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  1. It's all very confusing, as another poster mentioned, Phoenix was recommended by Kenyon, are these players phoenix's or Evatt's? Evatt/Toby signed players designed to play out from the back with 3 central defenders and wing backs, but that's now been ditched, he's now signed a winger who supplied ammunition for Doyle at Swindon last season, so does that mean we're no longer playing wingbacks? God knows what system we'll be playing against the mighty Harrogate town next week.
  2. I think quite a few of our signings signed 2 year deals like Santos and Comley, which is worrying.
  3. Last meal? Large Doner meat & chips with salad & chilli sauce. Last drink? A pint of Moretti/Peroni Last song to listen Whitesnake (here I go again) Last bird to sit on your face? Madonna (Papa don't preach video) Last words? Oh well!
  4. But these players that Evatt/Toby have signed, thought they had super stastistics off some computer generated machine?
  5. Is Santos one of them "moneyball" signings?
  6. I like our new yellow home kit.
  7. Only Hickman looks a decent signing so far.
  8. We're looking a bit dodgy, going to be a long hard game this one.
  9. Take an "E" no football violence.
  10. Hope it's not the same scientists working on the covid vaccination that are still working on the aids vaccine.
  11. Think we'll do well to get in the stadium before the end of the season the way things are going.
  12. I know, anyway, just been confirmed on a live Warrington Council meeting, it is fine to carry on going into people's homes, for trades, even mentioned mobile hairdressers, so all is good! Think my Mrs fancied being off again, so that's not going to happen now!😂
  13. That's what I thought, but she's already had one of her client's saying she might have to cancel because of the new restrictions.
  14. Does anyone know if my Mrs who is a mobile hairdresser, is she allowed into somebody's house? We're in the Warrington area, but from tomorrow, the town is in local lockdown, just going around in circles trying to find out the rules.
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