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  1. Madonna and Patsy Kensit for me, who was yours?
  2. Blondi


    I wouldn't cancel Tuesday's game, fingers crossed, the takeover should be sorted some time next week and then we can finally bring in some players. 1 more game isn't going to finish the kids off.
  3. Blondi


    Bye Bye the Turkish Meh.
  4. We don't want Buckley even in our perilous situation, please find another club.
  5. Blondi


    In plus no one apart from Billy no mates.
  6. Blondi


    Fuck him! Hopefully the takeover will finally get sorted in the next few days and then we can sign some players who are happy playing for us for a change.
  7. Blondi

    Take Over

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07kn01b Worth a listen from about 2.45 in the interview.
  8. Blondi

    Take Over

    If the EFL have written formally notifying Bassini that he didn't pass the fit and proper test etc, surely that should be nailed on to throw his appeal out?
  9. Blondi

    Take Over

    Surely Bassini should have something in writing from the EFL or just something official and not a text message unless I'm missing something?
  10. I have a lot of respect for Parkinson considering what he's had to endure, but I don't want him coaching these young kids with his anti football philosophy, he could ruin some of these young lads careers and they'll get little chance of first team football under his management.
  11. I wasn't impressed with the Coventry players after they thought they had scored their first goal, they celebrated right in front of us in the WSL like they had won a cup or something, just showed a lack of class especially when they were just playing a team of kids, wankers!
  12. Absolutely amazing today, our 2 central defenders and our keeper were awesome, the atmosphere was electric too, just so happy to see young lads with such passion knocking the ball around and it was a joy to see, just hope Parky doesn't ruin any of them. Why were some of our fans fooking off on around 85 minutes? What absolute tools! Oh and the senior players that refused to play today, you should be ashamed of yourselves and please fookoff!
  13. Luke Murphy might as well not turn up anyway, never seen such an insignificant player on the pitch.
  14. Used to sit on row R in WSL and no problems, think a few rows in front could be a bit dodgy.
  15. Sorted our tickets out, AL2 in the WSL, for a bargain £20.00, looking forward to watching our kids play tomorrow, COYWM.
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