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  1. We are all but relegated now, don't forget there is another deduction to come. This is about survival. Anderson needs to have his bags packed as no buyer wants to deal with him. If this happens then we can build again.
  2. Two weeks, September 2nd date of adjournment, the judge stated the decision should not affect the sale of the club but obviously affects the hotel. Two weeks for fv to find funds to up their bid, still hope?
  3. We are all presuming no money we may well be surprised
  4. Those banjo players on Burnley bus station certainly didn't like him that's for sure. RIP
  5. Went on this trip, superb. Remember driving into Dingwall for Ross County, thinking would there be any of us there, first pub in around 50 Bolton fans drinking outside all wearing Tam O Shanty Scottish wigs. One of the funniest things I have ever seen.
  6. Barry Chatow led us out of the rain at Tranmere bought Phil Brown with his own money
  7. Fair point but I was thinking that being a fan he would look after the best interests of the club rather that a business with no connection with the club.
  8. Is Davies saying that the other company interested in the land would have paid more for it. If that is the case it is an entirely different matter. Although is it safer in James hands rather than a developer. Two sides to every story I suppose.
  9. I might be wrong, but Isles is giving us some clues, I think the delay is telling Parky and his mates they have been potted. Sounds like they have someone in mind to takeover and it seems that someone is negotiating players contracts behind the scenes.
  10. Can't believe I am reading this we have survived for fucks sake. What has happened to us all.
  11. Do we definitely know the hotel isn't included, or are we guessing
  12. Sounds like Ken hasn't given his deposit back
  13. Same he was closing us down piece by piece, with reference to finances I don't think we will totally find out what he has been up to but some of it will cone out and I don't think it will look good. Just this side of legal I reckon.
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