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  1. Is Howard a lady Hilary Stonefrost perhaps?
  2. Hopefully I have got this right. Ken is being backed into a corner, he could make some money if the deal goes through quickly. If not he could have his shares repossessed or major creditors could call their debts in. Or liquidation and he will gain very little. I think this is what Howard has been alluding to. Howard seems to be playing a blinder.
  3. unless the new buyers are now allied to the supporters trust, as suggested by Isles, this would give more transparency to negotiations with Ken.
  4. Right position, right football style, a very effective player. He brings other players into the game too. Vela has not been as effective since Zach left.
  5. Bolton fan did the same at Exeter, didn't know him but he was stood next to me, the next thing he was swinging punches at their keeper.
  6. Maybe the deal is on the table along with two others but negotiations are not with Ken anymore, as suggested in previous posts. Ken has known that the end of February was a critical milestone and has tried to squeeze a deal through whilst he still has control of the club. It is obvious that bills have not been paid for a few weeks now and that is why the bank account is frozen, I may stand corrected but is it illegal to still take customers money if you are technically insolvent that explains the season tickets direct debits. What ever happens it seems evident that for any purchaser there is a lot of debt to clear and it is increasing by the day!!!!
  7. Wolves loaned players with an option to buy so fees and payments are spread across a few seasons.
  8. Would Ched Evans make such a difference? If we are going down we should do it with our own players, loans very rarely work and are expensive, we can barely afford to pay the bills as it is. We have played with the bare bones before, Lofthouse as caretaker in the 70s, McGovern, Neal etc. If we play more young players some will fly and some will fall by the wayside, but at least they will be ours and the crowd will get behind them. The amazing thing about this club is we always battle our way back, and we can do it again
  9. Get him in got to be better than the overpriced shite we are currently employing
  10. Agree with this, it is ludicrous man management to ask him to be the front pressing player picking up scraps from flick ons. He will never have been asked to play this role at any point in his career, why now. He is running his bollocks off without seeing the ball, same happened to Vela. For Alf read Doidge, he will get the last 20 mins at the most. What is the point of signing these players if they are not played to their strengths. We have had a succession of managers who lack the ability and imagination to play different types of football. It's so bloody frustrating!!!!
  11. Thought it was okay, nice to see ten outfield players comfortable on the ball, not seen that for a while. I also thought the new centre back partnership looked promising. As said before we cannot compete with their spending power, although at times they were rattled at the back. They are finding their feet in this division and will be promotion contenders.
  12. A deal could have been agreed. Was there something about not being able to agree a price until the buyer knows what division we are in. Thus the deal was shelved.
  13. He could have sold the club already
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