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  1. nantwichwhite

    Sweaty Ken

    Get him in got to be better than the overpriced shite we are currently employing
  2. nantwichwhite


    Agree with this, it is ludicrous man management to ask him to be the front pressing player picking up scraps from flick ons. He will never have been asked to play this role at any point in his career, why now. He is running his bollocks off without seeing the ball, same happened to Vela. For Alf read Doidge, he will get the last 20 mins at the most. What is the point of signing these players if they are not played to their strengths. We have had a succession of managers who lack the ability and imagination to play different types of football. It's so bloody frustrating!!!!
  3. nantwichwhite

    Sweaty Ken

    touchline taylor
  4. nantwichwhite

    Stoke v Bolton.

    Thought it was okay, nice to see ten outfield players comfortable on the ball, not seen that for a while. I also thought the new centre back partnership looked promising. As said before we cannot compete with their spending power, although at times they were rattled at the back. They are finding their feet in this division and will be promotion contenders.
  5. nantwichwhite

    Transfer Gossip

    A deal could have been agreed. Was there something about not being able to agree a price until the buyer knows what division we are in. Thus the deal was shelved.
  6. nantwichwhite

    Transfer Gossip

    He could have sold the club already
  7. nantwichwhite

    Winding Up Orders

    Ken is smiling though, paid £1 for his shares, the others worth nowt, refinance the loan with bluemarble transferring the debt to the club, he owns a football club and all of the assets, bought from pound land.
  8. nantwichwhite


    The pre injury Reidy was a superb player. He played in the same England u21 team as Glen Hoddle and looked the better player. He had catastrophic injury problems but still went on to do rather well
  9. nantwichwhite

    Club Accounts

    Maybe mistaken but I thought I read somewhere that the BM loan does not have to be paid until 2018
  10. nantwichwhite

    Club Accounts

    Are we that far away from sorting this out:- Ken gets the community order taken off the assets of the club. Packages the debt including blue marble, car park and Brett loan into a more manageable payment method secured against the total assets of the club. Ken pays for DH's shares of which Deano pays for his part of the loan (1 million) plus interest. Ken owns the club and it is now ready for investment. Only stumbling block is Deano's part in settling this.
  11. nantwichwhite

    Satan.......do Your Stuff Matey......

    picture 2 charlton
  12. nantwichwhite

    Satan.......do Your Stuff Matey......

    5 Leicester again
  13. nantwichwhite

    Satan.......do Your Stuff Matey......

    1 Brian Bromley 2 Not a clue 3 Not a clue 4 Gowling v filth at ot 5 thinking about it
  14. nantwichwhite

    Satan.......do Your Stuff Matey......

  15. nantwichwhite

    Satan.......do Your Stuff Matey......

    Thanks David Burke was a decent player for us in both his spells. used to see out round town a lot, seemed a quiet lad. Can't get the Whatmore one though!!!

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