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  1. Same he was closing us down piece by piece, with reference to finances I don't think we will totally find out what he has been up to but some of it will cone out and I don't think it will look good. Just this side of legal I reckon.
  2. Bassini will be the new owner IMHO, we will have just got to wait to see what he can provide. I would love a local consortium to run the club but admin would be a desperate thing to happen. Cash flow is a killer, Bassini will have to pay the tax man for the accounts to be back up and running and the wages and immediate emergencies can be paid for. Whatever happens after that will be in the plan he has to provide to EFA.
  3. no Anderson no Bassini due diligence goes so far and potential buyers run for the hills EFL quiet accounts frozen nobody being paid as said before on here admin seems the best option
  4. When I used to wait for the free gates open at Burnden as a nipper to watch Tiger Taylor and JB, I would have never thought that I would be reading about liquidation or administration. Nor would I have thought we would be taken over by a mad Italian. Is it naïve of me to think that this could be a hell of a ride.
  5. Merry Christmas Mr Laurence
  6. Unicorn owned by the King of Bahrain and ridden by Mario Jardel
  7. You couldn't make it up. The roller coaster ride continues. Ken's last missive showed him in his true light, an arsehole of the highest order. I've gone but your fucked anyway.
  8. Ken is not a nice chap, he is also one of the three secured creditors. The silence from the other two is deafening. Surely they can't let the club go under.
  9. "They found there was significantly more debt and not enough movement among the creditors and especially KA to make it possible. This is the scary bit for me. The creditors all know if liquidation takes place, the valuation of the assets they own. Why should they accept anything less? They may already have deals in place, and are just waiting for that moment. It does not make good reading.
  10. The problem is that Ken has had form on this. Let us hope the lesson has been noted. If he has sailed close to the wind he would be probably having the best legal advice to not fall foul of the law. However examples like Valerie Patisserie do not give the general public absolute confidence in accountancy or auditing procedures.
  11. Completely agree, no leaders on or off the field.
  12. Listen parky as soon as we can pay you, you are sacked.
  13. Think the same, Ken knows Michael James.
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