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  1. Wouldn't mind just the 1 upper tier left open, preferably the West upper.
  2. Had the flu jab back in November and been using that first response nasal spray occasionally, not had the slightest sniffle this winter.
  3. You forgot to mention Ben Amos too.
  4. Definitely in, looking forward to next season already.
  5. Nixon reckons Parkinson wants Brockbank, if true, not arsed.
  6. They are all getting back handers from the dodgy EFL to send us down, everyone knows that.
  7. Thought we played quite well today and we deserved something out of the game, Pompey had 1 chance and took it. Very impressed with Politic today and I thought our young left back and Hamilton both had excellent games.
  8. We're still under an embargo for quite sometime and our hands are tied, can't see what Kenyon could bring to the table at this moment in time.
  9. Blondi


    Isn't Wayne Rooney supposed to be signing for Derby?
  10. Blondi

    Keith Hill

    Keith, I thought you didn't do social media? Get back to your allotment and dog walking duties.
  11. Blondi

    Lincoln away

    Starting to get pretty concerned about Hill now, does anyone know how long his contract is?
  12. Blondi

    Lincoln away

    This is embarrassing.
  13. Blondi

    Lincoln away

    Like a knife through butter.
  14. Blondi

    Lincoln away

    Christ that was dire.
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