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  1. Folk like that really shouldn't own a dog, maybe they should get something like a goldfish. We have a Miniature Schnauzer who's now 9, he get's walked for at least 1.5 hours a day, he's never chewed fook all and never pissed or shitted in the house since he was a little pup.
  2. Prices of dogs during this pandemic are ridiculous, one of my wife's pals recently paid 3 grand for a cockapoo and they're a mixed breed.
  3. Dalmatians need tons of exercise, no wonder your dog is being distructive, think you'd have a totally different dog on your hands if the dog burned all his energy off.
  4. I do tons of walking because I walk 2 dogs, the old saying is you get what you pay for is true imo, can't beat my North Face and Berghaus gear, proper quality gear.
  5. I must admit, I was in the out camp a while back, but seeing as though my wife's Auntie has died at just 65 from covid and my mother in law is very poorly too at the moment, I'm definitely having my vaccination. I also think it will be extremely difficult to get your life back to some normality if you don't have the vaccination, forget travelling abroad especially, no chance imo of a holiday abroad without proof of your jab.
  6. Thought we did well to get a point in the end, it will take some doing to get into the playoffs at the end of the season, mid table is more likely imo.
  7. 4321, 442 or 433 or whatever, just want to see us play 4 at the back and see how it goes! Surely we can't be any shitter with 3 at the back with wingbacks!
  8. Thanks for that, let's see how good our track and trace system is.
  9. Quick question, my Mrs went to her Aunt's funeral yesterday (covid death) my Mrs shared a car with her Mum, they all wore masks apparently, my mother in law gets tested weekly for covid because she works in a care home, unfortunately she testified positive for covid yesterday evening, will my Mrs now have to self isolate or only if she gets any symptoms?
  10. Blondi

    Kiosk recalled

    Not totally surprised he's gone back, it's not the end of the world, Jones is better at defending than Kioso and we've got Brockbank for cover.
  11. Crawford, Darcy, Politic & Sarcevic is technically impressive but no real battlers or grafters for League 2.
  12. Kieran Lee and Andy Tutte to both start against Exeter please.
  13. Steve Davies (not the snooker player) his name has been mentioned as a possible target, he's 33 now though.
  14. Dodoo would be fine in a 4231 formation just behind Doyle, but he was far too inconsistent when he played for us, I'd be surprised if we signed him again.
  15. Nathan Bishop is very highly regarded, especially by Shrimper fans, the only think that concerns me is that he's still just a young keeper.
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