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  1. first time I went there night match in the cup, think it was a draw, on the coach straight after school. Coach got bricked and very moody afterwards. After that visit, went several times more and never a problem.
  2. It was always Bolton for me. probably around the age of 8, my cousins lived off Manchester Road and at the time time they would open the gates and let you in free for the last half or so. However my Grandad was from Aspul and he took me a couple of times to watch Wigan in non-league he used to love Don Rodgers, he even took me to Maine Road when they drew Man City in the cup. So for some time I viewed them with some affection, but I used to work with Wiganers at Aerospace, and they came out of the woodwork when they beat us a time or two, I grew to intensely dislike them and the Rugby lads we
  3. absolutely wonderful made my day watching that
  4. Taggert was a big fucker I once saw him stood in the doorway at the Fox and Stork on Halliwell. He filled the whole doorway, if he grabbed hold of you it wouldn’t be pleasant. The game seems bereft of characters like that now, I miss that.
  5. I have worked today, just looked at the latest posts and thought we were losing 😂
  6. It’s all about opinions, not in a position to speak for him but he seems frustrated, as I am. I hope it’s not another year wasted by making the same mistakes as previous years
  7. For where we are at the moment, Thomason and Arthur in Graham versus Tutte Darcy versus Crawford Brockbank versus Jones Politic versus Sarj/Isgrove maybe not in the side at the same time, but as an investment, not much difference in ability and certainly cheaper. The players mentioned are first team the no marks sat on the bench are not even worth a mention.
  8. Agree, irrespective of contract, if he was getting a sniff of first team minutes he may have thought about it.
  9. No problem with this, however would have been nice to see a little bit more of him, cameo roles from the bench? Instead of the dross sat on their arses at the moment. The quote above about Evatt been tuned into our youth setup, not sure about that. He would rather pay to borrow players from Lincoln.
  10. Completely agree, I thought we would see something different this season, very few loan signings, a squad younger, fitter, fresher and playing a different style, apart from glimpses, we have seen the same old shite.
  11. Commentator just said 4 players 21 or under playing against City. Where are ours? Either on the bench or out of the squad, surely they can't do any worse!!!
  12. More gutted losing to Hill than Tranmere, we are very very poor.
  13. Very hard not to get emotional about this, so many basic errors, strange team selections, brought in a Lincoln reserve to balance the left and played most of the half on the right. Side stripped of youth and enthusiasm. As for the captain the fat bastard can fuck right off, massive second half for him and also the manager.
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