. Even Blackpool wouldn't touch Coyle with a barge pole these days, that's how bad Coyle is as a manager.
  4. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Thought it meant Parky always had 12 months left on his contract and it would only finish if both Bwfc and him both agreed to terminate it, I'd imagine Parky would be due compensation as he is unlikely to want to terminate his deal, I might be way off the mark though.
  5. I just remember it being a key match, think Orient were pushing for promotion too. The video I had, was the one that showed all of our goals for the season, I think I know someone that can transfer a video to DVD. If you are interested, just send me a message.
  6. Blondi

    Taken over?

    I just don't think I could possibly cope with another season under Parky, I might change my mind though, as the club badly needs our cash and support.
  7. Paul, don't suppose you have any highlights of us playing Leyton Orient away back in 88? The year we got promoted from division 4. https://www.11v11.com/matches/leyton-orient-v-bolton-wanderers-02-april-1988-50205/
  8. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Thought it was MJ who put the hotel in administration.
  9. Blondi

    Taken over?

    He's certainly more entertaining than the Jeremy Kyle show & Sky know this, that's why they keep on giving him the publicity he craves.
  10. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Preston North End is how a club like ours should be run, what we'd do to be in their shoes right now.
  11. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Wasn't it that John Galt character? Thought he implied possible Thai investment?
  12. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Surely the aim for next season with a handicap of -12 plus, we should be happy to stay up under a decent manager playing half decent football and then we can move forward the season after next?
  13. And Peterborough want Beevers according to Nixon.
  14. Blondi

    Taken over?

    Speaking from experience, very much doubt they will want to pay over the odds for a club on its knees, this doesn't mean they won't be decent owners though.
  15. Blondi

    Taken over?

    I actually think I'll ball my eyes out crying with happiness if this comes true.
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