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  1. Lent on the hoardings in the small paddock at Bradford, think it may have been a cup game. Really close up to the action, some of his skills and play where out of this world. I always thought Neil Whatmore's efforts in the quarter final at the Baseball ground and Jay Jay's at Spurs where the best I have seen in a White Shirt, but his performance that day came close. Phenomenal skills at pace and with an end product.
  2. They have probably been furloughed
  3. This has always puzzled me too, even the first away game at WBA the following was only okay, it was rough as fuck, we went on the service train to Smethwick station, big mistake. Think we got beat four nil, the only notable feature was the Johnston is a junky chants. We got so many twattings on and off the pitch at this time , that in the second year in the top flight away support was down to a trickle.
  4. Yep I remember this too, coming out the Anfield Road end the police were trying to hold them back but they were throwing punches over the barriers. We were so crammed in it was difficult to defend yourself. I got a shiner, I saw it coming but couldn't get my hands up or my move my head up to stop it. Couple this with the Goodison semi-final going to Liverpool was not pleasant. I too have never forgotten and often wondered where Liverpool got their friendly reputation from.
  5. Chis Thompson presented our trophy when we won the Chorley Sunday League, was a really nice bloke what a shame he died so young. Burkey used to go to Roxie/Bowie nights on Tuesdays seemed like a nice fella too.
  6. Think both Burke and Bennett represented England at youth or u21 level, thought they both did well for Bolton!
  7. Alan Ball "Where did you get that voice" from the Burnden Paddock - hilarious!!!
  8. What about this Cantwell lad from Norwich, plays like a mini Gazza
  9. It seems fairly reasonable to try a different approach. We cannot keep trying the same method and not getting the players through. The foundations are being put into place but there is s long way to go yet. We need better results quickly. Oh for a Greaves, Sam or Bruce to lead us out of the wilderness.
  10. Keith Hill is a balloon, sometimes they pass through interviews and when they do often they get found out. The rot needs to stop soon, because beginning of season form follows end of season form. If we have a poor start next season, guess where we are heading!! Once that slide starts it is hard to stop. So no from me, for what it's worth, in giving him 10 games next season. I have stopped listening to his interviews since he said we are 5 years behind in development to Rochdale, for fucks sake. I also hate his handling of young players. The sooner he fucks off the better.
  11. Right through those highlights the keeper is not bossing the six yard box, if he comes for most of those he either gets the ball or he is fouled.
  12. Worked in this area for over 20 years, Burslem and Tunstall are semi rough, but areas such as Chell Heath and Feg Hayes are as rough as you find anywhere. This is where they get most of their support from. Vale fans are okay, they have a self depreciating humour, a bit like us. Stoke I have no time for, right up their own arses. They are still giving out long contracts to average players, and think that the 365 money gives them the right to act like Billy big bollox. I am hoping when the parachute money dries up and they start losing millions a month, the owners will have a rethink and their fans will have a taste of reality 👍
  13. Are funds needed to pay the administrators
  14. Maybe he just thinks that young players with potential like Zouma, Politic, Brock bank, Darcy etc should be given game time instead of pissing money away on short term contracts and loans. Wonder how much money the club has spent in the last decade or so on loans on shit players who couldn't give a toss about the club.
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